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Friday, July 5, 2019
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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5 Bee pollen for use as a dietary food supplement; cod liver oil; alphalipoic acid; food supplements, namely, antioxidants; dietary supplements containing folic acid; dietary fiber to aid digestion; enzyme dietary supplement; lecithin dietary supplements; zinc supplement lozenges; multi-vitamin preparations; powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; probiotic supplements; mineral supplements; flax seed oil dietary supplements; dietary and nutritional supplements containing fish oil and primrose oil; medicinal herbs; enzyme dietary supplements; hormones; dietary supplements; collagen for medical purposes; dietary and nutritional supplements containing ginko biloba; dietary and nutritional supplements containing glucosamine; dietary and nutritional supplements containing tumeric; dietary and nutritional supplements containing ketones; dietary and nutritional supplements containing L-arginine; dietary and nutritional supplements containing red yeast rice; dietary supplements containing vegetable extracts; dietary and nutritional supplements containing hyaluronic acid; dietary and nutritional supplements containing melatonin
29 Almond milk; Banana chips; Beef; Broth; Canned beans; Cheese; Coconut oil for food; Cream cheese; Cut vegetables; Diced tomatoes; Dried cranberries; Dried figs; Edible oils and fats; Egg whites; Fruit-based meal replacement bars; Ham; Hummus; Kielbasa; Nut butters, namely, almond butter; Nut-based food bars; Peeled tomatoes; Poultry; Prepared nuts; Processed beans; Processed chia seeds; Processed fruit- and nut-based food bars; Processed kale; Processed kelp; Processed lentils; Processed mushrooms; Processed peas; Processed pecans; Processed pine nuts; Prunes; Raisins; Roasted nuts; Sausages; Shrimp, not live; Sunflower seeds, prepared; Tomato paste; Trail mix consisting primarily of processed nuts, and also including dried fruit; Tuna, not live; Turkey; Turkey bacon; Vegetable chips; Wieners
30 Applesauce; Balsamic vinegar; Bread; Cheese sauce; Dried herbs; Flavored balsamic vinegar; Fudge; Grain-based food bars; Macaroni and cheese; Milled flax seeds; Pancakes; Pizza; Processed corn; Processed herbs; Processed quinoa; Salsa; Sauces; Tomato sauce; Vinaigrettes; Vinegar; Waffles
31 Fresh arugula; Fresh cherry tomatoes; Fresh cranberries; Fresh dates; Fresh figs; Fresh mushrooms; Fresh spinach; Unprocessed apples
32 Distilled drinking water; Fruit juices; Lemonade; Orange juice; Powders used in the preparation of fruit-based beverages; Powders for making soft drinks

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