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Friday, August 16, 2019
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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3 Cleaning solution for whiteboards
6 Metal bicycle storage racks; tool chests of metal, empty; metal tool boxes; accessories for power operated drills, namely, metal chuck key holders, metal drill bit holders
7 Power operated tools, namely, drills, drill drivers, impact drivers, hammer drills, inflators, grinders, screwdrivers, multi-purpose oscillating multi-tools for use with interchangeable heads for cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing, sawing, drilling, scraping, driving, fastening and/or hammering, circular saws, reciprocating saws, jigsaws, speed saws, miter saws, table saws, rotary tools and station for rotary tools, power operated ratchet wrenches, screw guns, electric glue guns, pneumatic grease guns, electric scissors, electric soldering irons and accessories for soldering irons including tips, solder coil, tip cleaning sponge and station, drill presses, impact wrenches, right angle drills, right angle drivers, clutch drivers, torque drills, drill bits, joiners, planers, polishers, routers, sanders, buffers, corded nailers, battery nailers, heat guns, sprayers, caulk guns; accessories specially designed for use with power operated joiners, namely, wood biscuits; accessories for power operated planers, namely, storage cases; accessories for power operated nail guns, namely, pads; accessories specially designed for use with power operated polishers, namely, polishing bonnets, polishing wheels, compound sticks, mandrels, screws, washers; accessories specially designed for use with power operated routers, namely, bits, collars, collets, collet wrenches, bit adaptors, guides, bags, tables, miter gauges, throat plates, starting pins, feather boards, fences, wrenches, mark indicators, safety guards; accessories specially designed for use with power operated sanders, namely, dust bags, cases, sandpaper, paper punches, sanding pads, scrubbing pads, polishing pads, stripping pads, backer pads, storage bags, sanding angles, polishing angles, sanding belts; power operated lawn and garden equipment, namely, string trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, cultivators, spreaders, chemical sprayers, edgers, pole saws, shears, scrubbers; accessories for power operated lawn and garden equipment, namely, accessories for power operated backpack blowers, namely, bellows, tubes, nozzles, tube clamps, assembly tools, cable ties; accessories for power operated blowers, namely, tubes, nozzles, screws, vacuum bags, vacuum bag adaptors; accessories for power operated string trimmers, namely, lines, power heads, grass deflectors, spool caps, spools, scabbards, handles, string head inserts, dual spool fixed line adapters, funnels, hangar caps, wheel assemblies, head/shaft assemblies, line carriers, bump knobs, spool cap covers, blower attachments comprised of blowers, attachment shafts, attachment securing caps, brushcutter attachment comprised of brushcutters, handle assemblies, shoulder harnesses, bags, gear head locking tools, pruner attachments comprised of pruners, scabbards, chain lubricants, combination wrenches, extension shafts, shoulder straps, shoulder hangers, pole saw attachments comprised of poles, scabbards, hex keys, bar and chain lubricants, shoulder harnesses, tiller attachments comprised of tillers, handles with mounting hardware, hitch pins, washers, tines; accessories for chain saws, namely, power heads, gas caps, bar and chain lubricants, scabbards, combination wrenches, engine lubricants, cases, poles, chain saw tune up kits comprised of spark plugs, primer bulbs, fuel filters, air filters; accessories for power operated cultivators, namely, tines, tine spacers, wheels, wheel/drag bar assemblies, wheel/drag bar adjustment knobs, hitch pins, washers; accessories for power operated edgers, namely, blades, wheel assemblies, power heads, string head/shaft assemblies, grass deflectors, line carriers, lines, funnels; accessories for power operated hedge trimmers, namely, hedge trimmers, shafts, blade covers; accessories for power operated pole saws, namely, bar and chain lubricants, chains, scabbards; power tool accessories, namely, door lock installation kit comprised of a hole saw and drill bits; accessories for power operated drills, namely, drill bits, chucks, chuck keys, chuck key holders, depth rods, hex keys, screw guides, shaft bit extensions, cases, bags, shanks, bit holders, socket adaptors, hole saw mandrels, countersinks, power center punches, arbor adapters in the nature of arbor presses and arbor drill presses, nut setters, tap and die sets, edge guides, wing nut bolt drivers; accessories for power operated grinders, namely, spindles, lights, grit wheels, wire wheels, grinding wheels, wire brushes, safety shields, work rests, diamond wheel dressing tools, wrenches, masonry wheels, polishers, sanders and paint removers; vacuum cleaners; wet-dry vacuums; lawn mowers; electric sweepers; lawn vacuums; electric knives; gas-operated and electric generators; snow blowers; high pressure washers and accessories for high pressure washers including guns, hoses, nozzles, adaptors, regulators, tips, filters, cleaners and wands; electric augers; power-operated jacks; winches; hoists; multi-purpose steam cleaners; floor scrubbers; electric food blenders; power operated paint removing machines; electric door openers and closers; electric pumps; automatic swimming pool cleaners and parts therefor; power operated paint rollers; hand-held vacuum cleaners; pneumatic roofing cutters; accessories for pneumatic roofing cutters, namely, blades and blade kits comprised of blades; accessories for pneumatic tools, namely, drill bits, nut setters, drivers, screw guides, and driving bits; pneumatic staplers; pneumatic nailers; power-operated roofing hammer tackers; power-operated saws; accessories for power-operated saws, namely, blades; compressors, namely, gas compressors, electric compressors
8 Manually operated hand tools, namely, punches, scissors, snips, pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, hex keys, nail sets, axes, hatchets, hammers, nail pulling bars, screwdrivers, wrenches, socket sets, socket wrenches, ratchet wrenches; mechanics tools sets, namely, socket and ratchet wrench sets multi-tools, staple guns, pick axes, jab saws, hacksaws, mallets, roofing hammer tackers, floats for grout, mortar or cement, chisels, masonry chisels, club hammers, sledge hammers, mattocks, mauls, molding bars, pry bars, wedges, clamps, trowels, shovels, rakes, forks, post hole diggers and bolt cutters; knives; utility knives; specially adapted parts and accessories for punches; universal drive joints; gardening tools, namely, spades, hoes, loppers, pruners, hedge trimmers and hand operated spreaders for seed and dry lawn chemicals; sponges, handsaws; hand-operated marking tools, namely, chalk reels; hand-operated measuring tools, namely, squares; tool belts; accessories for hand-operated tools, namely, tool belt clips for holding tools; specially adapted parts and accessories for hand operated spades, hoes, loppers, pruners, hedge trimmers and hand operated spreaders; blades for hacksaws; general purpose knife blades; manual hand-held sprayers; manual hand-held chemical sprayers; accessories for power operated drills, namely, hex keys, center punches being hand tools; tap and die sets being hand tools, edge guides; electrician's bolster being hand-operated cutting tools; hand-operated tools for working with tile, drywall and masonry, namely, trowels, floats; kits comprised primarily of hand-operated tools, namely, trowels and also including one or more floats, an interchangeable handle system comprised of a reversible handle with an adjustable clamp and/or a storage box for the components of the kit; replacement parts for hand-operated trowels and floats, namely, handles
9 Batteries and battery chargers; battery packs; USB power source; thermometers, not for medical purposes; headphones; lighted magnifying glasses; cameras; protective ear covering shields; solar-powered battery chargers; electronic scoreboards; outdoor low amp power spikes; inverters; audio speakers; pool speakers; protective body cooling gear, namely, active cooling vests that cool down body temperature to prevent injury due to overheating; cooling chairs; knee pads for workers; radios; measuring wheels; magnetic or electric stud finders; circuit testers; chainsaw chaps; heated protective work gloves; protective work gloves; safety eyewear for construction; tape measures; long tape measures; measuring tools, namely, carpenter's levels, bubble levels, laser levels
10 Massage guns; vibrating heated massage rollers; heated wraps for rehabilitation; ear plugs for noise reduction
11 Lanterns for lighting; hybrid lights for indoor and outdoor use; flood lights; spotlights; portable headlamps; workbench lights; pen lights; hanging lights; cable lights; solar powered lights; Christmas lights; lamps; lighting tower which incorporates a misting system and speakers; electric space heaters; electric coolers; misting fans for cooling; air conditioners; misting systems for outdoor cooling; portable misting systems for outdoor cooling, namely, bucket topper misters; misting shelters for outdoor cooling; outdoor propane heaters; humidifiers; portable smokeless fire pits; electric and gas grills; electrically heated clothing; electrically heated and lighted jackets; electrically heated seats; electrically heated mats; electrically heated sleeping bags; electrically heated blankets; electrically heated sleeping bags; lighted caution signs; electric coffee makers; non-electric air diffusers comprised of a wick in a container used to emit scent; electrical devices to be plugged into wall outlets having a heating element and which dispenses an insect repellent; electrical lighting devices for attracting and killing insects and bugs with integrated heating elements; heat guns; electric fans; LED lights, namely, namely, lighting units and fixtures, LED flashlights and LED work lights for construction settings; accessories for power operated grinders, namely, lights
12 Mechanics' creepers; electrically-powered motor scooters; wagons; drones; bicycle; tricycles not being toys
16 Stapling presses; marking chalk; erasers; paint rollers; markers; dry erase markers; highlighter pens; marking chalk; carpenter pencils
17 Hoses for pneumatic tools; electrical tape; caution tape
18 Tool pouches, sold empty; tool bags, sold empty; backpacks; bags, namely, all purpose carrying bags
20 Tables; garage work stations; metal storage cabinets; work benches; non-metal tool boxes sold empty; saw horses; plastic storage containers for commercial or industrial use
21 Non-electric portable coolers; plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; work gloves; gardening gloves
22 Plastic and cloth bags for storage
24 Sleeping bags
28 Cornhole game sets; skateboards; toy foam dart shooters; remote control toys, namely, remote controlled cars; toy water gun with backpack; ride-on toys
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the letter "H" in stylized format with the top space in the letter "H" resembling a hammer and the bottom space of the letter "H" resembling a nail.

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