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Friday, April 12, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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4 Fuel for ships, vehicles, aircrafts and other means of transport; energy and electricity for ships, vehicles, aircrafts, other means of transport, commodities such as cellular phones, computers and other products which require power or charging before use
35 Advertising; marketing services; business management and administration; business administration in the field of energy, fuel and transportation; business management in the field of energy, fuel and transportation; ordering services; ordering services for food and groceries; ordering services for products; computerized ordering services; on-line ordering services; office functions; on-line retail services for groceries, namely sausages, hamburgers, paninis, baguettes, pastries, hot and cold beverages, dairy products, frozen pizzas, ice-cream, fruit and vegetables, chocolates, chips, candy, snuff tobacco, cigarettes, tobacco, newspapers and magazines, car products, namely window cleaning liquids, motor oil, car wash products, anti-freeze products, wiper blades; price comparison services ; business management consultancy in the field of energy, fuel and transportation; provision of information and tracking information to third parties regarding order and delivery status online and via other global communication networks; follow-up services, namely provision of electronic labeling of parcels and documents for others; providing incentive award programs for customers and partners for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes; customer loyalty services and customer club services for commercial, promotional and/or advertising purposes; provision of an on-line marketplace to allow users to buy, sell and exchange goods and services with other users
39 Supply of electricity, gas, oil, petrol, diesel oil and other forms of energy and fuel; provision of a website to display information regarding energy, fuel, and transportation services, information regarding delivery services and ordering of delivery of goods, documents, parcels and cargo; transportation and logistics services; coordination and assigning of energy, fuel, and transportation services; packaging and storage of goods; delivery of goods, documents, parcels and cargo; delivery of food; courier services; travel arrangement; delivery services; monitoring, handling and tracking of service and products shipment; monitoring and tracking of shipments to ensure timely delivery for business purposes
The mark consists of an upside down, flipped L-shape on the left with a rounded corner, a flat bottom edge, and a pointed top right edge and an acute angled L-shape on the right with a rounded top and flattened right edge.

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Apr 12, 2019
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