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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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12 Vehicles; electric vehicles; mopeds; bicycles; bicycle frames; cycle stands; bicycle brakes; bicycle handlebars; rims for bicycle wheels; bicycle pedals; bicycle tyres; bicycle wheels; bicycle saddles; pushchairs; handling carts; roller chains for bicycles; bicycle brakes; pumps for bicycle tyres; engines for bicycles; sports bicycles; mountain bikes; structural parts of bicycles; electric bicycles; motorcycles; motorcycles; mini-bikes; two-wheeled motor vehicles; bicycle motors; luggage carriers for cycles; bicycle mudguards; inner tubes for bicycle tyres; brake levers for cycles; motorised unicycles; tyres for motorcycles; wheels for motorcycles; pedals for motorcycles; dirt bikes; motorcycle saddles; motorcycle kickstands; motorcycle frames; motorcycle chains; motorcycle engines; motorcycle chains; spokes for motorcycles; motorcycle frames; shock absorbers for motorcycles; motorcycle saddles; motorcycle engines; fitted motorcycle covers; motorcycle grip tape; mudguards for motorcycles; non-motorized scooters (vehicles); panniers adapted for motorcycles; structural parts for motorcycles; motorized and non-motorized scooters for personal transportation; wheel rims for motorcycles; shift levers (parts of motorcycles)
35 Retail services of vehicles, electric vehicles, mopeds, bicycles, bicycle frames, cycle stands, bicycle brakes, bicycle handlebars, rims for bicycle wheels, bicycle pedals, bicycle tyres, bicycle wheels, bicycle saddles, pushchairs, handling carts, roller chains for bicycles, bicycle brakes, pumps for bicycle tyres, engines for bicycles, sports bicycles, mountain bikes, structural parts of bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, two-wheeled motor vehicles, bicycle motors, luggage carriers for cycles, bicycle mudguards, inner tubes for bicycle tyres, brake levers for cycles, motorised unicycles, tyres for motorcycles, wheels for motorcycles, pedals for motorcycles, dirt bikes, motorcycle saddles, motorcycle kickstands, motorcycle frames, motorcycle chains, motorcycle engines, motorcycle chains, spokes for motorcycles, motorcycle frames, shock absorbers for motorcycles, motorcycle saddles, motorcycle engines, fitted motorcycle covers, motorcycle grip tape, mudguards for motorcycles, non-motorized scooters (vehicles), panniers adapted for motorcycles, structural parts for motorcycles, motorized and non-motorized scooters for personal transportation, wheel rims for motorcycles, shift levers (parts of motorcycles); assistance in franchised commercial business management; franchising services providing business assistance; advisory services relating to publicity for franchisees; business advice relating to franchising; administration of the business affairs of franchises; advisory services (business) relating to the establishment of franchises; provision of assistance (business) in the establishment of franchises; provision of assistance (business) in the operation of franchises; franchising services providing marketing assistance; business assistance relating to the establishment of franchises; advice in the running of establishments as franchises; provision of business information relating to franchising; assistance in business management within the framework of a franchise contract; advisory services (business) relating to the operation of franchises; providing assistance in the management of franchised businesses; assistance in product commercialization, within the framework of a franchise contract; business management assistance in the field of franchising; business advisory services relating to the establishment and operation of franchises; services rendered by a franchisor, namely, assistance in the running or management of industrial or commercial enterprises
41 Teaching; training; entertainment services; sporting and cultural activities; entertainment and education information; leisure services; provision and management of sporting events; organisation of motorcycle racing; organisation of automobile races; publication of books; library services; videotape production; rental of motion pictures; rental of sound recordings; rental of video cassette recorders, radio station or television ; lease of scenery; videotape editing; photography; organization of competitions (education or entertainment) and lotteries; arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums; arranging of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; booking of seats for shows; booking of seats for sporting competition; timing of sports events; photographic library; game services provided on-line from a computer network; gambling services; betting and games related to sports services; betting and games services on the internet or any wireless electronic communications network; online publication of electronic books and journals; electronic publishing services
The color(s) black, light green, dark green is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the word "exBIKE" with a lower case "e" in black; an upper case "x" with one black leg and one green leg. The green leg is shaded from light green to dark green and extends over the word "BIKE". The word "BIKE" is in upper-case, green letters which are shaded light green to dark green from top to bottom.

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