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Monday, April 13, 2020
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Friday, January 17, 2020

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3 Baby hair conditioner; Baby hand soap; Baby lotion; Baby oil; Baby powder; Baby shampoo; Baby suncreams; Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; Detergents for household use; Lip balm; Moisturising creams; Moisturizing body lotions; Moisturizing creams; Tooth cleaning preparations; Tooth paste; Tooth powder; All purpose cleaning preparation with deodorizing properties; All purpose cleaning preparations; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Cases for baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; Cleaning preparations; Cleaning preparations for household purposes; Cleaning and washing preparations; Hair care preparations; Hair conditioners for babies; Hand cleaning preparations; Laundry detergents; Liquid laundry detergents; Non-medicated diaper rash cream; Non-medicated diaper rash ointments and lotions; Non-medicated lip balms; Non-medicated skin care preparations; Non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; Non-medicated soaps for babies; Shampoos for babies; Skin moisturizer; Skin cleanser in liquid spray form for use as a baby wipe alternative; Sun block preparations; Sun screen preparations; Sunscreen preparations; Wipes impregnated with a cleaning preparation
5 Babies' diaper-pants; Babies' diapers; Babies' diapers of paper; Babies' napkin-pants; Babies' nappies; Babies' nappy-pants; Babies' swim diapers; Baby diapers; Baby food; Baby foods; Breast pads; Breast-nursing pads; Food for infants; Gels for use as personal lubricant; Gels, creams and solutions for dermatological use; Infant formula; Insect-repellents; Insect repellents; Insect repellents in pre-moistened towelette form; Nursing pads; Ovulation test kits; Pharmaceutical preparation for skin care; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of damaged skin and tissue; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating skin disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating sunburn; Pharmaceutical products and preparations against dry skin caused by pregnancy; Pharmaceutical products and preparations for hydrating the skin during pregnancy; Pharmaceutical products and preparations for pregnancy blemishes; Pharmaceutical products and preparations for preventing skin blemishes during pregnancy; Pharmaceutical products and preparations to prevent stretch marks; Pharmaceutical skin lotions; Pregnancy test kits for home use; Preparations for repelling animals, birds and insects; Preparations for repelling insects; Preparations to prevent nail-biting and thumb-sucking; Teething gels; Aloe vera gel for therapeutic purposes; Aloe vera preparations for therapeutic purposes; Aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Anti-inflammatory gels; Antibacterial alcohol skin sanitizer gel; Antibiotic creams; Balms for pharmaceutical purposes; Bracelets impregnated with insect repellent; Diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies; Disposable baby diapers; Disposable mats for changing diapers; Disposable pads for changing diapers; Disposable paper pads for changing diapers; Disposable swim diapers for babies; Disposable swim nappies for babies; Eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; Food for babies; Hand-sanitizing preparations; In-vitro ovulation prediction test kit for home use; Infant diaper covers; Medicated diaper rash ointment; Medicated diaper rash ointments and lotions; Mosquito-repellent patches for babies; Powdered milk for babies; Topical analgesic creams; Topical dermatological preparations that treat insect bites and stings; Topical first aid gel; Wearable insect repelling devices for attachment to clothing sold pre-filled with insect repelling preparations
7 Food processors, electric; Electric food blenders; Electric food choppers; Electric food grinders; Electric food processors; Electric infant formula mixers for household use; Electrically-powered kitchen appliance for dicing, mincing, slicing and chopping food
8 Emery boards; Fingernail clippers; Flatware, namely, forks, knives, and spoons; Manicure sets; Nail clippers; Nail scissors; Plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks, and spoons; Scissors for children; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic
9 Baby monitors; Children's eye glasses; Remote video monitoring system consisting primarily of a camera and video monitor for recording and transmitting images to a remote location; Video monitors; Video baby monitors
10 Babies' bottles; Baby bottle nipples; Baby bottles; Baby feeding dummies; Baby feeding pacifiers; Baby nursers; Baby teething mittens; Breast milk storage bottles; Breast pumps; Breast shields; Disposable bottle liners for use with medical apparatus; Disposable feeding bottle teats; Dropper bottles for administering medication, sold empty; Feeding bottle teats; Feeding bottle valves; Feeding bottles; Nursing bottles; Pacifier clips; Pacifier cloth for attachment to infant pacifiers; Spoons for administering medicine; Teething rings; Thermometers for medical purposes; Thermometers for medical use; Bottle holders for holding babies' bottles, namely, holders for holding babies' bottles during feeding in the nature of flexible braces for wearing around the neck of the person holding a feeding baby; Bottle holders for holding babies' bottles, namely, holders for holding babies' bottles in the nature of rigid braces for clamping to babies' seats during feeding; Child's plastic finger covers to discourage finger sucking; Child's plastic thumb cover to discourage thumb sucking; Clips for pacifiers; Dishes adapted for feeding babies and children; Disposable baby bottle liners; Disposable teats being pacifiers for babies; Gum massagers for babies; Infrared thermometers for medical purposes; Medical robots for use in cognitive therapy for children; Nipples for baby bottles; Pacifiers for babies; Pouches specially adapted for holding pacifiers; Teats being pacifiers for babies; Teething rings incorporating baby rattles
11 Baby bottle sterilizers; Toilet bowls for children; Toilet seat adaptors for children in the nature of a plastic device that is specially adapted to rest on a toilet seat; Toilet seats for children; Toilet trainer seats, namely, smaller training seats for attachment to full-size toilets and toilet seats for training purposes; Electric heaters for babies' bottles; Electric warmers for feeding bottles; Milk sterilizers; Water sterilisers; Water sterilizers; Water treatment equipment, namely, chemical sterilization units; Water treatment equipment, namely, ultraviolet sterilization units
12 Baby carriages; Baby strollers; Child carrying trailers for use in transporting children while hiking, jogging, walking, skiing, snow shoeing or skating; Children's car seats; Blankets specially adapted for baby strollers; Canopies for baby strollers; Covers for baby strollers; Rubber baby-buggy bumpers
14 Jewelry, also safe for teething babies and children
16 Children's activity books; Plastic bags for disposable diapers; Plastic disposable diaper bags; Paper baby bibs; Talking children's books
18 Baby backpacks; Baby carrier covers specially adapted for baby carriers worn on the body; Baby carriers worn on the body; Baby carrying bags; Children's shoulder bags; Diaper bags; Bags for carrying babies' accessories; Pouch baby carriers
20 Baby bolsters; Baby bouncers; Baby changing mats; Baby changing platforms; Baby changing tables; Baby head support cushions; Booster seats; Diaper changing mats; Nursing pillows; Anti-roll cushions for babies; Bath seats for babies; Bottle racks; Clothes hangers; Dual-purpose cushions for supporting a feeding bottle and the head and neck of an infant; Furniture primarily of metal, namely, mirrors, bed frames, dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, desks, display cases, shelving, dog gates, and baby gates; Head positioning pillows for babies; Head support cushions for babies; Non-metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Pillows used for cradling, supporting, propping and feeding babies not for medical or therapeutic purposes; Portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; Portable bath seat
21 Baby bathtubs; Combs; Cup lids; Cups and mugs; Cups, not of precious metal; Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking cups for babies and children; Drinking cups for babies and children and parts and fittings therefor, namely, cups for babies and children sold as a unit with valves and lids; Drinking cups for children and parts and fittings therefor, namely, drinking cups for children sold as a unit with non-insulated lids; Drinking straws for babies and children; Electric tooth brushes; Electric toothbrushes; Electrical toothbrushes; Hair brushes; Hair combs; Hairbrushes; Plastic bag holders for household use; Plastic bath racks; Plastic bathtubs for children; Plastic freezer pop forms; Plastic juice box holders; Plastic place mats; Plastic plates; Plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; Plastic storage containers for household use; Plastic water bottle holders and attached carabiner clip sold as a unit; Plastic water bottles sold empty; Tooth brush cases; Tooth brushes; Tooth brushes, non-electric; Toothbrush cases; Toothbrush head covers; Toothbrush holders; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Double wall cups; Double wall cups with lids; Double wall cups with lids and straws; Drinking cups; Drinking cups for infants and parts and fittings therefor, namely, valves and lids sold as a unit; Drinking cups sold with lids therefor; Electric toothbrush replacement handles and recharging docks sold as a unit; Electric toothbrush replacement heads; Finger toothbrushes; Finger toothbrushes for babies; Hair, nail and tooth brushes; Heads for electric toothbrushes; Home dental care product for babies and children's gums and teeth, namely, finger brushes; Inflatable bath tubs for babies; Lids with drinking spouts for reusable water bottles; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Non-woven textile wipes for cleaning baby bottles and baby feeding equipment; Oral care kit comprising toothbrushes and floss; Plastic cups; Portable potties for children; Potties for children; Re-usable or disposable plastic or silicone valves sold for use with training cups for babies and children; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Reusable self-sealing lids for household use for bowls, cups, containers and the storage of food; Sippy cups; Tablemats of plastic; Training cups for infants; Training chopsticks for children; Tumblers for use as drinking glasses; Vegetable mashers
22 Bath toy organizers in the nature of net bags secured by suction cups; Cloth bags for stacking and storing diapers and blankets; Multi-strand lanyard used to attach a child's toys, bottles, books, sippy cup and other similar items to a stroller, car seat, high chair, store cart or other similar apparatus
24 Baby bedding, namely, bundle bags, swaddling blankets, crib bumpers, fitted crib sheets, crib skirts, crib blankets, and diaper changing pad covers not of paper; Baby blankets; Baby bunting; Burp cloths; Children's bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets; Children's blankets; Diaper changing pads not of paper; Diaper changing cloths for babies; Sleeping bags for babies
25 Children's and infant's apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments; Children's and infants' cloth bibs; Children's cloth eating bibs; Bibs for babies, sleeved, not of paper; Clothing for babies, toddlers and children, treated with fire and heat retardants, namely, pajamas, jackets, shirts, pants, jumpers; Plastic baby bibs; Silicone baby bibs
28 Baby multiple activity toys; Baby rattles; Baby rattles incorporating teething rings; Children's multiple activity toys; Infant toys; Infant action crib toys; Infant development toys; Play mats containing infant toys; Plush toys; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Soft knitted toys; Soft sculpture toys; Squeeze toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toys; Toy jewelry; Toy stuffed animals; Water toys; Water squirting toys; Water-squirting toys; Decorative toy mobiles and plush toys for children made of felt; Mobiles for children; Playhouses for children; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed and plush toys

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