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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Friday, March 8, 2019

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7 Kitchen machines, namely, electric garbage disposals, universal machines and apparatus for slicing and cutting, namely, electric machines and apparatus for slicing or cutting food products, fruit and vegetables, electric kitchen apparatus and machines for mincing, grinding, squeezing, cutting, grating, peeling or mixing, namely, electric graters, mixers, beaters, kneaders, choppers, grinders and separators for foodstuffs, juicers, fruit or vegetable juicers, vegetable peelers, slicers, vegetable cutters, electric knives; electric can-opening machines; machines and automatic machines for laundry washing; spin driers not heated; dishwashers, electric coffee grinders, electric kitchen machines, namely, electric juice extractors, electric mixers, electric can openers, machines for cleaning footwear, washing appliances for clothes, vacuum cleaners; floor and wall maintenance machines namely sanding machines, scrubbing machines; vacuum cleaners for household use; accessories and components of vacuum cleaners for household use, namely, vacuum cleaner brushes, vacuum cleaner hoses, vacuum cleaner bags; apparatus and installations for spraying, rinsing and cleaning, particularly instruments for cleaning at high-pressure, using steam and steam blasting or steam particles, spray extraction apparatus, brushing machines, wet vacuum apparatus, brush vacuum cleaners, cleaning machines for hard surfaces and textile furnishings, road sweeping machines; washing and rinsing machines for clothes; structural parts of these goods, namely, brushes, pipes, hand guns, suction strainers, nozzles, pipes of metal; electric hammers, pneumatic drills, rotary drills, impact drills, electric drill screwdrivers, angle drills, drilling machines; electric impact wrenches, pneumatic impact wrenches; electric ratchet wrenches, pneumatic ratchet wrenches; electric hammers; electric sanders; polishing machines; electric saws, chainsaws; power operated sharpeners, electric grinding wheels, pneumatic grinding wheels, grinders, disc sanders; planing machines; pneumatic shears, electric shears; machines, namely, electric clippers; painting machines; pneumatic knives, electric knives, knife sharpening machines; glue guns, being hand held tools or fixed mechanically or electrically or pneumatically operated; blowers and suction machines for dust and dust extraction tubes being parts of the aforesaid machines; gas-operated soldering irons, electric soldering irons; wire brushes for use in machines; motors and engines except for land vehicles; couplings and transmission belts for machines; transmissions for machines; couplings for machines; torque converters, clutches, fly wheels, shock absorbers, steering wheels other than for land vehicles; speed bumps for machines and machine brakes, and their structural parts, and command and control devices sold as a unit, in particular mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electrostatic, electromagnetic controls; alternators; starter motors; dynamos; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; spark plugs; heating plugs for diesel engines; friction linings and anti-friction linings other than for vehicles; shoes, shoe plates, blocks, washers, sectors, discs, belts, furs, rollers, made of or coated with friction or anti-friction bodies other than for vehicles; carbon brushes, particularly for alternators, electric motors or dynamos; fans for motors and engines; hydraulic actuators of clutch controls; electric motors other than for land vehicles; ; turbines other than for land vehicles; hydraulic or pneumatic controls for hydraulic clutches; hydraulic or pneumatic control units for engines; transmissions, clutches, clutch mechanisms, friction discs, clutch release bearings, other than for vehicles; hydraulic clutch controls not for vehicles; electric clutch controls; electronic and hydraulic actuators for clutch controls; electric generators; alternators; aeronautical engines; compressed air engines; filters for cleaning cooling air, for motors and engines; oil filters, gasoline filters; shock absorber pistons being parts of machines; anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; vacuum cleaners; vacuum cleaner accessories for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; gearboxes other than for land vehicles; fuel economizers for motors and engines; cartridges for filtering machines; clack valves; control cables for machines, engines or motors; hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines; fan belts for motors and engines; belts for motors and engines; jacks being machines; cylinder heads for engines; cylinders for motors and engines; pistons for cylinders; starters for motors and engines; water separators; heat exchangers being parts of machines; exhausts for motors and engines; injectors for motor and engines; joints being parts of engines; washing apparatus, namely, clothes washing machines; washing installations for vehicles ; machinery gears; pistons being parts of machines, motors or engines; compressed air pumps for garage installations; pressure valves being parts of machines; propulsion mechanisms other than for land vehicles; radiators for motors and engines; valves being parts of machines; heat exchangers being parts of machines; turbocompressors for machines; fans for motors and engines; control modules for electric motors being parts of machines; radiators for motors and engines; mufflers, fans for motors and engines; motor reducers; air filtration equipment for eliminating pollutant gases by photocatalysis; belt speed drives
9 Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; software and software packages for mobile applications; data processing equipment; computers; fire extinguishers; computer peripheral devices, namely, screens, keyboards, computer mice, control consoles and levers, digital, optical and magnetic disk and diskette drives, digitizers, printers, modems, headsets; Telecommunications apparatus, namely, telephone and fax machines; local networks, namely, data processing equipment, integrated set-top receivers; television sets; cameras, namely, photographic cameras, digital cameras, motion picture cameras, video cameras; telephones, mobile telephones, telephones over the Internet and related accessories for the aforesaid goods, namely, headphones, microphones, batteries; battery chargers; fire and smoke detection apparatus, namely fire alarms and smoke detectors; fire extinguishers; electric locks, digital weather station instruments; videophones being electric monitoring apparatus; intercoms; video telephones; radars; protective plug for electric apparatus; remote control, radio control receivers; electric or electronic apparatus and instruments for processing, storage, transmission, dissemination and reception of data relating to the automation and management of the home and home equipment; computer interfaces for home automation applications; mobile software and applications for operating a connected electronic apparatus for use in the fields of connected health, sports and well-being and home automation; mobile software and applications for monitoring and security in the home, control and monitoring of electronic, electric apparatus and electric household appliances, for household energy management, remote control and management of apparatus for health and personal well-being; apparatus and sensors for monitoring, control and remote control of electric, electronic and household apparatus; electric sensors; connected sensors, namely, electric sensors for connected well-being and apparatus; connected bracelets and spectacles, namely, smart watches and glasses; thermometers not for medical use; connected thermometers not for medical purposes; connected scales; apparatus and instruments, particularly modular, for the supply of low or medium voltage electricity, conducting, distribution, switching, transformation, accumulation, regulation or control of low or medium voltage electricity; electric switches, relays, programmers and thermostats; load controllers, namely, weighing apparatus; light dimmers; plugs, sockets; electric conductors, particularly wires, cables, rails and buses; transformers; inverters; electrical terminal blocks; electrical connection boxes; terminals, namely, electrical terminators; circuit breakers; breakers, circuit breakers, switches, isolating switches; sunglasses, spectacles, fashion spectacles, protective goggles and masks for the eyes and for sporting activities; spectacle lenses, spectacle holders, spectacle frames, spectacle cases and holders; spectacle chains; contact lenses and their containers, magnifying glasses; binoculars; glass for protective masks; frames for protective masks; cases and holders for protective masks; protective supports for shoulders and elbows, for protection against accidents; protective helmets; control level regulating valves for tanks for regulating the flow of gases and liquids
11 Installations, apparatus for heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply; apparatus, instruments and machines for air and water purification; air conditioners; air purifiers; grills for barbecuing; baths, bathtubs, whirlpool baths and bath installations; beverage-cooling apparatus and ice dispensers; charcoal grills; cooking ovens; dehumidifiers; household ovens; electric steam cookers for food; electric food warmers; electric grills; electric apparatus for heating food for infants; electric radiators; electric toasters; freezers; gas grills; all-purpose electric apparatus for preparing food in the nature of a worktop for grilling, roasting, cooking, baking, browning and for barbecue and food grills; cooker hoods; refrigerating machines; refrigerators; lighting apparatus and illuminating installations and structural parts thereof, in particular electric lamps and luminaries; lighting apparatus with light-emitting diodes (LED), including organic LED, LED lamps and LED luminaires; hand dryers, apparatus for hair, namely, hair dryer; laundry driers, electric; headlights for vehicles; vehicle headlights; signaling lights for vehicles; light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; demisting heating apparatus for vehicles; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles in the nature of lamp fittings; heating apparatus for defrosting windows of vehicles; air conditioners for vehicles; defrosters for vehicles; signaling lights for vehicles; heating and ventilating installations, incorporating a device for the distribution of fragrances and perfumes inside a vehicle passenger compartment; heat guns, hot air guns; hydraulic or pneumatic control devices for apparatus for heating, refrigerating, ventilating, ventilation, air conditioning, ventilation, air-conditioning for vehicles
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the word STUDEBAKER writtten in a stylized and curvy font.

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