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Thursday, September 5, 2019
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Monday, September 2, 2019

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8 Blades for electric razors; Blades for manually-operated tools; Blades for planes; Blades for shears; Cutter bars; Cutters for wine bottle foil, hand-operated; Drill bits for hand drills; Knife bags; Knife handles; Knife sharpeners; Knife sheaths; Knife sheaths of leather; Knife steels; Knives being tableware; Knives for hobby use; Knives, forks, and spoons being tableware; Nippers; Pliers; Saws; Saws for cutting branches; Scissor blades; Scissors; Scissors adapted to receive attachment guide combs for hair cutting and trimming; Scissors for children; Scissors for household use; Scissors for kitchen use; Scoops for restoration of candle wicks and for removing wax; Screwdrivers, non-electric; Spanners; Tweezers; Adjustable spanners; Artificial eyelash tweezers; Bagel slicers; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying hair cutting scissors and shears; Battery-powered animal nail grinders; Beard clippers; Biodegradable knives; Biodegradable cutlery, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Bit braces for manual drills; Bits for hand drills; Blades and brushes for electric hair clippers and trimmers; Blades for hand saws; Bow saws; Box cutters; Bread knives; Breast drills; Budding knives; Bulk rice scoops; Bulk sugar scoops; Bushhammers; Butcher knives; Cake cutters; Callus cutters; Can tab puller; Carpenters' pincers; Carpet knives; Carving knives; Ceramic knives; Chef knives; Claw hammers; Compostable and biodegradable cutlery, namely, knives, spoons, forks; Crosscut saw blades; Cuticle nippers; Cuticle scissors; Cuticle tweezers; Cutting pliers; Dart point sharpeners; Disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Diving knife holders; Diving knives; Dog clippers; Drawing knives; Dressmakers' chalk sharpeners; Ear tag pliers for livestock; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Electric animal nail grinders; Electric hair clippers; Electric hair cutters; Electric nail clippers; Electric razors and electric hair clippers; Embroidery scissors; Emergency hammers; Farriers' knives; Fertilizer scoops; Filleting knives; Fingernail clippers; Fish scoops; Fish slicing kitchen knives; Fishing knives; Fishing line cutters; Fishing tackle pliers; Fixed blade knives; Flatware, namely, forks, knives, and spoons; Flexible head spanners; Folding knives; French fry cutters; Fruit knives; Fruit carving knives; Gardening shears and scissors; Glass cutters; Grapefruit trimmer, namely, a kitchen knife with serrated edges; Hair clippers; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Hair cutting scissors; Hair-removing tweezers; Hand drills, hand-operated; Hand saws; Hand saws, namely, hack saws; Hand saws, namely, miter saws; Hand saws, namely, wood saws; Hand tools for use in carving or decorating pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, gourds, and other fruits and vegetables, namely, knives, saws, scoops, chisels and drills; Hand tools, namely, cutter bars; Hand tools, namely, drills; Hand tools, namely, hammers; Hand tools, namely, knife sharpeners; Hand tools, namely, nippers; Hand tools, namely, pliers sets; Hand tools, namely, pullers and splitters; Hand tools, namely, saws; Hand tools, namely, screwdrivers; Hand tools, namely, bar cutters; Hand tools, namely, bolt cutters; Hand tools, namely, dicing blades, slitting blades, optically transparent blades, optically transmitting blades; Hand tools, namely, ditch bank blades; Hand tools, namely, farriers' knives; Hand tools, namely, grass hooks; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated guides for knives and/or saws; Hand tools, namely, milling cutters; Hand tools, namely, pruning saws; Hand tools, namely, putty knives; Hand tools, namely, tile cutters; Hand tools, namely, weed cutters; Hand tools, namely, wire cutters; Hand tools, namely, wire nippers; Hand tools, namely, wrecking bars, stripping bars, small bars and nail pullers, San Angelo bars, tamper bars, wedge point bars, pitch point bars; Hand-operated bladed tools for cleaning outdoor decks; Hand-operated cutters for making pasta; Hand-operated knife to aid in skinning an animal; Hand-operated pliers to aid in skinning an animal; Hand-operated cutting tools, namely, box cutters; Hand-operated cutting tools, namely, safety cutters; Hand-operated hack saws; Hand-operated hair clippers; Hand-operated hand drills; Hand-operated nail pullers; Hand-operated percussion hammer drills; Hand-operated pipe cutters; Hand-operated tool to aid in skinning an animal, namely, a tool having a blade and hook to assist in skinning an animal; Hobby knives; Household knives; Hunting knives; Ice hammers; Jack knives; Japanese chopping kitchen knives; Japanese grip scissors; Kitchen knives; Leather sheaths for knives; Locking pliers; Manual clippers; Manual drills; Manually operated sharpeners; Manually operated french fry cutters; Manually operated shop tools for work on motorcycles, namely, chain breaker tool, chain riveting tool, chain press tool, chain alignment tool, carburetor tuning tool, carburetor tuning gauge set, tire irons, tappet adjustment tools, valve shim tools, tappet feeler gauge, carburetor jet wrenches, clutch holding tool, piston pin removing tool, spring removing tool, timing cover wrench, oil filter wrench, shock absorber wrench, axle wrench, fly wheel puller tool, clutch puller tool and magneto flywheel puller tool; Manually-operated hand-held hoist device comprised primarily of a cord and a metal hook for the purpose of lifting hunting equipment into a treestand; Manually-operated razor blade sharpeners; Masons' hammers; Metal cutting saws; Metal-cutting scissors; Miter cutters being hand tools; Mountaineering ice hammers; Multi-function, non-electronic, expandable hand tool comprised of push-pull and hook attachments with magnetic and non-magnetic ends for use in grasping objects and aiding individuals in getting dressed; Nail clippers; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Nail nippers; Nail pullers, hand-operated; Nail scissors; Needle work scissors; Non-electric garlic cutters; Non-electric hair clippers; Non-electric pizza cutters; Palette knives; Paring knives; Pen knives; Pit saws; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Planing blades; Plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks, and spoons; Pocket knives; Pruning knives; Pruning scissors; Putty knives; Razor blades; Razor knives; Razors and razor blades; Replacement parts for hand-operated planes, namely, blades, handles and knobs; Ring spanners; Scaling knives; Scoring knife for veneer sheets; Serving knives; Sewing scissors; Sharpening wheels for knives and blades; Shaving blades; Shear blades; Shedding blades; Side arms, not including firearms, namely, hunting knives; Silverware, namely, forks, knives and spoons that are made of silver or silver-plated; Socket spanner; Socket spanners; Sport knives; Spreader in the nature of a small knife for butter or cheese; Stainless steel table knives, forks and spoons; Sterling silver table knives; Sterling silver table knives, forks and spoons; Stone hammers; Table knives; Table knives made of precious metal; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic; Tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons made of precious metal; Thin-bladed kitchen knives; Throwing knives; Utility knives; Vegetable knives; Whittling knives; Wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated; Wire cutters; Working knives
The wording Paetol has no meaning in a foreign language.

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