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Monday, June 10, 2019
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Friday, March 22, 2019

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9 Electronic downloadable publications in the nature of booklets, pamphlets and brochures featuring technical standards and specifications relating to avionics and aeronautics. Image projection systems comprised of projectors and graphic image generators for use in flight and air combat simulation, electronic equipment in the field of aviation including aircraft cabin service systems, namely, video modulators, video tape recorders, media file servers, Ethernet hubs, passenger entertainment system controllers, primary access terminals, cabin file servers, high quality printers, area distribution boxes audio video units, enhanced passenger control units, seat display units, video distribution controllers; communications systems namely, receivers, audio distribution units, UHF, VHF, and HF transceivers, jammers, power amplifiers, antenna couplers, radio/telephone interface units, satellite communication units; data link communication system; auto-pilot systems; mode control panels, sensors, servos, gyroscopes, and backdrive control; actuators; flight display systems, namely, electronic flight displays, heads up displays, electronics horizontal situation indicators, radio magnetic indicators, digital indicators; mission management systems, namely, central maintenance computers, file servers, multipurpose displays and controllers; geophysical sensors-namely, air data computers, attitude heading systems, namely, magnetic flux detectors, inertial sensors, compensators, displays, and attitude heading computers; magnetic compass systems, namely, gyroscopes, magnetic flux detectors, remote compensators and controllers; hazard detection systems, namely, weather radar systems, namely, weather radar receivers, transmitters, mounting brackets, control panels, antenna, and antenna mounts; information management systems -, namely, airborne communications addressing and reporting devices; integrated systems- namely, engine indication and crew alerting devices; navigation and landing systems -, namely, automatic direction finders, radio altimeters, distance measuring equipment, global position sensors, navigation receivers, multi-mode receivers, VHF omni-directional range /marker beacon receivers; radio controls -, namely, radio tuning units; traffic surveillance systems - namely, traffic alert and collision avoidance systems, ATC transponders; Mode S transponders; electronic display interfaces, namely, electronic video informational and entertainment display and generation units for the aviation industry; computer modeling device comprising computer hardware and software, for the creation, modification, and verification of visual databases
11 Lighting display panels for aircraft; galley products, namely, for commercial use, aircraft interior structures and monuments, namely, aircraft interior lighting systems comprised of light fixtures, controllers, power supplies, electric power filters, wiring and cabling; cold plates in the nature of heat sinks for cooling electronic equipment
12 Aircraft interior components, namely, passenger seats, aircraft interior structures and monuments, namely, galleys, lavatory compartments, partitions, closets, stowage bins, class dividers, floor panels, ceiling panels, sidewall panels, and crew rests; aircraft interior products, namely, chassis and enclosures for use with aircraft environmental control equipment and aircraft power management equipment; Safety restraint device for aircraft passengers
16 Printed publications, namely, booklets, pamphlets and brochures featuring technical standards and specifications relating to avionics and aeronautics
17 Expanded closed cell rubber for anti-vibration uses
35 Providing databases of information about business aspects of the airline and aircraft industry
38 Aeronautical communications services via radio and telephone communications and data switched networks, namely, providing access to data from private communications networks such as airline reservation systems, hotels, car rental agencies, government systems and international civil aviation authorities; teleprocessing, namely, the combining of telecommunications and computer operations interacting in the automatic reception and transmission of data and information; advanced railroad telecommunications, namely, transmission of voice, data and video via communications systems that integrate transportation control systems, field devices and mobile systems to support transportation operating environments; satellite communications services, namely, transmission of voice, data and audio; broadcast communication services, namely, broadcast and delivery of electronic mail, facsimiles and text messages and telephonic voice messages to others via satellite; providing multiple user access for airline passengers to the Internet; electronic transmission of messages and data
39 Providing databases in the field of airline travel information; electronic storage of data in the fields of business, news, weather, games, music, movies, travel and topics of general interest; providing flight arrival and departure information; providing a website featuring interactive maps; airport services
42 Engineering and computer services for aircraft and aerospace vehicles, parts and components; Product development for existing galley insert equipment for aircraft; providing weather and meterological information to airports, airport personnel, air traffic controllers, meterological service providers, government agencies and pilots over a private network and the national aviation weather service network; integration of computer systems; computerized information retrieval services in the nature of search engines for retrieving data in the fields of business, news, weather, games, music, movies, travel and topics of general interest, engineering and research services in the fields of electronic, physical and organizational systems; Consulting and engineering research services, including systems architecture, in the fields of electronic, physical, and organizational systems; Consulting and engineering research services including systems architecture, in the field of electronic, physical and organizational systems

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