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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Friday, March 8, 2019

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9 Laboratory equipment and supplies, namely, incubators, ovens for laboratory use, rotators for vials and test tubes and parts and fittings therefor, rockers for constant mixing of scientific substances and parts and fittings therefor, microplate shakers and parts and fittings therefor, dry block heaters, water baths, benchtop coolers for cells and reagents; histology and tissue processing equipment, apparatus and supplies, namely, slide and cassette storage units, microtome blades and dispensers, tissue specimen object holders, microtome blade holders, tissue flotation baths and cutting board units, slide dryers, slides, and cover slips, and wax dispensers; instruments, equipment, appliances, supplies and consumables, namely, thermometers, barometers, hydrometers, hygrometers, refractometers, salimeters, temperature and humidity monitors, anemometers, ultrasonic cleaning devices, specimen collection bags, autoclave bags, autoclave tapes, specimen transport bags, trash can liners, spill kits consisting of disposable bags, absorbents, gloves and goggles, reusable and disposable plasticware, glassware and plastic and glass containers, baths, centrifuges, clamps and supports, desiccators, heating blocks, homogenizers, hotplates, incubators, magnifiers, mantles, microscopes, microscope slides and microscope storage systems consisting of holders, boxes and cartridges, ovens, shakers, sterilizers, stirrers and stirring hot plates, mixers and thermal mixers, calipers, carboys, tubes and pipettes, chromatography equipment, crucibles, cryo freezer boxes, cuvettes, forceps, racks, scalpels, scoops, knives, sieves, mortars and pestles, pipets, pipetter stands, pipetters, swabs, dataloggers, inoculation device systems and parts, magnetic stir bars, spatulas, surface and instrument protectors, test papers and test solutions, all the foregoing for laboratory and scientific use; blood processing equipment for medical use; blood bank refrigerators; disposable medical containers for the collection and preservation and transport of blood

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May 21, 2019
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