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Friday, September 13, 2019
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Thursday, June 13, 2019

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1 (Based on Intent to Use) Waterproofing chemical compositions; adhesives for tent flies
4 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) liquid fuels; wood chips for smoking foods; wood blocks for smoking foods; coconut charcoal for fuel; charcoal for fuel; lamp oil; kerosene; wood logs for fuel; solid fire starters; fluid fire starters, gel fire starters; (Based on Intent to Use) candle torches; scented candles; candles containing insect repellent
6 (Based on 44(e)) aluminum foil; (Based on Intent to Use) crampons for climbing; carabiners of metal; metal storage drums; tent pegs of metal; metal hangers for clothes, shoes, or sleeping bags; poles of metal; duckboards of metal; metal adjusters for adjusting the lengths of ropes; metal hooks for attachment to poles
7 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) air blowers for barbecue; blowing machines for barbecues; (Based on Intent to Use) Portable electric power generators; compressed air pumps
8 (Based on Intent to Use) Non-electric can openers; multi-function hand tools comprised of scissors, knives, can openers, and hand saws; tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; hand saws; non-electric screwdrivers; hand-operated files; hammers; shovels; air pumps, hand-operated; kitchen knives; utensils for removing tent pegs; foot pumps
9 (Based on Intent to Use) Signal whistles; fire resistant gloves; racks and stands for smartphones; eyeglass cords; life jackets; batteries; solar batteries; magnets for attaching LED lighting fixtures to magnetic substances; bells for keeping away bears; fire-extinguishing pots
11 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) Electric luminaires; LED luminaires; electric torches for lighting; hanging lamps; portable headlamps; desk lamps; portable fire pits; gas stoves; gas burners; charcoal burning stoves; wood burning stoves; fireplaces; hand-held showers; electric fans; barbecue grill accessories, namely, metal parts and containers of barbecue grills; portable fire pits; (Based on Intent to Use) oil lamps; candle lamps; liquid fuel burning lamps; wicks adapted for liquid fuel burning lamps; stands for electric luminaires; lamp shades; portable cooking stoves; barbecue grills; wood fired cooking ovens; charcoal fired cooking ovens; barbecue smokers; temperature controllers for electric grills; ceramic plates sold as parts of ovens; stands for portable cooking stoves; hot water bottles; portable toilets; water purification and filtration apparatus; covers sold as parts of ovens; barbecue grill accessories, namely, mounting handles for fire pits, grills; barbecue grill accessories, namely, partitions for attachment to barbecue grills or portable fire pits; tripods for hanging cooking pots and pans; four-legged stands for hanging cooking pots and pans; lids for barbecue smokers; windshields for cooking grills; toilet accessories, namely, disposable containers or bags for attachment to toilet seats to receive body waste; tripods for hanging electric luminaires; poles for hanging electric luminaires; stands for electric lamps; hooks for hanging lamps
12 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) covers for motor cycles; car seat covers; kayaks; inflatable boats; (Based on Intent to Use) carts; wagons; accessories for carts or wagons, namely, rain covers; accessories for carts or wagons, namely, belt connectors for connecting two carts or wagons; covers for bicycles
14 (Based on Intent to Use) Key chains
17 (Based on Intent to Use) Thermal insulating blankets
18 (Based on Intent to Use) Parasols; fixtures for securing parasols to the beach; firewood carriers
20 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) furniture, namely, tables; table tops; chairs; beds; stools; storage racks; bottle racks; pot racks; towel racks; plate racks; benches; air mattresses, not for medical purposes; inflatable mattresses for use when camping; seat cushions; sleeping mats; cushions; inflatable pillows; pillows; non-metal hangers for clothes, shoes, or sleeping bags; water tanks of plastic for household, industrial, or agricultural purposes; plaques of wood; metal holders or bases for supporting parasols; mounting desks for tables for attachment to barbecue grills; non-metal fabric hanging organizers; furniture, namely, portable folding seats; (Based on Intent to Use) Tent pegs, not of metal
21 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) Frying pans; skillets; cooking pots and pans; non-electric tea kettles; mess-tins; rice cooking canteens; cookware, namely, pots and pans, and steamer baskets; non-electric coffee percolators; non-electric coffee makers; cooking skewers; utensils for barbecues, namely, tongs; colanders; cutting boards; household utensils, namely, turners; trivets; cooking utensils, namely, grills for barbecue grills; non-electric griddles; camping grills; hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills; pizza peels; barbecue grills accessories, namely, metal foil covers and cases for fire pits of barbecue grills; cooking utensils, namely, grill baskets; non-electric sandwich makers; skewers holder for barbecue grills; holders for salt plates for cooking; trivets for barbecue grills; utensils for Dutch ovens, namely, flying frying, roasting, and steaming racks for placing on Dutch ovens; utensils for Dutch ovens, namely, lifters for liftting lids of Dutch ovens; tongs for firewood; non-electric portable coolers; non-electric portable beverage coolers; cold packs for chilling food and beverages; (Based on Intent to Use) bottle openers, non-electric; cork screws; servingware for serving food; potholders; chopsticks; serving ladles; bowls; drinking straws; cleaning brushes for barbecue grills, portable stoves, portable fire pits, wood fired cooking ovens or charcoal fired cooking ovens; thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; insulating sleeve holders made of stainless steel for jars, bottles or cans; stands for portable ice chests for food and beverages; bottle stands; laundry baskets; baskets for domestic use and baskets for outdoor use; dust bins; holders for paper towels; collapsible dish drying racks; plastic egg holders for domestic use; belt hangers for hanging clothes or cups; hangers for hanging clothes and holding hoods of the clothes hanged; hangers for hanging bottles; stands for non-electric portable coolers
22 (Based on 44(e))(Based on Intent to Use) awnings of textile or synthetic materials; shades for attachment to awnings; awnings for vehicles of textile or synthetic materials; shades for attachment to tents; (Based on Intent to Use) Tent flies; tents accessories, namely, heat insulating sheet; ropes for tents; nonmetal bands for wrapping or binding; tents accessories, namely, tripods for supporting tent flies; tents accessories, namely, poles for supporting tent flies; repair sheets for tent flies; mountaineering ropes; tripods for supporting tent flies; washing bags for washing laundry inside the bags; ground sheets for tents; fixtures for attachment to tent poles; tent accessories, namely, couplings
24 (Based on Intent to Use) Blankets for outdoor use; towels; sleeping bags; covers for cushions; quilts and futon quilts; seat covers of textile; bed covers; pillow cases; pillow covers; garland flags; flags of textile, plastic, or nylon; picnic blankets for outdoor use; ground sheets for outdoor use
27 (Based on Intent to Use) Floor mats; floor coverings; fire-resistant sheets to place portable cooking stoves on
30 (Based on Intent to Use) Salt plates used for cooking food
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the word LOGOS in capital letters and stylized bold font.

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