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Friday, September 27, 2019
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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3 Soaps; Cleaning preparations; Polishing preparations; Grinding preparations, namely, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Spices; Cosmetics; Toothpastes; Incense; Cosmetics for pets; Fragrance
5 Medicine; Medical isotopes; Gases for medical imaging use; Chemical conductors for electrocardiogram electrodes; Semen for artificial insemination; Disinfectants; Contact lens cleaning solutions; Bacteriological cultures; Nutritionally fortified food products adapted for medical purposes; Air purifying preparations; Veterinary pharmaceutical products; Insecticides; Tampons; Medical cotton; Dental polish; Diapers for pets
9 Computer programs (downloadable software); Time clocks; Postmark inspection devices; Money counting or sorting machines; Mechanisms for coin operated apparatus; Dictation machines; Holograms; Dress hem labeling devices; Voting machines; Copying machines; Measuring instruments, namely, rulers; Gauges; Singal signs; Telephones; Cameras ; Video cameras; Optical instruments and instruments, namely, multi-media projectors; Wires; Semiconductors; Printed circuits; Electrical conductors; Armature (electricity); video monitors; Remote control devices; Optical fibers; Electrical equipment for industrial remote control operations; Lightning rods; Electrolytic devices; Fire extinguishers; Industrial radiological equipment; Clothing for protection against personal accidents; Alarms; Glasses; Batteries; Cartoons; Egg timers; Dog whistle; Decorative magnet; Electric fence; Electronic collar for training animals
12 Moto vehicles for land, air, water or railways; Electric delivery tools; Bicycles; Air pumps; Wheelbarrow; Carriages; Automobile tires; Tool kits for repairing automobile tubes; Air delivery tools; Base for delivery tools
16 Paper; Toilet paper; Billboards; Journals; Hard paper tubes; Posters; Newspapers; Drawings; Paper bags or plastic bags for packaging, including envelopes; Staples; Office clips; Ink; seals; Pens; Tape; Drawing rulers; Easel; Return address stamps; Printers; Calculators; Tailor chalks; Architectural models
25 Clothing; Footwear; Hats; Socks; Gloves; Scarves; Belts; Headbands; Ribbons; Shower caps; Sleep masks; Apron for hair cutting
29 Meat; Edible seaweed extract; Fish; Canned fish; Snacks made of fruits and vegetables; Processed betel nuts; Pickled vegetables; Eggs; Diary products; Edible oil; Gelatin; Processed nuts; Dried edible mushrooms; Tofu products; Natural or artificial sausage casings; Broth; Vegetable salad; Edible pickled soybeans; Tomato sauce; Jam; Sesame sauce; Sesame oil
30 Coffee; Tea; Tea beverage; Sugar; Honey; Cereal-based snack; Pizza; Cereal; Noodles; Edible starch; Ice cream; Salt; Vinegar; Seasoning; Yeast; Edible aromatic flavors; Heavy cream preparations; Meat tenderizers; Edible precast gluten. Sauce; Flavoring ingredients; Cooking juices; Spices; Soy sauce; Oyster sauce; Tomato sauce for seasoning; Soy oil; Salad dressing
32 Beer; Non-alcoholic juice; Soda; Soybean-based beverages (non-diary); Soda; Water; Tea-flavored, non-alcoholic beverages; Fruit juices; Spirits flavors; Beverage making ingredients
35 Advertising; Providing business information through a website; Promotional services; Personnel management consulting; Business enterprise migration; Computer database information system; Accounting; Vending machine rental; Fundraising; Sales display rack rental; Retail services for medicinal, veterinary, sanitary preparations and supplies
36 Insurance consulting; Financial services; Capital investment; Art evaluation; Real estate rental; Brokerage; Guarantee; Collection of charitable funds; Fiduciary management; Pawn shops
38 Wireless broadcasting; Television broadcasting; News agency services; Telephone communications; Telecommunication services; Provision of Internet chat rooms; Provision of online forums; Radio communications; Satellite transmission; Digital file transmission
41 Education; Training; Organizing educational or recreational competitions; Arranging and organizing meetings; Mobile libraries; Book publishing; Videotape distribution; Radio and television production; Provision of recreational facilities; Provision of sports facilities; Toy rental; Game equipment rental; Zoo services; Modelling services for artists; Organization of lottery issues
42 Technical research; Quality control; Geological research; Chemical research; Clinical trials; Meteorological information; Material testing; Industrial design; Architectural services; Fashion design; Computer software design; Art identification; Graphic art design; Catalysis of clouds (during artificial rainfall); Handwriting analysis (handwriting); Map Drawing Services; Assessment of intangible assets
43 Restaurants; Reservation of temporary accommodation or lodging; Conference room rental; Nursing home; Day care facilities; Animal foster care; Rental of chairs, tables, tablecloth and glassware; Cooking equipment rental; Drinking water machine rental; Lighting equipment rental
44 Medical clinic services; Health counselling; Hygiene posts; Dietary nutrition guidance; Sanatoriums; Hairdressing; Animal farming; Plant maintenance; Eyeglass fitting services; Sanitary equipment rental
45 Security services; Social companionship; Clothing rental; Funeral; Safe lock services; Dating services; Fire protection; Organization of religious gatherings; Adoption agency; Lost and found, Safe deposit boxes; Genealogical research; Planning and arrangement of wedding services; Release of pigeons for special occasions; Internet domain name leasing; mediation
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of Chinese characters that are transliterated as "Constant Entrepreneurship".

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Sep 27, 2019
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