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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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Thursday, June 27, 2019

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9 digital media, namely, DVDs, sound recordings, audiovisual recordings and pre-recorded electronic media featuring music, motion pictures, and television programs featuring children's entertainment content; downloadable computer software, namely, mobile application software featuring kids' games for use on mobile devices; downloadable electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; interactive downloadable video game programs and computer game programs; electronic publications, namely, books, magazines, newsletters, cartoons and periodicals featuring children's entertainment content
16 Printed material, namely, books, comics, serial publications in the form of magazines, comic books, graphic novels and manga featuring scenes and characters based on a television series; sketchbooks; notebooks; blank journals; sticker albums; sticker packs; stationery, drawing paper; construction paper; pens; drawing pencils; writing utensils; trading cards and posters; books, namely, novels, a series of fiction chapter books, namely, novels and books; educational books featuring leveled readers; story books; picture books; paperboard books, sticker books; coloring books; children's activity books; gift books featuring characters based on a television series; novelty books for children featuring characters from televisions series; children's books incorporating an audio component; personalized books, namely, storybooks featuring characters from television series; scrapbooks; calendars; diaries; markers; crayons; paper party goods, namely, napkins, table covers made of paper; paper banners; party goodie bags of paper or plastic; party favor gift boxes sold empty; paper party decorations
24 bed sheets; bed blankets; bed linen; bed spreads; blanket throws; quilts; throws; pillow cases; comforters; curtains; dust ruffles; bath linen; towels; washcloths; banners and flags of linen; tapestries made of textiles; table linens; textile napkins; textile place mats; table cloths not of paper; fabric for textile use sold by the yard
25 clothing, namely, children's t-shirts, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, shorts, sweaters, sleepwear, swim trunks for boys, underwear, jackets for boys, Halloween costumes, children's costumes; sportswear, namely, shirts, pants, jackets and shorts; children's footwear, namely, athletic shoes, sandals, boots; clothing accessories, namely, ties, belts for clothing, hats, scarves,socks
28 toys, namely, plush toys, poseable toys, building sets, action figure toys, toy vehicles, roleplay toys in the nature of play sets for children to imitate the main characters in a TV series, playsets for dolls and figures, electronic action toys, electronic learning toys, beach toys in the nature of sand toys, beach balls and body boards, pool and water toys, and water guns; games, namely, puzzles, board games, card games, action skill games, arcade games; video games, namely, video game consoles, coin-operated video games, hand-held video games with liquid crystal displays; sporting goods, namely, in-line skates, skateboards, non-motorized children's toy scooters, yo-yos, plastic toy hoops, toy flying discs, sports balls; seasonal toys, namely, sleds, water squirting toys, kites, backyard water slides, bubble making wand and solution sets, inflatable bounce house in the nature of an air inflated cushion in an air inflated structure, and inflatable swimming pools
29 Dairy-based beverages; yoghurt; yoghurt-based beverages; coconut-based beverages used as a milk substitute; milk beverages containing fruits; milk based beverages containing fruit juice; soy-based food beverages used as a milk substitute; nut and seed-based milks for use as a milk substitute; fruit-based snack food;candied fruit snacks; dehydrated fruit snacks; processed fruits and vegetables; applesauce; refrigerated food package combinations consisting primarily of meat, cheese or processed vegetables; frozen prepared and packaged entrees or meals consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables; frozen, prepared or packaged vegetable-based entrees; hamburgers; hot dogs; jams; jellies; meat, fish, poultry and game, not live; potato crisps and chips, soups, snack foods consisting primarily of cheese and also containing crackers, cheese spread
31 Raw fruits; fresh fruits; unprocessed fruits; raw vegetables; fresh vegetables; unprocessed vegetables; unprocessed grains for eating
32 Non-alcoholic beverages, namely, soft drinks, fruit drinks, fruit punches, fruit juices, lemonade, sports drinks, smoothies, drinking water, flavored water; juice base concentrates; syrups for making soft drinks; vegetable juices; vegetable-based food beverages; fruit-based food beverages
41 entertainment services, namely, ongoing television programs in the field of family entertainment, animated cartoons and live action programming, a continuing variety show broadcast over television, satellite, audio and video media, a continuing comedy show broadcast over television, satellite, audio and video media, ongoing series featuring family entertainment content provided through cable television, satellite, the internet and webcasts, provision of continuing programs, segments, movies, full length motion pictures, motion picture shorts and shows featuring family entertainment content delivered in theatres and by television, satellite, and the internet, providing ongoing webisodes featuring family entertainment content via a global computer network, and provision of non-downloadable films and movies via a video-on-demand service
The color(s) red, blue, gold and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of a red shield outlined with a blue highlight along the edges of the shield; the words "ZAG HEROEZ" appear toward the top-most section of the shield in small white text, with "ZAG" appearing above "HEROEZ" and where "HEROEZ" is encased in a small white rectangle; the words "POWER PLAYERS" appear centered over the shield in large gold text, with "POWER" appearing above "PLAYERS.".

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