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Friday, April 12, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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9 Computer game software; computer games for use on mobile and cellular phones; computer software applications, downloadable; computer software, recorded; computer programs; downloadable software; video game cartridges; electronic publications, downloadable; downloadable music files; downloadable image files; computer hardware; computer peripheral devices; computer keyboards; optical discs; mouse; computer peripheral; mouse pads; wrist rests for use with computers; laptop computers; sleeves for laptops; tablet computers; covers for tablet computers; integrated circuit cards; smart cards; memory cards for video game machines; joysticks for use with computers, other than for video games; security tokens; encryption devices; USB flash drives; mobile telephones; cases for smartphones; protective films adapted for smartphones; cell phone straps; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; virtual reality headsets; wearable video display monitors; headphones; materials for electricity mains; wires, cables; wires, electric; batteries, electric; battery chargers; decorative magnets; animated cartoons; cinematographic film, exposed; earphones; cameras; photography; portable power source
41 Game services provided on-line from a computer network; Providing online games; publishing and providing of computer games; organization of competitions for education or entertainment; organization of cosplay entertainment events; publication of texts, other than publicity texts; providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; organization of shows; impresario services; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; arranging and conducting of congresses; presentation of live performances; entertainer services; television entertainment; film production, other than advertising films; providing on-line music, not downloadable; providing on-line videos, not downloadable; providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; providing television programs, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; entertainment services; entertainment information; recreation information; amusement park services; providing amusement arcade services; providing recreation facilities; club services for entertainment or education; toy rental; games equipment rental
42 Computer software design; rental of computer software; technical services for the downloading of video games; providing a website and web based services for online management of personal computer game software; software as a service, namely, software for recording time in computer games and video games, software for displaying in-game data and scores, software for recording computer game and video game footage, software for taking screenshots of computer games and video games, software for computer game and video game enhancers; software as a service; platform as a service; software development in the framework of software publishing; information technology consultancy; installation of computer software; computer software consultancy; computer virus protection services; providing search engines for the internet; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; web site design consultancy; electronic data storage; cloud computing; outsource service providers in the field of information technology; computer technology consultancy; computer security consultancy; graphic arts design; industrial design; styling; industrial design

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Apr 12, 2019
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