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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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Friday, March 8, 2019

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19 geotextiles, namely, fabric and sheeting for green houses, agriculture, aquaculture, water feature, aquascapes and landscaping applications; geotextiles, namely, fabric and sheeting for ground cover; geotextiles, namely, fabric and sheeting for use in blocking light; geotextiles, namely, fabric and sheeting for providing shade; geotextiles, namely, fabric and sheeting for use in algae growing ponds
22 tarpaulins; all-purpose tarpaulins of plastic; tarpaulins made of plastic coated materials; protective liners comprised of flexible reinforced polyethylene for pollution containment and barrier applications, for ponds, including fish containment ponds and fire retention ponds, and for pits, pads, berms, lakes, cisterns and industrial tanks; unfitted liners for pits used in oil and gas exploration and drilling; unfitted liners for irrigation canals and irrigation ponds; unfitted liners for storm water applications; unfitted liners for fish ponds; unfitted liners for decorative ponds; unfitted liners for dams; unfitted liners for use in golf courses; unfitted liners for use in cable and water ski parks; unfitted liners for swimming ponds; unfitted liners for cisterns; unfitted liners for mining containment systems; unfitted liners for drilling site pits; unfitted liners for pads; unfitted liners for pollution containment; geomembrane baffle curtains; unfitted liners for oil field containment; unfitted liners for salt disposal pits; unfitted liners for above ground containment of liquids, pollution and hazardous wastes; unfitted covers for ponds, tanks and reservoirs; unfitted covers for aquaponics and hydroponics applications; unfitted covers for irrigation ponds, reservoirs and canals; unfitted covers for use in food processing industries; unfitted covers for cargo; unfitted covers for agricultural products; unfitted covers for manure management; unfitted covers for floating on ponds, lakes and reservoirs; unfitted covers for potable water supply ponds and reservoirs; unfitted covers for biogas containment and collection; unfitted covers for algae growing ponds; unfitted covers for waste water; unfitted tank covers; unfitted covers for sport fields; unfitted covers for green houses; unfitted covers for light deprivation; unfitted liners for spill containment; unfitted liners for secondary containment

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Mar 12, 2019
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