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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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2 Touch up paint
3 Degreasers, wax, liquid polish, cleaning solutions for auto care and detailing, hand cleaners, lubricants
4 Synthetic lubricants, graphite lubricants; lubricant specialties, namely, reamer cutting oil, power tool lubricants, anti-seize and sealing greases, flushing and cleaning oils for power tools, and special greases for power tools
6 Tool storage chests of metal sold empty, clamps of metal, metal c-clamps, metal wheel chocks; metal tool storage units, namely, chests and a-frames; metal accessories for tool storage units, namely, tool boxes, tool trays, socket clips, wrench organizers, roll cab handles, hang-on trays, metal casters; non-luminous and non-mechanical metal signs; metal boxes; metal ramps; non-precious metal goods, namely, name plates, metal license plates, key holder boards; metal trays; covers for roll cabinets
7 Automotive and industrial power tools, namely, power-operated impact wrenches, cordless power-operated ratchet wrenches, cordless power drills, power-operated engravers, power-operated polishers, grinders, air impact power-operated wrenches, power-operated air ratchets, power-operated air drills, power-operated air hammers, die grinders, pencil die grinders, air powered-operated punch tools; electric air-powered sanders, namely, orbital, disc, in-line and jitterbug sanders, belt sanders; power-operated tire buffers, power-operated pinstripe removal tools, power-operated needle scalers; finishing tools, namely, power-operated polishers; power drill bit sets, power drill bits, wire brushes for use in machines; cutting and grinding accessories, namely, grinder/finisher kits, comprised of grinders, grinder discs, shank adaptors, spanner wrenches all sold as a unit; pneumatic blow guns; laser engraving pens, being parts of machines; transmission boot and joint tools, namely, boot tools, joint clamps, boot installers, air regulators, and rack and pinion tools; motorcycle power jacks, automobile power jacks, truck power jacks, power jack stands, power transmission jacks, hydraulic jacks; engine hoists; air chucks for power drills; power-operated hub cap removers; camshaft pulley tools, namely, electric pulley blocks, oil filter crushers; timing belt tension compressors for engines for land vehicles; power-operated lock tools for cam shaft sprockets; brake bleeder pumps other than for vehicles; body repair kits comprised of paint spray guns; abrasive blast cleaning machines; wet/dry vacuum cleaners and accessories, all sold as a unit; mechanized units for cleaning parts, namely, high pressure washers; vacuum pumps; soldering kits consisting of electric soldering irons and also tips, stand and cleaning sponges in a storage case all sold as a unit; miniature butane soldering torches; air compressors; hydraulic power units for pullers; hydraulic presses; arbor presses; cordless work lights; hydraulic nut splitters; pressurized wheel bearing packers; air filters for motor vehicles and engines
8 Automotive and industrial hand tools, namely, socket wrenches, bit socket wrenches, metric hex bits for hand drills, hex bits for hand drills, triple square bits extensions in the nature of knurled, locking, locking set screw for hand drills, handled swivel, nut and bit drivers, turbo T-handle speed swivel nut and bit drivers; general service sets of hand tools, namely, socket wrenches, hex bits for hand drills, ratchet wrenches, hex socket bit drivers, spark plug sockets, quick release ratchet wrenches all in a storage case; manually operated hand tools, namely, combination reversible ratcheting box/open end wrenches, flex head ratcheting box-open end wrenches, open end wrenches, screwdrivers, ratcheting screwdrivers, ratcheting bit wrenches, prybars, pliers, wire crimpers, wire cutters; hand tools, namely, tweezers, miniature tools in the nature of pliers, revolving punches, automatic centering punches, steel stamping-out tools, hammers, utility knives, multi-purpose safety cutters, hobby knives, putty knives and scrapers, chain pipe cutters, general purpose tubing cutters, hand tubing benders, spark plug sockets being hand tools; hand tools, namely, metric die sets consisting of single hex non-adjustable dies, die plus taps, die stock, T-handle tap wrenches, thread pitch gauge, a drill/tap chart and a midget screwdriver in a storage case, all sold as a unit; hand tools, namely, die sets consisting of taps and dies, pipe thread taps and dies, die stocks, tap wrenches and also screw pitch gauge and a screwdriver in a storage case, all sold as a unit; hand tools, namely, screw extractor sets consisting of drill bits and screw extractors in a storage case, all sold as a unit; hand tools, namely, screw remover sets consisting of drill bits in a storage case, all sold as a unit; hand tools, namely, injector slide hammer puller, 6-point crowfoot wrenches, 6-point flare nut socket wrenches, injection pump wrench, idle wrench, 6-point deep socket wrenches, 6-point flare nut socket wrenches, gear puller; hand tools, namely, belt wrench, fuel filter wrenches; hand tools, namely, wrenches, injector and idle lock nut wrenches, cutting tools, hose-pinching pliers, mallets, oil filter wrenches, all-purpose snips, riveting tools, windshield removal tools in the nature of steel cable pull handle and windshield knife, window scrapers, door hinge tools in the nature of pliers, antenna wrench; vices of metal; Multi-function hand tools comprised of screwdrivers, knives, can or bottle openers, files, single cut files, double cut files, pliers, lights, wire cutters, leather tools, nail tools, serrated blades, locking saws; manicure sets; ice scrapers; magnetic pick-up tools; spark plug boot remover; torque adaptor; speeders; breaker bars; manual torque multipliers; torque wrenches; torque screwdrivers; torque drivers; needle-nose pliers; chisels; awls; hook and awl sets; picks; hacksaws; master spindle rethreading sets consisting of rethreading dies in a storage case; jack stands; floor jacks; tire bead breakers; trim pad tool sets; general brake service kits consisting of brake spring pliers, brake adjusting tool, brake bleeder wrench, drive spring cap socket and drive soft grip driver; knife sharpeners; pocket knives
9 Diagnostic equipment for automotive, truck, aerospace, military vehicles, energy industry and industrial use, namely, scanners in the nature of automotive diagnostic scan tools (OBD-II scan tools), OBD-II break out box, heavy-duty scan tools for trucks testing digital multimeters; specialty circuit testers; diagnostic leak detectors for air conditioning, fuel tanks, and coolants, carbon monoxide analyzers; mechanic's stethoscopes, marine mechanic's stethoscopes, electronic squeak and rattle finders, infrared thermometers not for medical purposes, thermometers not for medical purposes; ignition quick probes for testing ignition batteries; digital timers for lights; lead testers for vacuum pumps; diagnostic fuel injector probes for testing diesel engines; electric oxygen sensor wrenches for scientific use; battery chargers; battery testers; portable booster battery packs; booster battery cables; battery hydrometers; digital manifold level gauges; digital tire pressure gauges; calipers for measuring automobiles, trucks, tractors and earth moving equipment; bubble levels, angle magnetic locators, tape rulers, tape measures; telescoping inspection mirrors for automotive use; combustion leak tester kits consisting of leak detectors for fuel and exhaust systems vacuum pressure pump kits for brake testing service; eye, ear and face safety protection equipment, namely, protective ear covering shields and safety glasses; protective work gloves; knee pads for workers; extension cords and reels for extension cords; antifreeze fluid leak detector; cordless battery charger and battery charger packs; power adapters; spark plug gap and feeler gauges; diesel timing gauge sets consisting of feeler gauges and compression gauges; peak voltage testers for motorcycles; leak detection fluid for automotive use; micrometers; electronic torque testers; dial indicators; dial test indicator sets; engine oil pressure gauge sets; wheel balancers; motorcycle wheel balancers; plastic cell phone holders; power inverters; USB power supply units; lithium ion batteries; battery chargers and engine starters; diagnostic smoke machines; combustible gas detectors; welding helmets
10 Back supports
11 Air conditioning filters; flashlights; LED work lights for construction settings, namely, shop lights, front lights and spot lights; flexible lights, namely, portable utility lights; cordless LED work lights for construction settings; LED lanterns, portable gas grills
12 Caps to seal transmissions and transaxles when drive shaft or drive axle is removed; remote vehicle starters; wheel dollies, vehicle tire valve stem cap sets; mechanics' creepers; shop carts; roll carts; digital tire pressure inflators; trailer hitch cover; license plate frame; socket rails
14 Clocks, watches, magnetic clocks; lapel pins; key rings
16 Tablet holders (synthetic leather) with power bank; pens; clip boards; notebooks; removable wall decals, decals; memo cubes; binders; pocket inserts for pens and pencils; calendars
18 Tote bags; padded carry cases for tools; credit card holders; umbrellas; wallets; backpacks; duffel bags; retractable dog leashes; luggage tags
20 Drawer dividers; slotted strips and divider strips for doors; drawer sections; folding chairs, counter stools; step stools, not of metal
21 Work gloves; magnetic dishes and metal trays; koozies; ice cream scooper; utensil set; pizza cutter; mugs; shot glasses; drinking glasses; canteen with funnel; squeegee; tumblers for use as drinking glasses; bottle openers; growlers; plastic buckets; nail brushes; soap dispensers; non-electric portable coolers; coasters; zippered non-electric beverage bottle coolers
22 Lanyards
24 Nylon flags; towels; vinyl banners; table cloths; shop towels
25 Footwear; headgear, namely, hats, caps, knitted caps; hooded sweatshirts; jackets; quilted vests; shirts; socks; sweatshirts; t-shirts; ties; pajama pants; belts; sunglasses; scarves; baby one-piece undergarment; balaclava; cloth bibs
27 Floor mats, namely, paper floor mats and vinyl floor mats for vehicles; anti-fatigue floor mats
28 Diecast toy vehicles; golf bags; beach balls; flying discs; golf balls; teddy bears; balloons
34 Hand-held cigarette lighters
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of The mark consists of the word "SNAP-ON" with a wrench in the bottom part of the "S".

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