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Saturday, July 6, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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9 printed circuits, electric cables, electric resistance heating panels, heat regulating apparatus; sheaths for electric cables, sheaths for electric appliances, protection devices for personal use against accidents, ground-fault protection devices, circuit breakers, electrically controlled contactors, electric relays, electric limiters, distribution boards, distribution consoles, electrical switch panels, electric transformers, DC/AC inverters, distribution boxes, branch boxes, junction boxes, covers for electric outlets, battery boxes, electric battery chargers, automatic batteries, capacitors, electric accumulators, electrical adapters, regulating apparatus, electrical switches, electric plugs, current rectifiers, cell switches, electrical reducers, electric ducts, cathodes materials for electricity mains, electric cables, insulated copper wire, electrical conductors, terminals for interfacing with conductors, electricity conduits connectors, connections for electric lines couplings, electrical connectors, mechanical wire connectors, junction sleeves for electric cables, electric sockets identification threads for electric wires, identification sheaths for electric wires, electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations, control panels for measurement, temperature and power regulation, protection, and metering, meters for monitoring electrical consumption, climate control digital thermostats, electric loss indicators, electric monitoring apparatus, measuring devices, precision measuring apparatus, electric ohmmeters, ammeters, thermostats, electric thermometers, temperature indicators, temperature indicator labels, rheostats, hydrometers, water level indicators, meteorological instruments, quantity indicators, speed indicators, accelerometers, infrared detectors, piezoelectric sensors, time switches, weighing apparatus and instruments, photovoltaic cells, fluorescent screens, flashing lights, luminous signals, organic light-emitting diodes, quantum dot light-emitting diodes, apparatus light-emitting diodes, Global Positioning System, intercommunication apparatus for processing analog signals and transmitting electronic signals using antennas, radio signal antennas, electric transmitters of electronic signals transmitting sets, time recording apparatus transmitters, theft prevention installations, electric anti-theft warning apparatus, anti-interference devices, solenoid valves, integrated circuits, integrated chips, integrated circuit cards, computer operating programs, recorded computer software, downloadable computer programs, computer monitors, computer display screens, video screens, computer software applications for providing control panel user interfaces, electronic tags for goods, fire blankets, traffic cones, printers for use with computers
11 heating apparatus, electric heating apparatus, heating elements, heating installations, heat accumulators, heat exchangers, thermoelectric cells, radiators, electric radiators, heaters for vehicles, water heaters, immersion heaters, heaters for heating irons, electric footwarmers, plate warmers, hot plates, drying apparatus, drying apparatus and installations, cooking stoves, electric deep fryers, electrical elements for a cooking apparatus, namely, fryers, grills, steamers, roasters, pots, cookers, broilers, printed antenna electrical circuit for cooking by induction, defrosters for vehicles, bread toasters, electrical elements for ovens, griddles, grills, heating plates, regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes, heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, electric heaters for feeding bottles, solar thermal collectors, pocket warmers, electric heating cushions, electric heating pads, sauna bath installations, electric bed warmers, electric blankets, aquarium heaters, electrically heated carpets, electrically heated clothing, electric cooktops, USB-powered hand warmers, USB-powered cup heaters, glue-heating apparatuses for heat-activated laminating adhesives
17 non-conducting materials for retaining heat, compositions to prevent the radiation of heat, electrical insulation, insulating refractory materials, pipe jackets, plastic film, foils of metal for insulating, raw or partly processed plastic film, paper for electrical capacitors, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive tapes, substances for insulating, insulators for cables, insulators for electric mains, plastic fibres, fibreglass for insulation, fibreglass fabrics for insulation, threads of plastic materials, insulating tapes, insulating paper, insulating felt, insulating plaster, insulating fabrics, insulating varnish, insulating paints, mica, slag wool for insulation, mineral wool for insulation, glass wool for insulation, aerogel blankets for insulation, non-metal pipe jackets, waterproof packings, weatherstripping, padding materials of rubber or plastics, rubber solutions, weatherstripping compositions, gaskets, synthetic rubber, shock-absorbing buffers of rubber, latex rubber, liquid rubber, caulking materials, expansion joint fillers, substances for insulating buildings against moisture, vulcanized fibre, threads of plastic, plastic yarns, elastic threads, carbon fibres, sealant compounds for joints, semi-processed synthetic resins, semi-processed plastic substances, semi-processed artificial resins, semi-processed acrylic resins, plastic filaments for 3D printing
37 construction, building construction supervision, services of electricians, electric appliance installation and repair, heating equipment installation and repair, kitchen equipment installation and repair, snow removal equipment installation and repair, roofing services; machinery installation, maintenance and repair installation, installation of utilities in construction sites, maintenance and repair of computer hardware, interference suppression in electrical apparatus, refilling of ink cartridges
40 printing, silkscreen printing, lithographic printing, offset printing, laminating, applying finishes to textiles, permanent-press treatment of fabrics, planning of materials, material treatment information, custom assembling of materials for others, custom manufacturing of apparatuses, rental of apparatuses, production of energy, window tinting treatment, surface coating, applying finishes to textiles, paper finishing, cloth edging, cloth cutting, textile dyeing, textile treating, cloth treating, cloth dyeing, paper treating, cloth waterproofing, fabric waterproofing, cloth fireproofing, fabric fireproofing, textile fireproofing, metal plating, electroplating, silver plating, cadmium plating, chromium plating, tin plating, nickel plating, gold plating, metal casting, laser scribing, abrasion, burnishing by abrasion, galvanization, magnetization, vulcanization, rental of generators, sandblasting services, welding services, soldering, custom 3D printing for others
42 industrial design, engineering, construction drafting, scientific research in the field of materials science, technological research in the field of materials science, technological consultancy, conducting technical project studies, research and development for new products for others, research in the field of building construction; quality control, calibration, material testing, textile testing, chemistry services, chemical research, chemical analysis, scientific laboratory services, provision of scientific information, scientific and technological research relating to patent mapping, consultancy in the field of energy-saving, research in the field of environmental protection, urban planning, advice and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting, energy auditing, research in the field of telecommunications technology, outsource service providers in the field of information technology, consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware, computer programming, computer software design, installation of computer software, rental of computer software, maintenance of computer software, updating of computer software, monitoring of computer systems by remote access, off-site data backup, electronic data storage, hosting web sites, server hosting, creating and designing website-based indexes of information for others, packaging design, graphic design of promotional materials, weather forecasting

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