Trademark: 88352569
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Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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Friday, March 22, 2019

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CMP GROUP LTD. - 1st New Owner Before Publication
Canada Metal (Pacific) Limited - Original Applicant

6 Metal marine hardware-namely, clamps, hooks, hinges, couplings, locks, clips, hatch locks, rings and ring swivels, shackles, pins, rope guides, sheaves, tracks, screws, bolts and mountings; metal ladders for boats; braces of metal for handling loads; building wall framing made primarily of metal; cable clamps of metal; cable thimbles of metal; closures of metal for containers; collapsible tubes of metal; commercial waste containers of metal; construction elements made of metal, namely, braces; hose hangers of metal; mechanical fastening elements of metal; metal cable clips; metal ceiling panels; metal clamps; metal clip for wire; metal fasteners, namely, bolts, screws; metal hangers for cables, wires and chains; metal lattices; metal stanchions; steel wire rope; wire mesh; wire nets and gauzes; wire rope fittings of metal, namely, trellis fixings; metal stanchions, Stainless steel and galvanized marine hardware; anchors; deck fillers; bollards; hinges; chain, shackles; rigging screws; nuts, bolts and washers; metal marine hardware, namely, thimbles; Hardware, namely, metal brackets for general use; Marine anchors; Metal building materials, namely, soffits; Metal hardware for use in descending ropes, namely, descenders; Metal hardware, namely, washers; sailing blocks, thru-hulls, flanged ball-valves and hose clamps, for marine boating applications; Metal slings for loading; Ring-shaped fittings of metal; Metals, metal rods, metal compounds and alloys for use in the production of metal by exothermic reaction and in the process of welding metals; Molds of Metal for Exothermic Reaction Welding, Exothermic powdered metal weld mix, and molds of metal for exothermic reaction welding using molten metal; corrosion-resistant metal and its alloy as overlays and sheets; welding apparatus, namely, crucibles of common metal and their alloys; metallic molds for metal casting; solder, metal roof flashing, flashing of metal for building; Floating docks of metal; metal bars; metal beams; metal beams for supporting ships when docking; plates of common metal; metal gangways; metal ramps
17 Dock bumpers not made of metal
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the words DOCK EDGE next to the letter D and a plus sign and the letter E with a line running underneath and the words YOUR DOCK separated by a dot from the words YOUR WAY.

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