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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Friday, April 5, 2019

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1 Stem cells for research purposes; Stem cells for scientific purposes; Stem cells other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Provision of skeletal myocytes for research purposes; Provision of cortical neurons for research purposes; Biological tissue for research and scientific purposes; Biological tissue cultures other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Cultures of cell media other than for medical or veterinary use; Chemical reagents for use in biotechnology,; Nutritive agents for processing living cells; Semi-processed natural proteins for manufacturing food; Proteins for use in the manufacture of food products; Proteins for use in recombinant DNA technology
5 Cell therapeutics; Genetically or otherwise modified cells; Cells which are propagated, cultivated and expanded in bioreactors; Cells for the purpose of tissue regeneration; Living cells for medical use; Cells for medical use; Biological preparations for medical use; Diagnostic preparations for medical and/or veterinary purposes; Cell preparations for drug screening; Cell preparations for genetic testing, screening; Stem cells for medical purposes; Stem cells for veterinary purposes; Cell growth media, tissue culture media, cytokines, antibodies, and reagents for medical, medical research or diagnostic use; Tissue culture media, growth factors, growth media, serum, and nutritional supplements for in vitro culturing, development, maintenance, expansion, assay or manipulation of cells; Cell separation reagents, magnetic cell separation equipment; Dietary supplements; Protein supplements; nutrition supplements
9 Computer software and computer hardware for the separation of biological and non-biological materials; Bioreactors; Bioreactors for biomanufacturing; Bioreactors for research use; Bioreactor for cell culturing; Bioreactors for laboratory use; Manufacturing software; Smart manufacturing system controls; Electronic control units
29 Meat; Meat substitutes; Tissue engineered meat; Synthetic meat; Cultured meat; Laboratory-grown meat; Fish, not live
42 Biotechnology research; Biotechnology testing; Stem cell research; Synthetic biology services; Stem cell biology services; Scientific services relating to the isolation and cultivation of human tissues and cells; Research and development in the field of microorganisms and cells; Research and development in relation to genetic testing, screening; Research and development in relation to drug screening; Cell separation technology services; Cell separation research services; Consultancy relating to biotechnology; Consultancy relating to drug screening; Consultancy relating to genetic screening; Consultancy relating to cell therapy; Laboratory research; Research on food; Research and development in the field of animal cells cultivated within bioreactors; Research in the reduction of carbon emissions

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