Trademark: 88463337
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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Thursday, June 6, 2019
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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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9 35mm cameras; 3D camera systems, namely, adapters for allowing 3D shooting; Batteries; Batteries and battery chargers; Batteries and battery chargers for intravenous fluid delivery apparatus; Batteries for electronic cigarettes; Batteries for lighting; Batteries for pocketlamps; Batteries for use in hearing aids; Batteries for vehicles; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Battery boxes; Battery cables; Battery cases; Battery charge devices; Battery chargers; Battery chargers for laptop computers; Battery chargers for mobile phones; Battery chargers for tablet computers; Battery chargers for use with telephones; Battery jars; Battery jump starters; Battery leads; Battery monitoring devices that may be attached to a battery to monitor the performance of the battery and recorded operating software for use therewith, sold as a unit; Battery monitors; Battery packs; Battery performance monitors; Battery power supplies for medical ventilators; Battery separator films; Battery separators; Battery starter cables; Battery terminal connector clamps; Battery terminals; Battery testers; Camera cases; Camera containing a linear image sensor; Camera filters; Camera flashes; Camera handles; Camera hardware systems for IP (Internet protocol) video surveillance; Camera hoods; Camera lens adapters; Camera lens mounts; Camera mounts and supports; Camera shutters; Camera stability accessory, namely, a support arm, vest and sled for film and video cameras to absorb shaking moves while shooting; Camera straps; Camera tripods; Cameras; Cameras for monitoring and inspecting equipment in a nuclear power station; Cameras for self-developing film; Cases adapted for photographic equipment; Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; Cases for photographic apparatus; Cinematographic film, exposed; Drying racks for photography; Epidiascopes; Flashlights for use in photography; Flashlights with light emitting diodes for use in photography; Fluorescent screens; Mouse mats; Mouse pads; Photographic flashbulbs; Photography darkroom lamps; Photography drying racks; Projection screens; Projection screens for movie films; Scanning electron microscopes; Scanning probe microscopes; Stands for photographic apparatus; Accumulators; Accumulators and batteries; Acidimeters for batteries; Adapter rings for attaching objectives on cameras; Analog cameras; Anode batteries; Apparatus for editing cinematographic film; Apparatus for viewing cinematographic film when editing to determine the best cut-point; Auxiliary battery packs; Bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Bags for underwater camera enclosures; Bags specially adapted for underwater camera housings; Bellows for cameras; Body cameras; Car batteries; Cases adapted for cameras; Cell phone battery chargers; Cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; Cellular phone usage detection system comprising a camera and a mobile phone signal receiving device; Chargers for batteries; Chargers for electric batteries; Cinematographic cameras; Closed circuit TV systems for security and surveillance, namely, cameras, switchers, monitors, microphones, and recorders; Color filters for television and motion picture film cameras; Component parts of batteries, namely, vent caps; Computer cameras; Computer mice; Computer mouse; Computer mouse in the nature of a trackpad; Computer mouse, namely, touchpads; Computer mouse, namely, trackballs; Computer cursor control devices, namely, computer mouse; Conversion lenses for cameras; Dashboard cameras; Day and night vision systems primarily comprising day and night sensors, day and night cameras, power sources, communication means, monitors and recorded operating software; Digital camera accessory in the nature of a digital photo viewer; Digital cameras; Digital cameras for industrial use; Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras; Digital video cameras; Disposable cameras; Document cameras; Downloadable computer software for editing cinematographic film; Drum units for printers, facsimile machines, scanners, copying machines and multifunction electronic devices for use in copying, printing, scanning, video capture and/or transmitting documents and images; Dry cells and batteries; Electric batteries; Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; Electric storage batteries; Electrical cells and batteries; Electrical storage batteries; Electronic cigar batteries; Electronic cigarette batteries; Endoscopy cameras for industrial purposes; Environmental enclosures, namely, structures specially adapted to hold and protect cameras from outdoor elements and tampering; Exposed camera film; Exposed cinematographic film; Exposed cinematographic films; Film cameras; Film magazines for cameras; Film portrait cameras; Fish-eye conversion lenses for cameras; Fisheye lenses for cameras; Fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for electronic devices, namely, MP3 players, mobile telephones, smart telephones, digital cameras, global positioning systems and personal digital assistants; Flash guns; Flash lamps; Flashlamps for cameras; Follow focus apparatus for adjusting camera lenses; Galvanic batteries; Game cameras; Grids for batteries; Gyroscope stabilizers for cameras; High tension batteries; Ignition batteries; Infrared cameras; Interface circuits for video cameras; IP (Internet protocol) cameras; IP (Internet protocol) speed dome cameras; Laboratory instruments, namely, radiation devices in the nature of ultraviolet, visible, or infra-red light boxes for the analysis of bodily fluids; Lead-acid battery testing, desulfating and regenerating devices; Lens caps for use with film, digital, and video cameras; Lens filters; Lens hoods; Lenses for cameras; Lenses for cellular phone cameras; Lenses for smartphone cameras; Lights for use on video cameras; Lithium ion batteries; Lithium iron phosphate batteries; Lithium phosphate batteries; Medical research equipment, namely, computers, gamma cameras, collimators, aperture plates and recorded computer software, all sold together as a unit for use in high resolution, high sensitivity tomographic image processing and imaging in the field of nuclear medicine; Metal depository containing a video camera, display screen, touch screen user interface and access card reader to record deposits; Mirrorless cameras; Mobile phone cases featuring rechargeable batteries; Mobile telephone batteries; Monitoring devices for monitoring battery performance characteristics; Monopods for cameras; Monopods used to take photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm; Motion picture cameras; Motion-activated cameras; Motion-picture cameras for self-developing film; Mounting devices for cameras and monitors; Multiframe view cameras; Multifunction electronic devices for use in copying, printing, scanning, video capturing and/or transmitting documents and images; Multiple purpose cameras; Nautical and photographic apparatus and instruments, namely, underwater housings for cameras, underwater enclosures for cameras and underwater enclosures for photographic lenses; Nickel-cadmium storage batteries; Non-living rats and mice for laboratory use; Photographic cameras; Photographic cameras for the instant production of pictures; Photographic flash units; Plate cameras; Plates for batteries; Portable video cameras with built-in videocassette recorders; Racks for batteries; Range finders for cameras; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Rechargeable batteries; Rechargeable electric batteries; Remote video monitoring system consisting primarily of a camera and video monitor for recording and transmitting images to a remote location; Remotely-controlled sub-aquatic video camera containing a TV camera, transmitter, receiver and microphone to record, detect, measure, survey and locate objects underwater; Renewable battery system to provide backup power; Safety and driving assistant system for mobile vehicles and vessels comprised of electronic proximity sensors and switches, high-resolution cameras, integrated circuits for the purpose of imaging processing, and display monitors; Self-timers; Shutter releases; Shutters; Solar batteries; Solar recharging battery pack for digital cameras; Solar-powered battery chargers; Solar-powered rechargeable batteries; Spools for cameras; Television cameras; Terminals for batteries; Thermal imaging cameras; Tilting heads; Time lapse digital cameras for viewing plant growth; Trail cameras; Tripods; Tripods for cameras; TV cameras; Underwater cameras; Vehicle detection equipment, namely, display monitors, computers, image sensors, video cameras, and recorded operating system and recorded application software to detect vehicle location; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, an on-board vehicular surveillance system comprised of cameras and monitors for exposing and eliminating the blind spots on both sides of the vehicle; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, back-up sensors and cameras; Video cameras; Video cameras for analyzing golf swing; Viewfinders; Wearable cameras; Wearable computer peripherals in the nature of wireless mice; Wet cell batteries; Wide-angle lenses for cameras; Wireless communication device featuring voice, data and image transmission including voice, text and picture messaging, a video and still image camera, also functional to purchase music, games, video and software applications over the air for downloading to the device; Wireless communication devices for transmitting images taken by a camera; Wireless computer mice; Wrist rests for computer mouse users; Wrist supports for computer mouse users
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of Characters "IDEAS ILLUMINATED" in a smaller stylized font are located above characters "EMART" in another different bigger and stylized font.

Trademark Events
Aug 13, 2020
Notice Of Approval Of Extension Request E-Mailed
Aug 11, 2020
Extension 1 Granted
Aug 11, 2020
Extension 1 Filed
Aug 11, 2020
Teas Extension Received
Feb 11, 2020
Noa E-Mailed - Sou Required From Applicant
Dec 17, 2019
Official Gazette Publication Confirmation E-Mailed
Dec 17, 2019
Published For Opposition
Nov 27, 2019
Notification Of Notice Of Publication E-Mailed
Nov 14, 2019
Assigned To Lie
Nov 11, 2019
Approved For Pub - Principal Register
Oct 18, 2019
Teas/Email Correspondence Entered
Oct 16, 2019
Correspondence Received In Law Office
Oct 16, 2019
Teas Response To Office Action Received
Sep 5, 2019
Notification Of Non-Final Action E-Mailed
Sep 5, 2019
Non-Final Action E-Mailed
Sep 5, 2019
Non-Final Action Written
Aug 27, 2019
Assigned To Examiner
Jun 20, 2019
New Application Office Supplied Data Entered In Tram
Jun 10, 2019
New Application Entered In Tram

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