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Monday, April 8, 2019
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Thursday, April 4, 2019

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1 Chemicals for use in the rubber industry; chemicals for rubber and plastics processing applications; unprocessed artificial resins; unprocessed plastics; tanning substances, namely, tanning agents for use in the manufacture of leather; adhesives for use in industry; catalysts for use in the manufacture of rubber and latex; rubber preservatives; chemical additives for use in rubber compounds; chemicals for use in the manufacture of rubber compounds and in other industrial applications
17 Rubber, raw or semi-worked; gutta-percha; gum, raw or semi-worked; asbestos; mica; plastics in extruded form for use in further manufacturing; packing and insulating materials; non-metallic flexible pipes; rubber derivatives, namely, granules of rubber, rubber powder, rubber mixtures and semi-processed rubber; reclaimed rubber; rubber solutions; rubber and rubber substitutes, namely, elastomer plastics and synthetic rubbers
The mark consists of the letters "FRC" in a stylized font.
As to FRC

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Apr 8, 2019
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