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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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5 Acai powder dietary supplements; Collagen for medical purposes; Dietary supplement drink mixes; Dietary supplemental drinks; Dietary supplemental drinks in the nature of vitamin and mineral beverages; Dietary supplements in the form of capsules; Dietary and nutritional supplements containing tea and collagen; Linseed dietary supplements; Nutritional supplements in the form of capsules; Powdered nutritional supplement concentrate; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix containing tea; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix containing collagen; Vegan liquid protein supplements; Vegan protein for use as a nutritional supplement in ready-to-drink beverages; Yeast dietary supplements; Beverages containing tea for use as a nutritional supplement; Beverages containing collagen for use as a nutritional supplement
29 Almond milk-based beverages; Broth; Broth concentrates; Cacao butter for food; Coconut oil for food; Dairy-based beverages; Desiccated coconut; Dried dates; Fruit-based meal replacement bars; Fruit-based organic food bars; Fruit-based raw food bars; Milk powder; Milk substitutes; Nut- and dried fruit- based snack bars; Nut-based food bars; Nut-based snack bars; Nut butters; Nut and seed-based snack bars; Peanut butter; Peanut milk-based beverages; Powdered milk; Powdered nut butters; Processed almonds; Processed berries; Processed cashew nuts; Processed chia seeds; Processed dates; Processed fruit- and nut-based food bars; Processed pumpkin seeds; Processed sunflower seeds; Pumpkin butter; Raisins; Seed-based snack bars; Seed butters; Shredded coconut; Soy-based food bars; Sunflower seeds, prepared; Unflavored and unsweetened gelatins; Vegetable-based raw food bars; Yogurt-based beverages; Organic nut and seed-based snack bars
30 Artificial coffee; Beverages made of tea; Beverages with a tea base; Buckwheat flour; Cacao powder; Cereal based energy bars; Chocolate-based beverages; Chocolate-based meal replacement bars; Chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars; Chocolates containing nutrients; Cocoa-based beverages; Coconut flour; Coffee substitutes; Coffee substitutes; Coffee and coffee substitutes; Edible flour; Edible salt; Flavored and sweetened gelatins; Flour for food; Grain-based beverages; Grain-based food bars; Granola-based snack bars; Herbal food beverages; High-protein cereal bars; Linseed for use as a seasoning; Maple syrup; Mineral salt for human consumption; Mixes for making tea; Popcorn; Processed buckwheat; Processed quinoa; Quinoa-based food bars; Rice; Salt; Sugar substitutes; Tapioca flour; Tea-based beverages; Tea-based beverages also containing collagen; Vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; Yeast; Coffee based beverages
31 Raw nuts; Unprocessed buckwheat; Unprocessed chia seeds; Unprocessed edible linseed; Unprocessed quinoa
32 Coconut-based beverages not being milk substitutes; Fruit-based beverages

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