Trademark: 88377588
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Friday, April 12, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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29 processed nuts; dried fruit; snack mixes consisting primarily of processed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and also including chocolate and/or yogurt; nut-based snack foods; nut-based spreads; nut butters; seed-based snack foods; seed butters; processed edible seeds, not being seasonings or flavorings; nut-based snack bars; seed-based snack bars; nut- and dried fruit- based snack bars
30 confections, namely, chocolate/yogurt covered Nut/fruit clusters, caramels, espresso beans, pretzels, cookies, rice/corn/sesame sticks; chocolate covered nuts; chocolate covered dried fruit; yogurt covered nuts; yogurt covered dried fruit; snack mixes consisting primarily of crackers and pretzels; nut flours; snack foods made from nut flours, namely, crackers, chips, sticks, puffs, crisps, wafers; processed grains; grain-based snack foods; cookies; cookies with nuts; crackers; granola-based snack bars
31 fresh nuts; raw nuts; unprocessed nuts; unprocessed edible seeds; unprocessed grains for eating
35 retail on-line ordering services featuring processed nuts, fruits, snack mixes and candies used for fundraisers, also accessible by telephone, facsimile and mail order
40 custom manufacturing of snack products; private label snack manufacturing services
The mark consists of stylized letters "PATHWAY", "VALLEY" and "Snacks" in three separate lines, wherein "Snacks" appears in a brush font larger than the other letters.

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Apr 12, 2019
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