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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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5 Deodorizers for household pet litter boxes; deodorizing preparations for pet litter boxes; dietary and nutritional supplements; dietary pet supplements in the form of pet treats; dietary supplements for pets; dietary supplements for pets in the nature of a powdered drink mix; feed supplements for pets; food supplements for pets; nutritional supplements for pets; vitamins for pets; probiotic animal supplements; natural health products for pets; diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes; veterinary diagnostic reagents; chemical reagents for veterinary purposes; veterinary preparations; veterinary vaccines; prescription and non-prescription medicines and preparations; diagnostic preparations for veterinary use; anti-infective products for veterinary use; ferments for medical or veterinary use; dietetic foods adapted for veterinary use; dietetic beverages adapted for veterinary use; dietetic substances, namely, dietary supplements; insecticidal veterinary washes; enzymes for veterinary purposes; anti-parasitic preparation for veterinary use; topical liquid application for use on animals for the prevention and/or treatment of flea and tick infestation; hygienic preparations for veterinary purposes; wound dressings for animals; disinfectants for veterinary use; pharmaceutical products, medicines and vaccines for veterinary use; pharmaceutical preparations for animal skincare; nutritional supplements adapted for veterinary use
7 Automated pet appliances, namely, feeders and waterers
31 Animal litter; animal foodstuffs; aromatic sand being litter for pets; canned foodstuffs for cats; cat food; cat litter; cat litter and litter for small animals; cat treats; catnip; consumable pet chews; edible chews for animals; edible pet treats; foodstuffs for animals; foodstuffs specially adapted for animals; kitty litter; litter for domestic animals; pet food; pet treats; pre-baked edible pet treats; small animal food
36 Insurance services, namely, pet health insurance; underwriting services in the area of pet health insurance; provision of information about insurance services by electronic means; administration of insurance contracts; administration of credit arrangements; insurance administration; insurance brokerage; insurance carrier services; insurance claims administration; insurance claims processing; insurance consultancy; insurance information; insurance underwriting consultation; assessing insurance claims; claim adjustment in the field of insurance; administration of insurance contracts; providing information in insurance matters; payment processing services in the field of insurance payments; reimbursement payment processing in the field of insurance claims; insurance services, namely, underwriting, issuance and administration of animal and pet insurance; insurance consulting in the field of animal and pet insurance; advice and assistance in respect of all the aforementioned services; information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services
44 Veterinary services; veterinary emergency and trauma services; veterinary surgery; veterinary dentistry; veterinary consultations provided via the internet, phone, email, online chat; veterinary chiropractic services; consultation and advisory services relating to animal health and animal care; veterinary advice and assistance; providing information in the field of pet health, behavior and well-being; consultation services in the field of pet behavior; advisory services relating to the health care of pets and animals; providing an internet website featuring information for pet owners relating to animal health and animal behavior; providing information in the fields of animals and pet breeding, selection of the animals and pets, grooming, health and nutrition; providing information in the field of veterinarians, veterinary services, and veterinary practice; professional advice and assistance in respect of the aforementioned services
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the words CAT PERSON in a stylized font with the letters C and A joined together.

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