Trademark: 88330999
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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Friday, March 8, 2019

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11 Sun tanning appliances; Filters for industrial and household use; Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and purification equipment (ambient); Industrial treatment installations; Nuclear installations; Fireplaces, domestic; Drying installations; Sanitary installations, water supply and sanitation equipment; Regulating and safety accessories for water and gas installations; Personal heating and drying implements; Food and beverage cooking, heating, cooling and treatment equipment; Refrigerating and freezing equipment; Industrial drying installations; Industrial dishdrying machines; Refrigerated compressed air dryers; Gas operated devices used in drying; Drying apparatus for fodder and forage; Futon driers; Electric laundry dryers for household purposes; Electric clothes dryers; Laundry dryers, electric; Electric clothes drying machines for household use; Electric dryers for laundry use; Electric drying apparatus for household purposes; Electric shoe dryers for household purposes; Electrically heated towel rails; Electric shoe dryers; Electric towel warmers; Electric dish drying machines for household purposes; Electrically operated devices used in drying; Steam driers; Garment steamers; Heated towel drying rails; Heated towel rails; Automatic linen driers; Fitted fabric covers for garment steamer heads; Extraction hoods for fodder driers; Ovens utilising air frequency fields for drying purposes; Clothes drying installations; Clothes drying apparatus; Clothes dryers; Tumblers for laundry use; Animal feed drying apparatus; Harvest drying apparatus; Chemical fiber drying apparatus; Drier cabinets; Drying shelves; Drying apparatus and installations; Desiccating apparatus; Drying machines for agriculture; Tumble dryers; Plywood drying machines; Mobile drying apparatus; Gas laundry drying machines; Apparatus for drying; Driers (Air -); Air bars for use in dryers; Circulators; Cylinders for the heating of water; Vortex inhibitors; Water cisterns; Water intake apparatus; Water distribution installations; Water supply installations; Water dispensers; Laundry room boilers; Water control valves for water cisterns; Water control valves; Water mixing appliances; Water conduits installations; Water cooling towers; Water coolers; Water treatment units for aerating and circulating water; Hot water heating installations; Water cooling installations; Hot water cylinders; Hot water boilers; Heaters for sink water; Water heaters for shower baths; Water heaters; Hot water apparatus; Hot water installations; Valves being parts of sprinkler systems; Drinking water supply apparatus; Drinking water supply installations; Filters for drinking water; Portable foot baths; Toilet bowls and seats sold as a unit; Solar thermal collectors; Temperature control valves; Cistern levers; Cisterns; Spray units being parts of water supply installations; Chilled purified water dispensers; Swimming pool heaters; Fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; Coils; Air purgers for use with water distribution installations; Chambers (Clean -); Air purgers for use with water supply installations; Water filtration bottles sold empty; Boilers for hot water supply installations; Hydrants; Hydrants for water supply; Water heaters and boilers; Hot water heaters; Aquarium heaters; Cistern lever handles; Shampoo bowls; Ionic water generators; Gas boilers for water heating; Gas boilers for the heating of swimming pools; Gas fired boilers for producing domestic hot water; Gas fired back boiler units for domestic hot water systems; Filter elements for the overflows of water supply tanks; Filter elements for the air vents of water supply tanks; Filters for use with apparatus for sanitary purposes; Strainers for water lines; Filters for use with apparatus for water supply; Filters for sanitary water distribution apparatus; Electric water heating apparatus; Electrically heated hot water tanks; Electric boilers; Shower screens; Pressure water tanks; Appliances for water distribution; Watering installations, automatic; Automatic watering installations for pigs; Automatic watering installations for cattle; Automatic watering installations for plants; Automatic watering apparatus for livestock; Automatic watering installations for poultry; Terminal water supply fittings; Installations for heating swimming pools; Fitted liners for hot tubs; Decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems; Water purification, desalination and conditioning installations; Sterilization, disinfection and decontamination equipment; Sanitary and bathroom installations and plumbing fixtures; Steam baths, saunas and spas; Flues and installations for conveying exhaust gases; Igniters; Lighting and lighting reflectors; Burners, boilers and heaters; Vehicle lighting and lighting reflectors; Accent lights for indoor use; Installations for lighting christmas trees; Fluorescent lighting apparatus; Light-emitting diodes lighting apparatus; Lighting devices for showcases; Lighting apparatus; Lighting armatures; Lighting apparatus and installations; Film stage lighting apparatus; Lighting for display purposes; Lighting installations; Plant grow lights; Illuminated push-buttons; Lighting being for use with security systems; Lighting for ponds; Lights for music stands; Aquarium lights; Battery powered fluorescent emergency lighting units; Aquarium lamps; Suspension rails for electrical lighting fixtures; Automatic flushing installations for urinals; Outdoor lighting; Outdoor lighting fittings; Battery powered incandescent emergency lighting units; Decorative lighting for christmas trees; Decorative lights; Roof lights; Downlights; Ceiling lights; Hanging ceiling lamps; Uplighters; Christmas tree ornaments for illumination; Portable paper lanterns (chochin); Chemiluminescent light sticks; Stage lighting apparatus; Strings of coloured lights for decorative purposes; Book lights; Lighting fixtures for commercial use; Indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures; Lamps; Flat panel lighting apparatus; Lighting tracks; Flexible lamps; Searchlights; Arc lamps; Arc lamps; Lighting fixtures for household use; Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) lighting devices; Lighting apparatus incorporating optical fibers; Electric fiber lighting apparatus; Electric candelabras; Electric indoor lighting installations; Electric hand lamps; Electric incandescent lamps; Light bulbs, electric; Electric holiday lights; Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Electric track lighting units; Electrical lighting fixtures for use in hazardous locations; Decorative lighting sets; Decorative gas lighting sets; Decorative gas lighting; Decorative electric lighting apparatus; Diffusers being parts of lighting installations; Mirror balls being lighting fittings; Photocells (Security lighting operated by -); Dome lights for furniture; Outdoor electrical lighting fixtures; Electric lighting fixtures; Electric light fittings; Indoor electrical lighting fixtures; Electrical discharge lighting fixtures; Indoor fluorescent electrical lighting fittings; Filters for use with lamps; Filters for stage lighting; Filters for use with lighting apparatus; Fiber optic lighting installations; Fixed underwater lighting installations for swimming pools; Sockets for electric lights; Fixtures for incandescent light bulbs; Fiber optic lighting fixtures; Color filters for lighting apparatus; Bicycle reflectors; Flaming torches; Light discharge tubes; High intensity discharge luminaires; Discharge lamps; Electric fairy lights; Electric night lights; Electric torches; Light sources of electro luminescence; Flourescent electric light bulbs; Electric candles; Electric lamps; Electrical lamps for indoor lighting; Electrical lamps for outdoor lighting; Electric chinese lanterns; Electric lights for festive decorations; Miners' lamps; Incandescent light bulbs; Incandescent lamps and their fittings; Incandescent lamps for optical instruments; Light bulbs for gas-discharge lamps; Incandescent lamps; Filaments for electric lamps; Incandescent lighting fixtures; Incandescent burners; Headlamp bulbs; Light bulbs; Glass covers for lamps; Glass covers being fittings for lamps for sun lamps; Counterweight fittings for pendant lamps; Gas lamps; Electric discharge lamps; Garden lighting; Curling lamps; Freestanding paper lanterns; Floodlights; Fluorescent lamp tubes; Flange light fittings; Flameless light-emitting diode candles; Flameless candles; Filters for use with torches; Chandeliers; Inspection lights; Compact fluorescent light bulbs; Combined lighting and ultraviolet apparatus; Braziers; Carbon for arc lamps; Penlights; Candle lamps; Candle lanterns; Germicidal lamps; Map lights for vehicles; Map lights; Klieg lights; Japanese paper lanterns; Infrared lamps, not for medical purposes; Infrared lamps; Lighting fittings; Pendant fluorescent lighting fixtures; High intensity search lights; Luminous discharge lamps; Helmet lights; Handheld spotlights; Inspection lamps; Halogen lamps; Halogen light bulbs; Lamp finials; Lamp bases; Lampshade holders; Screens for controlling light; Screens for directing light; Table lamp (Lampshades for -); Lamp shades; Shades for light sources; Lamp chimneys; Lamp globes; Lamp holders; Lamp casings; Lamp glasses; Burners for lamps; Lamps for tents; Lamps for electrical installations; Lamps fitted with extendible supports; Lamps for outdoor use; Hangings for lamps; Light assemblies; Lamps for christmas trees; Louvres for light deflection; Louvres for light control; Laboratory lamps; Chandelier pendants; Lamps for festive decoration; Lights for track mounting; Lights for gas-discharge lamps; Lights for external installation; Luminaires; LED lighting installations; Reading lights; Lamp posts; Lanterns made of ceramics; Lanterns; Lanterns for lighting; Laser light projectors; Chinese lanterns; Lamp chimneys made of glass; Lighting ornaments; LED underwater lights; LED flashlights; LED mood lights; LED lighting fixtures; LED lighting assemblies for illuminated signs; LED light bulbs; LED landscape lights; LED luminaires; LED light machines; LED safety lamps; Miniature light bulbs; Magnesium filaments for lighting; Flashlight pointers; Light diffusers; Opaque casings for lights; Light sources; Light projectors; Lighting panels; Light bars; Strings of coloured lights; Fairy lights for festive decoration; Strings of lights; Glow sticks; Fluorescent lighting tubes; Lighted disco balls; Luminous cables for lighting purposes; Illuminant lamps for projectors; Luminous tubes for lighting; Light tubes being parts of insect killing apparatus; Fluorescent lamps; Fluorescent lamps with low ultra-violet light output; Luminous house numbers; Emergency lighting installations; Fish-luring lights; Luminaires for security use; Oil lamps; Security lighting incorporating a heat activated sensor; Security lighting; Self-luminous light sources; Desk lamps; Spot lights for household illumination; Rectification columns; Reflector lamps; Reflectors for light deflection; Reflectors for light control; Lamp reflectors; Reflectors for wide area lighting fixtures; Computer controlled lighting apparatus; Chimneys for oil lamps; Mercury lamps; Projector lamps; Cord pendants; Emergency lighting; Neon lamps for illumination; Nail lamps; Bedside lamps; Night lights; Mobile light towers; Solar powered torches; Solar powered lamps; Table lamps; Diving lights; Flashlight bulbs; Flashlights utilising electric rechargeable devices; Search lights; Studio lamps; Strobe lights; Strobe lights; Stroboscopic lamps; Stroboscopic lamps; Strobe lights for discos; Roadlights; Installations for street lighting; Bases adapted for the mounting of lamps; Safety lamps for underground use; Bases for non-electric lamps; Pedestal lamps; Floor lamps; Street lamps; Standing paper lanterns; Mood lights; Spotlights; Safety lamps; Security lighting incorporating an infra-red activated sensor; Security lighting incorporating a movement activated sensor; Wall lights (fittings for -); Xenon arc lamps; Rechargeable torches; Christmas lights; Washstand lamps; Wall lights; Sconces; Full spectrum light sources; Display lighting; Vacuum lamps; Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; Ultra-violet irradiators; UV halogen metal vapour lamps; Lighting transformers; Portable hand lamps; Portable lamps; Portable paper lanterns; Portable search lamps; Barbecues; Barbecue apparatus
16 Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics; Stationery and educational supplies; Paper and cardboard; Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects' models; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Filtering materials of paper; Printed matter; Decoration and art materials and media; Cellulose wipes; Disposable tablecloths of paper; Disposable absorbent underpads for pets; Absorbent paper; Napkins made of paper for household use; Napkins of cellulose for household purposes; Napkin paper; Tissue paper; Paper tissues; Table decorations of paper; Table runners of paper; Tablecloths of paper; Table linen of paper; Hygienic paper; Toilet rolls; Paper toilet seat covers; Drying towels of paper; Drip mats of paper; Paper tissues for cosmetic use; Napkins of cellulose for cosmetic purposes; Drip mats of cardboard; Place mats of paper; Mats of paper for beer glasses; Mats of paper for drinking glasses; Cocktail mats of paper; Coasters of cardboard; Paper toilet bowl liners; Disposable absorbent training pads for pets; Paper washcloths; Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Dinner mats of cardboard; Place mats of paper; Place cards; Table place setting mats of card; Place mats of paper; Placards of paper or cardboard; Placards of paper; Parchment paper; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Scented paper drawer liners; Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs; Paper pennants; Table napkins of paper; Paper lace; Handkerchiefs of paper; Facial tissues of paper; Paper doilies; Face towels of paper; Paper handtowels; Covers of paper for flower pots; Paper pet crate mats; Paper pads for changing diapers; Decorative paper centerpieces; Paper wipes; Paper for use on examination tables; Coin mats; Refuse bags of paper; Make-up pads of paper for removing make-up; Bibs of paper; Kitchen rolls; Bags for microwave cooking; Till rolls; Coasters of paper; Filters (Paper coffee -); Hygienic hand towels of paper; Coarse tissue; Face cloths made of paper; Garbage bags of paper; Scoops made of card for the disposal of pet excrement; Tissues of paper for removing make-up; Paper baby bibs; Paper banners; Mats for beer glasses; Paper cocktail parasols; Shelf paper; Flags of paper; Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Bunting of paper; Office machines; Printing and bookbinding equipment; Photo albums and collectors' albums; Correcting and erasing implements; Educational equipment; Writing and stamping implements; Filing containers; Pen trays; Filing cases; Removable self-stick notes; Address plates; Display binders; Stickers; Copybooks; Announcement cards; Paper identification tags; Moisteners; Proofing paper; Index files; Document files; Folders for papers; File sorters; File covers; Filing cases; Address labels; Ribbons for handheld label printers; Letter openers of precious metal; Letter-openers; Desk trays; Letter holders; Letter paper; Notepaper; Paperweights; Pigeon holes; Cash receipt books; Pads; Pencil sharpeners; Pencil tins; Mechanical pencil sharpeners; Automatic adhesive dispensers for office use; Plastic baseball card holders; Printed flip charts; Adhesive printed labels; Stationery (Cabinets for -); Lettering stencils; Pouches for writing instruments; Cardboard picture mounts; Marking ink containing biologics for use in authentication of objects; Blank cards; Pencil trays; File pockets for stationery use; Document folders in the form of wallets; Paper file jackets; Document holders; Desktop document stands; Desktop document racks; Graph paper; Decorative pencil-top ornaments; Flip books; Date indicators; Spiral-bound notebooks; CD shredders for home or office use; Office paper stationery; Paper-clips; Letter files; Writing paper; Letter racks; Manila envelopes; Paper knives (offices requisites); Leather book covers; Paper letters and numbers; Bookends; Cardboard badges; Office requisites; Paper clip holders; Scrapbooks; Stickers; Erasing products; Stamps; Sealing stamps; Ink pads; Marker pens; Notebooks; Stencils; Files; Booklets; Greeting cards; Postcards; Tablecloths of paper; Paper bags; Pencil boxes; Writing cases; Bags of paper or plastics, for packaging; Passport covers; Bookbinding material; Books; Book binders; Rubber erasers; Erasing shields; Newspapers; Periodicals; Drawings; Sketch pads; Wrapping paper; Prospectuses; Transparencies; Fiberboard boxes; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Writing instruments; Writing or drawing books; Document portfolios; Writing materials; Signboards of paper or cardboard; Shields; Musical greeting cards; Luminous paper; Catalogues; Calendars; Envelopes; Manuals; Elastic bands for offices; Gummed tape; Graphic representations; Graphic reproductions; Correcting fluids; Flyers; Plastic film for wrapping; Forms, printed; Photographs; Paintings, framed or unframed; Figurines of papier mâché; Bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard; Filter paper; Chromos; Flags of paper; Wrappers; Comic books; Stationery (Cabinets for -); Money holders; Address stamps; Tracing paper; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Stickers; Writing tablets; Note pads; School supplies; Printed tickets; Paperboard; Colorboard
18 Wallets; Bags of leather, for packaging; Sport bags; Parasols; Backpacks; Traveling trunks; Collars for animals; Purses; Imitation leather; Credit card cases; Saddlecloths for horses; Card wallets; Suitcases; Handbags; Net bags for shopping; Shopping bags; Satchels; School knapsacks; Casual bags; Key cases; Leather shoulder belts; Straps for skates; Boxes of leather or leatherboard; Slings for carrying infants; Pouch baby carriers; Beach bags; Animal coats; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Umbrellas and parasols; Saddlery, whips and apparel for animals; Walking sticks; saddlery, whips and animal apparel; Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Boxes made of leather; Leather sold in bulk; Leather and imitation leather; Leather for shoes; Leather for furniture; Reins for guiding children; Leather cloth; Cases of leather or leatherboard; Faux fur; Chin straps, of leather; Rawhide chews for dogs; Cattle skins; Imitation leather hat boxes; Skin (Goldbeaters' -); Leather luggage straps; Furs sold in bulk; Casings, of leather, for springs; Labels of leather; Kid; Skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes; Harness fittings; Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather; Semi-worked fur; Tefillin; Leather shoulder belts; Shoulder belts; Butts; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Straps made of imitation leather; Polyurethane leather; Leather for harnesses; Fur; Furniture coverings of leather; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Moleskin; Toiletry bags sold empty; Straps for soldiers' equipment; Valves of leather; Laces (Leather -); Leather straps; Leatherboard; Studs of leather; Imitation leather sold in bulk; Leather thread; Straps (Leather -); Curried skins; Industrial packaging containers of leather; Shoulder straps; Animal skins; Horse quarter sheets; Collars for cats; Collars for pets bearing medical information; Collars for pets; Pet hair bows; Rubber parts for stirrups; Face masks for equines; Animal harnesses; Poultry blinders to prevent fighting; Bits for animals; Spats and knee bandages for horses; Leggings for animals; Training leads for horses; Feed bags for animals; Feed bags; Fly masks for animals; Horse fly sheets; Electronic pet collars; Blankets for animals; Covers for animals; Covers and wraps for animals; Covers for horse saddles; Harness fittings of iron; Clothing for pets; Coats for cats; Martingales; Lunge reins; Leads for animals; Straps of leather; Leather leashes; Costumes for animals; Cribbing straps for horses; Knee-pads for horses; Cat o' nine tails; Hunting crops; Dog bellybands; Horseshoes; Horseshoes made of plastic; Metal horseshoes; Non-metal horseshoes; Hoof guards; Dog clothing; Dog collars; Dog leashes; Coats for dogs; Dog shoes; Pet leads; Harness for horses; Riding saddles; Stirrup leathers; Stirrups of metal; Stirrups; Spur straps; Horse tail wraps; Blinkers; Saddlery of leather; Saddlery; Fastenings for saddles; Saddle blankets; Saddle trees; Jockey sticks; Muzzles; Dog parkas; Whips; Equine leg wraps; Horse blankets; Equine boots; Harnesses; Head-stalls; Articles of clothing for horses; Horse collars; Headbands for horses; Horse bridles; Reins; Reins; Traces; Harness straps; Pads for horse saddles; Bridoons; Animal carriers
20 Animal housing and beds; Containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic; Displays, stands and signage, non-metallic; Ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; Furniture and furnishings; Statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class; Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; Furniture and furnishings of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials, or of plastics; Inflatable pillows; Air mattresses; Inflatable pillows; Bead curtains for decoration; Bed fittings, not of metal; Bedding, except linen; Beds for pets; Non-metallic bins; Bottle closures; Bottle racks; Bottles (corks for-); Footlockers; Wind chimes; Coathooks; Clothes hangers and clothes hooks; Hooks for clothes rails; Coatstands; Containers, not of metal; Curtain holders; Curtain hooks; Support rails for curtains; Curtain rings; Poles for curtains; Curtain rollers; Curtain tie-backs; Cushions; Towel dispensers; Kennels for household pets; Bed, furniture, door fittings; Embroidery frames; Statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; firescreens; Flower-pot pedestals; Flower-stands; Hat stands; High chairs for babies; House numbers, not of metal, non luminous; Nesting boxes for household pets; Non-metal dog tags; Index cabinets; Inflatable publicity objects; mailboxes; Newspaper display stands; Mattresses; containers of plastic fur packaging purposes; Pillows; Cup racks; Registration plates; Sign boards; Bathroom shelves; Wickerwork; Photograph frames; Decorative edging strips of plastics and/or wood for use with window fittings; Ornaments and decorations for windows or doors made of or from plastics, wax, wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for these materials; Sealing clips for bags; Plastic containers for aromatics and fragrances; Inflatable headrests; Decorations of plastics for foodstuffs or lunch boxes; Door stoppers; Armchairs; Baskets, not of metal; Beds; Benches; Boxes of wood or plastic; Cabinet work; Cupboards; Carts for computers; Bins of wood or plastic; Seats; Chests for toys; Corks; Covers (Garment -); Bassinets; Bamboo curtains; Easy chairs; Desks; Dinner wagons; Head-rests; Keyboards for hanging keys; Library shelves; Lockers; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Mannequins and tailors' dummies; Racks; Picture frames; Saw horses; School furniture; Seats; Sofas; Tables; Tea carts; Trolleys for computers (furniture); Umbrella stands; Cot bed; Vitrines; Display boards; Drains made of plastic; Dressing tables; stools and foot stools; Hampers for the transport of items; Ladders of wood or plastics; Medicine cabinets; Mats, removable, for sinks; Numberplates, not of metal; Playpens; Scratching posts for cats; Shelves; Indoor window blinds (shapes) (furniture); Works of art, figurines and statuettes and small decorations or ornaments of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for these materials, or of wax, plaster or plastics; Pill cases; Bottle caps; All aforementioned goods included in class 20
21 Fruit muddlers; Strawberry hullers; Non-electric ice crushers; Ice tongs; Bread tongs; Butter curlers; Implements (Hand operated -) for cracking lobsters; Barbecue tongs; Barbecue forks; Vegetable tongs; Meat tongs; Fish scoops; non-electronic garlic peelers; Cherry pitters; Serving tongs; Serving spoons; Serving ladles; Pasta serving forks; Serving forks; Ladles for serving wine; Bulk sugar scoops; Bulk rice scoops; Rice scoops; Fish slices; Nutcrackers not of precious metal; Nutcrackers of precious metal; Nutcrackers; Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; Sugar tongs; Sugar scoops; Zesters; Carving forks; Japanese style earthenware mortars; Brushes and other articles for cleaning, brush-making materials; Cleaning articles; Brushes and brush-making articles; Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use; Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; Cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles; Tableware, cookware and containers; Compost containers for household use; Watering cans; Garden syringes; Gardening gloves; Seed tray inserts; Watering can sprinklers; Flower vases of precious metal; Containers for flowers; Repotting containers for plants; Sprinkling devices; Holders for flowers and plants; Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; Bouquet holders; Holders for flowers; Window-boxes; Flower baskets; Flower vases; Flower pots; Flower pot holders; Flower syringes; Jardinieres of earthenware; Jardinieres of glass; Flower bowls; Flower bowls of precious metal; Planters of clay; Porcelain flower pots; Planters of plastic; Planters of earthenware; Planters of glass; Plastic spray nozzles; Water syringes for spraying plants; Glass vases; Vases; Saucers for flower pots; Pot plant support sticks; Sprayer wands for garden hoses; Nozzles for watering hose; Sprayers attached to garden hoses; Greenhouse syringes; Spray nozzles for garden hoses; Nozzles for hosepipes; Bowls for plants; Bowls for floral decorations; Seed trays; Sprinklers; Plant baskets; Plant syringes; Covers, not of paper, for flower pots; Plastic lids for plant pots; Terrariums (Indoor -); Terrariums (Indoor -); Scoops for the disposal of pet waste; Goldfish bowls; Poultry rings; Feeding troughs for livestock; Mangers for sheep; Mangers for horses; Mangers for cows; Bird feeders for feeding birds in the wild; Mangers for animals; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Food containers for pet animals; Litter trays for birds; Bird feeders in the nature of containers; Bird feeders for feeding caged birds; Small animal feeders; Filters for use in cat litter pans; Fur brushes for animals; Electronic pet feeders; Brushes for grooming horses; Wire cages for household pets; Aquaria and vivaria; Devices for pest and vermin control; Litter scoops for use with pet animals; Containers for bird food; Brushes for pets; Poultry troughs; Feeding troughs; Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; Drinking troughs; Cages for household pets; Combs for animals; Bristles (Animal -); Cat litter pans; Plastics trays for use as litter trays for cats; Combs for use on domestic animals; Cages of metal for domestic use; Nest eggs, artificial; Dog food scoops; Feeding troughs of metal for cattle; Metal pans for cattle; Mane brushes; Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets; Non-mechanized animal feeders; Horse brushes; Horse brushes of wire; Scoops for the disposal of animals excrement; Pig troughs; Perches for bird cages; Litter boxes for pets; Currycombs; Watering troughs for cattle; Pet feeding and drinking bowls; Bird feeders; Animal activated livestock feeders; Animal activated livestock waterers; Animal activated animal feeders; Rings for birds; Birdcages; Bird baths; Bird baths not being structures; Bird cages for domestic birds; Air fragrancing apparatus; Glasses, drinking vessels and barware; Coin banks (Piggy banks); Dental cleaning articles; Battery operated lint removers; Ironing boards; Boot stretchers of wood; Shoe trees; Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes; Shoe cloths; Shoe shine cloths; Boot brushes; Shoe polishing mitts; Shoe horns; Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items; Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; Non-electric lint removers; Tie presses; Buttonhooks; Stretchers for clothing; Clothes brushes; Trouser presses; Trouser stretchers; Shirt stretchers; Glove stretchers; Lint removers, electric or non-electric; Electric lint removers; Ironing cloths; Flat-iron stands; Ironing board covers, shaped; Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; Clothes drying hangers; Laundry drying racks; Clothes drying racks; Clothes-pegs; Laundry baskets; Boot jacks; Boot trees; Clothes drying racks; Scraping brushes; Squeegees for dishes; Floor wax applicators mountable on a mop handle; Fitted racks for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Fitted holders for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Fitted dispensers for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Anti-static cloths for household use; Cinder sifters for household purposes; Blacking brushes; Pouring spouts; Brushes for cleaning cars; Car washing mitts; Feeding bottle brushes; Bath brushes; Bath sponges; Bathroom pails; Cotton waste for cleaning; Brooms; Broom handles; Handles made of plastics for sweeping brushes; Broom handles, not of metal; Floor brushes; Cloth for washing floors; Scrubbing brushes; Brushes for cleaning musical instruments; Brush-making materials; Brush holders; Handles made of plastics for brushes; Golf brushes; Automobile wheel cleaning brushes; Brushes for cleaning medical instruments; Brushes; Eyeglass cleaning cloths; Brushes (except paintbrushes); Non-electric floor polishers; Grill scrapers; Glass wool, other than for insulation; Glass cleaning implements; Lint rollers for removing lint from clothing; Lint rollers; Lintless cleaning cloths; Dispensers for liquid soap; Dispensers for liquids for use with bottles; Lint brushes; Bottle brushes; File brushes; Electric rotating hair brushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Brushes (Electric -), except parts of machines; Electrically heated hair brushes; Buckets incorporating mop wringers; Brush goods; Plastic buckets; Buckets for household use; Buckets for industrial use; Buckets incorporating castors; Kitchen sponges; Artificial sponges for household purposes; Cleaning combs; Household plastic gloves; Crumb collecting instruments; Crumb brushes; Cosmetic brushes; Coal scuttles; Dust-pans; Fireplace brushes; Brushes for household purposes; Gloves for household purposes; Hot air hair brushes; Electric pet brushes; Household gloves for cleaning purposes; Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; Tar-brushes, long handled; Hand-operated ski brushes; Cleaning instruments, hand-operated; Hairbrushes; Squeegees; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Rubber gloves for household use; Squeegees for cleaning; Glossing cloths; Materials for polishing; Abrasive discs for kitchen purposes; Polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone; Polishing leather; Polishing gloves; Exfoliating brushes; Carpet shampoo applicators (Non-electric -); Carpet sweepers (Non-electric -); Polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electric; Wax-polishing (Apparatus for -), non-electric; Mops; Mop heads; Mop pails; Mascara brushes; Furniture dusters; Natural sea sponges; Nail brushes; Dusting apparatus, non-electric; Leathers for cleaning purposes; Manual toothbrushes; Raccoon dog hair for brushes; Pot cleaning brushes; Scouring cloths; Ship-scrubbing brushes; Basins; Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; Scrapers for household purposes; Horsehair for brush-making; Cleaning cotton; Cattle hair for brushes; Cloths for wiping optical lenses; Cloths for cleaning made from cellulose; Brushes for cleaning; Cleaning mitts of fabric; Cleaning brushes for sports equipment; Brushes for cleaning footwear; Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Shaving brushes; Cleaning tow; Cleaning rags; Household scouring pads; Dusting brushes; Mop wringer buckets; Mop pails incorporating mop wringers; Pads for cleaning; Pads of metal for cleaning; Dishwashing brushes; Dispensers for cellulose wipes, for household use; Dispensers for detergents; Ski wax brushes; Soap dispensers; Dispensers for liquid soap; Sponges; Sponge holders; Pig bristles for brush-making; Sponges for household purposes; Hard brooms; Abrasive sponges for kitchen use; Scouring sponges; Abrasive pads; Floor cloths; Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Metal scouring pads; Abrasive instruments for kitchen purposes; Plastic bowls; Funnels; Automobile oil funnels; Drying boards for washed, starched and then stretched pieces of kimono (hari-ita); Scourers for saucepans; Water closet brush holders; Toilet brushes; Crumb trays; Filaments for making brushes; Non-electric carpet cleaners; Carpet rakes; Carpet beaters; Carpet sweepers; Feather brooms; Window dusters; Dusting cloths; Dusting gloves; Rinsing tubs; Steel wool; Rinsing pails; Nebulizers for household use; Washtubs; Washing boards; Eyelash brushes; Mop wringers; Wool waste for cleaning; Dryer balls; Baking tins; Baking containers made of glass; Fitted picnic baskets; Gratin dishes; Ramekins; Oven to table racks; Storage jars; Glass storage jars; Apothecary jars; Souvenir plates; Aluminium moulds; Foil food containers; Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; Dish drying racks; Draining trays; Lockable non-metal household containers for food; Chopstick rests; Litter baskets of metal; Plastic bins; Sugar bowls; Sugar bowls of precious metal; Sugar bowls; Sushi rolling equipment; Lemon squeezers; Toothpick holders of precious metal; Toothpick holders; Woks; Reusable ice cubes; Wine drip collars specially adapted for use around the top of wine bottles to stop drips; Disposable table plates; Empty water bottles for bicycles; Laundry sorters for household use; Laundry baskets for household purposes; Heat insulated domestic vessels of earthenware; Heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain; Heat insulated domestic vessels of glass; Water bottles for bicycles; Water bottles; Food storage containers; Industrial packaging containers of porcelain; Industrial packaging containers of glass; Containers for ice, for household purposes; Vacuum jars; Urns made of precious metals; Urns; Saucers not of precious metals; Saucers made of precious metals; Saucers; Porcelain coasters; Leather coasters; Wine coasters of precious metal; Coasters (tableware); Drinks containers; Porcelain mugs; Pottery; Pots; Pedal bins; Portable dispensers for powdered milk; Portable beverage dispensers; Portable cooking kits for outdoor use; Carving boards; Portable beverage coolers; Portable pots and pans for camping; All-purpose portable household containers; Tortilla presses; Cake stands; Cake rings; Tart scoops; Cake domes; Pie pans; Pot stands; Potholders; Pot lids; Pan scrapers; Earthen pots; Tablecloth holders; Place card holders; Plates not of precious metal; Plates; Dumpling moulds for household use; Rolling pins, domestic; Pastry cutters; Pastry boards; Drip mats for tea; Teacups (yunomi); Tea cups; Tea strainers; Tea services not of precious metal; Tea services of precious metal; Tea services; Tea cosies; Tea pots of precious metal; Teapots; Tealight holders; Tea infusers not of precious metal; Tea infusers of precious metal; Tea caddies; Tea infusers; Cups and mugs; Glass mugs; Cups; Tangsancai (tri-coloured glazed pottery); Services; Bone china tableware; Tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; Epergnes, not of precious metal; Epergnes of precious metals; Epergnes; Trays of paper, for household purposes; Trays for household purposes; Meal trays; Soup bowls; Pestles for kitchen use; Teapot stands; Mug racks; Fabrics (Buckets made of woven -); Earthenware; Earthenware basins; Mugs made of earthenware; Pizza stones; Steak weights; Steak weight; Squeeze bottle; Confectioners' decorating bags; Sports bottles sold empty; Skewers for use in cooking; Skewers (cooking utensil); Straw dispensers; Dispensers for cling film; Japanese style personal dining trays or stands; Menu card holders; Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; Spatulas for kitchen use; Spaghetti tongs; Non-electric ice cream makers; Spaghetti servers; Spaghetti measurers; Gravy boats; Soufflé dishes; Syrup jugs; Colanders for household use; Sifters; Strainers; Cream and sugar sets; Napkin dispensers for household use; Dispensers for serviettes; Napkin rings, not of precious metal; Napkin rings; Napkin rings of precious metal; Napkin holders, not of precious metal; Napkin holders of precious metal; Table napkin holders; Serving pots; Serving trays made of rattan; Serving trays of precious metal; Butlers' trays; Serving bowls (hachi); Serving bowls; Serving platters of precious metal; Serving platters; Lazy susans; Mustard pots; Sieves; Trivets; Dishes; Dishes; Covers for dishes; Saucepans (Earthenware -); Swedish pancake pans; Pillar candle plates; Chocolate molds; Autoclaves (Non-electric -) for household use; Pressure cookers; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Feeding cups; Whisks; Jewelry dishes; Slow cookers (Non-electric -); Dutch ovens; Skimmers; Slotted spoons; Scoops for household purposes; Relish dishes; Bowls for nuts; Bowls of precious metal; Sandwich boxes; Salt shakers; Salt shakers of precious metal; Salt mills; Salt cellars of precious metal; Salad tongs; Salad bowls; Salad spinners; Bowls for candy; Bulb basters; Frying pans; Painted glassware; Bento boxes; Cutlery trays; Beer mats not of paper or textile; Biodegradable paper pulp-based bowls; Biodegradable bowls; Biodegradable trays; Biodegradable trays for domestic purposes; Biodegradable plates; Biodegradable paper pulp-based plates; Ritual flower vases; Stone floor vases; Clay floor vases; Boxes for sweetmeats; Candy boxes of precious metal; Candy boxes, not of precious metal; Skillets (Non-electric -); Frying pan lids; Pins of metal (Cooking -); Roasting dishes; Steamer baskets; Boxes of precious metal for sweets; Double heat insulated containers for food; Dessert plates; Decorative plates; Decorative sand bottles; Decorative china; Closures for pot lids; Steamers; Double boilers; Cupcake molds; Cocktail sticks; Brushes for basting meat; Mushroom brushes; Butter pans; Butter coolers; Butter-dish covers; Butter dishes; Spits; Cooking skewers, not of metal; Bread boards; Bread bins; Bread baskets for household purposes; Enamelled jars; Ice cube molds for refrigerators; Ice cream scoops; Containers for ice; Disposable lids for household containers; Disposable paperboard bakeware; Food preserving jars of glass; Jars (Glass -); Buckets; Egg cups, not of precious metal; Plastic egg holders for domestic use; Egg cups of precious metal; Egg cups; Tealight burners; Pomanders; Wire baskets; Enamel boxes; Boxes of earthenware; Boxes of porcelain; Egg poachers; Juice squeezers; Chip pan baskets; Plastic ice cube moulds; Ice cube molds; Moulds; Meat tenderisers for household purposes; Tenderizers; Bottle coolers; Bottle stands; Bottles for pharmaceuticals sold empty; Bottles; Shallow bowls; Shallow pans for cooking; Finger bowls; Fireproof dishes; Dripping pans; Chopstick cases; Chopsticks; Vinegar cruets; Cruet stands of precious metal; Oil cruets; Cruets; Pouring spouts for kitchen use; Basting spoons; Pouring spouts for household use; Shakers for spices; Spice sets; Spice grinders (Non-electric -); Spice jars; Spice racks; Beverage coolers; Stands for dishes; Dishes not of precious metal; Oven-to-table tableware; Dishes for microwave ovens; Glass tableware; Vegetable racks; Vegetable mashers; Vegetable dishes; Utensil jars; Jars for cooking grease, empty; Pet treat jars; Containers for household or kitchen use; Commemorative plates; Jars for household use; Glass holders for candles; Griddles; Gridiron supports; Camping grills; Griddles; Grill pans made of precious stone; Non-electric griddles; Grilling planks of wood; Glasses; Glassware for household purposes; Glass pots; Glass stoppers for bottles; Glass stoppers; Glass pans; Glass plates; Glass bowls; Glass jars; Glass lids for industrial packaging containers; Glass floor vases; Boxes of glass; Glass cups; Glass flasks; Glass vials; Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; Nine sectioned lacquer ware serving plates (Gujeolpan); Plates for hors d'oeuvre; Honey servers; Japanese style wooden pestles (surikogi); Skewers of wood; Holloware; Oven heat resistant pads; Thermally insulated flasks for household use; Household utensils; Household containers for storing pet food; Household or kitchen utensils; Hand cut crystal glassware; Salad drainers (Hand-operated -); Hand-operated food grinders; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Hand operated sushi makers; Garlic presses (Hand-operated -); Pepper mills, hand-operated; Mills for household purposes, hand-operated; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Foam drink holders; Holders for carving boards; Plastic bag holders for household use; Coffee pots; Coffee mugs; Cabarets; Japanese cast iron kettles, non-electric (tetsubin); Japanese style tea-serving pots of precious metal (kyusu); Japanese style tea-serving pots (kyusu); Japanese style soup serving bowls (wan); Japanese nests of food boxes; Japanese rice bowls not of precious metal (chawan); Japanese rice bowls of precious metal (chawan); Japanese rice bowls; Insulated lids for plates and dishes; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Vacuum jugs (Non-electric -); Insulated food cover domes; Thermally insulated containers for food; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Insulating jars; Vacuum flasks for holding food; Vacuum flasks for holding drinks; Insulating flasks; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Heat-insulated containers; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; Insulated containers for beverage cans, for domestic use; Rotary cheese graters; Cheese-dish covers; Cheese boards; Ceramic tableware; Ceramic hollowware; Ceramics for household purposes; Ceramics for kitchen use; Cookie jars; Caviar coolers; Boxes for dispensing paper serviettes; Casseroles; Saucepans; Potato ricers; Non-electric candelabras of precious metal; Non-electric candelabra; Non-electric coffee servers of precious metal; Coffee services, not of precious metal; Coffee services of precious metal; Coffee services of ceramic; Coffee services of china; Coffee services; Coffee stirrers; Coffee grinders; Coffee scoops; Coffee pots not of precious metal; Cooking pots; Saucepan lids; Cauldrons; Mess-tins; Aluminium cookware; Mess-tins; Cooking pot sets; Cookery molds; Presses (Garlic -); Small jugs; Garlic cellars; Candle rings, not of precious metal; Candle rings of precious metal; Candle rings; Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; Candlesticks with wind protection; Glass candlesticks; Candle holders not of precious metal; Saucer lights with snuffers; Candle extinguishers; Candle extinguishers of precious metal; Candle jars; Candle holders of precious metal; Candle holders of wrought iron; Kitchen urns; Kitchen containers; Baskets for household purposes; Baskets of common metal for household use; Cake moulds of common metal; Cake moulds of non-metallic materials; Cake moulds; Porcelain cake decorations; Cake trays; Cake tins; Jugs of precious metal; Jars; Crystal; Demijohns; Preserve glasses; Confectioners' molds; Compostable plates; Compostable trays; Compostable bowls; Compostable trays for domestic purposes; Combined lids for kitchen containers; Coal buckets for household use; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens; Cooking pots and pans; Isothermic bags; Cooling racks for baked goods; Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; Refrigerating bottles; Coolers; Cold packs for chilling food and beverages; Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; Cooking funnels; Scrapers (kitchen implements); Cooking strainers; Kitchen paper racks; Kitchen paper dispensers; Kitchen paper holders; Basting brushes; Kitchen utensils of silicon; Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; Kitchen utensils; Plastic plates; Plastic plates; Plastic bowls; Dinner mats of plastics material; Melon ballers; Cake stands of non-metallic materials; Basting brushes; Cake servers; Mortars for kitchen use; Demitasse sets comprised of cups and saucers; Blenders for food; Mixing cups; Milk pans; Milk churns; Knife rests for the table; Knife rests; Knife boards; Carver rests; Knife blocks; Menorahs; Cruet stands; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Flour sifters; Jam pots; Corn cob holders; Spoon rests; Strainers for household use; Candlesticks of precious metal; Candlesticks; Glue-pots; Plastic coasters; Empty spray bottles; Non-electric food mixers; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Coffee makers, non-electric; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Non-electric plunger style coffee makers; Coffeepots, non-electric; Coffee filters, non-electric; Non-electric coffee frothers; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Deep fryers, non-electric; Non-electric meat grinders; Non-electric egg crackers for household use; Non-electric canners; Egg separators, non-electric, for household purposes; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Food steamers, non-electric; Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Tablemats, not of paper or textile; Place mats, not of paper or textile; Refillable tea capsules; Refillable coffee capsules; Muffin tins; Oil cruets of precious metal; Oven mitts; Cups of paper or plastic; Fruit bowls; Fruit bowls of glass; Fruit cups; Non-electric wall sconces; Non-electric milk frothers; Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; Portable cool boxes, non-electric; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Kettles, non-electric; Waffle irons, non-electric; Tortilla presses, non-electric; Hurricane lamps (non-electrical); Autoclaves, non-electric, for cooking; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Beaters, non-electric; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Grinders (Non-electric -); Blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; Coupes; Vinyl place mats; Cookie cutters; Cruets of precious metal; Cruets not of precious metal; Plates to prevent milk boiling over; Plastic funnels; Plastic molds for household use in making soap; Plastic ice pop forms; Plastic bottles; Plastic water bottles; Pizza peels; Picnic baskets (Fitted -), including dishes; Picnic crockery; Picnic boxes; Whistling kettles; Pepper pots; Spatulas; Non-electric cooking pans; Pancake frying pans; Metal pans; Paper cups; Skillets; Paper plates; Sacred vessels; Siphons for cream; Cream jugs; Plastic juice box holders; Mixing bowls; Mixing spoons; Beaters (Non-electric -) for kitchen use; Sushi rolling mats; Rice paddles; Japanese style cooked rice scoops; Rice cooking pots; Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens; Reamers for fruit juice; Kitchen graters; Graters; Graters; Pudding moulds; Lunch boxes made of metal; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Lunch boxes; Porcelain ware; Serving scoops; Popcorn tins, empty, for household use; Boxes for holding artificial teeth; Basins; Body scrubbing puffs; Plastic bath racks; Baby bath tubs; Eyebrow brushes; Containers for cosmetics; Applicators for applying eye make-up; Eye make-up applicators; Applicator sticks for applying makeup; Non-electric make-up removing appliances; Electric make-up removing appliances; Fitted holders for hair fixers; Fitted holders for skin creams; Fitted racks for skin care creams; Cases adapted for toilet utensils; Fitted racks for hair fixers; Cosmetic bags; Make-up removing appliances; Racks for body cleansers; Racks for cosmetics; Hair combs; Combs for the hair (Large-toothed -); Glass cartridges for medication, empty; Facial sponges for applying make-up; Bathroom glass holder; Facial cleansing sponges; Applicators for cosmetics; Foot exfoliating pads; Hair color application bottles; Cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; Comb (electric); Electric hair combs; Appliances for removing make-up, electric; Shower gel dispensers; Shower gel holders; Shower gel racks; Deodorising apparatus for personal use; Dispensers for cosmetics; Ceramic tissue box covers; Tissue box covers; Brushes for personal hygiene; Skin cleansing brushes; Loofahs; Lotion containers, empty, for household use; Lip brushes; Droppers sold empty for cosmetic purposes; Combs; Plastic bathtubs for children; Cosmetic spatulas; Cosmetic utensils; Scalp scratchers; Children's potties; Comb cases; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Towel racks; Towel rings, not of precious metal; Rings for towels; Towel rings; Hand soap dispensers; Hand soap holders; Caddies for holding hair accessories for household and domestic use; Body cleanser holders; Hand soap racks; Holders for cosmetics; Powder compacts of precious metal; Cosmetic powder compacts; Plastic buckets for storing bath toys; Hair tinting brushes; Pill boxes for personal use; Personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use; Exfoliating pads; Exfoliating slippers; Vaporizers for perfume sold empty; Perfume vaporizers; Perfume bottles; Perfume sprayers; Metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Sonic oscillating brushes for skincare; Nylon mesh body cleansing puff; Hand towel dispensers, other than fixed; Appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; Chamber pots; Microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use; Make-up artist belts; Soap dishes; Soap brackets; Soap boxes; Soap containers; Hair tinting bowls; Exfoliating mitts; Sponges for applying body powder; Body sponges; Make-up sponges; Stencils for use when applying make-up; Toilet plungers; Back scratchers; Rings for towels, not of precious metal; Shaving dishes; Stands for shaving brushes; Shaving brushes of badger hair; Powder puffs; Powder compacts of precious metal; Powder compacts; Powder compacts; Toilet roll dispensers; Toilet roll holders; Toilet paper racks; Toilet cases; Toilet utensils; Trays for use in fingernail polishing; Pill boxes; Rails and rings for towels; Rails for towels, not of precious metal; Dispensers for paper wipes; Paper towel dispensers; Body cleanser dispensers; Dispensers for facial tissues; Skin care cream dispensers; Hair fixer dispensers; Cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations; Shampoo dispensers; Shampoo holders; Shampoo racks; Soap racks; Scent sprays; Foam toe separators for use in pedicures; Eyelash combs; Cotton ball jars; Cotton ball dispensers; Wash basins; Bathroom basins; Laundry balls for use as household utensils; Wash basin pitchers; Bath brushes; Wall soap dishes; Baby baths, portable; Combs for back-combing hair; Toilet sponges; Toilet roll stands; Dispensers for the storage of toilet paper
24 Sleeping bags; Filtering materials of textile; Textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods; Fabrics; Insecticide-treated mosquito nets; Sheets of sailcloth for screening; Labels of textile; Curtains; Linens; Coverings for furniture; Wall hangings; Textile material; Bunting of textile or plastic; Lining fabric for footwear; Linen lining fabric for shoes; Linings; Frieze; Plastic flags; Felt pennants; Flags of textile or plastic; Removable covers of textile for electronic apparatus; Interfacings; Disposable cloths; Printers' blankets of textile; Brocade flags; Nightdress cases of textile; Coated textiles; Dimity; Banners of textile or plastic; Bags for sleeping bags; Cloths for removing make-up; Napkin liners of textile; Sponge cloths for textile use; Sponge cloths; Textiles for furnishings; Plastic banners; Nylon flags; Upholstery fabrics; Mosquito nets; Make-up pads of textile for removing make-up; Fabric cascades; Shrouds; Insect protection nets; Textiles for interior decorating; Soft furnishings; Ticks; Hat linings, of textile, in the piece; Household cloths for drying glasses; Household textile articles made from non-woven materials; Household textile articles; Rubberized textile fabrics; Fabrics for textile use; Wall fabrics; Patterned textiles for use in embroidery; Nap raised cloth; Prayer cloth; Valances; Cloth bunting; Cloth; Dish cloths of textile for drying; Fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; Pennants of textile; Non-woven textile articles; Textiles made of linen; Textiles made of synthetic materials; Textiles made of flannel; Handkerchiefs of textile; Fabric on the roll; Textile goods for making headshawls and yashmaghs; Towels for kitchen use; Flags and pennants of textile; Tapestries of textile; Soft pelmets; Woven fabrics; Textile tissues; Materials for soft furnishings; Textile material for Japanese ceremonial wrapping cloth (Fukusa); Japanese general wrapping cloth (Furoshiki); Covers for toilet lids of fabric; Banners of textile; Interlinings made of non-woven fabrics; Streamers of textile; Plastic pennants; Textiles and substitutes for textiles; Traced cloths for embroidery; Waterproofed textile piece goods; Wash cloths; Textile flags used for place settings; Labels (Textile -) for marking linen; Labels (Textile -) for marking clothing; Labels (Textile -) for identifying linen; Labels of textile for identifying clothing; Labels of textile for bar codes; Iron-on cloth labels; Tags of textile for attachment to linen; Tags of textile for attachment to clothing; Markers of cloth for textile fabrics; Self-adhesive cloth labels; Badges made of fabric material; Adhesive materials in the form of stickers; Adhesive labels (Textile -); Printed textile labels; Curtains for showers; Curtains made of plastics for use in shower baths; Fire-retardant textile shower curtains; Shower curtains of textile or plastic; Coverings for windows; Window covering products made of textile material; Ready made curtains; Ready made curtains of plastics; Ready made curtains of textiles; Curtain linings; Curtains of textile or plastic; Curtain holders of textile material; Swags; Small curtains made of textile materials; Moquettes; Pleated shades; Pleated curtains; Door curtains; Pelmets; Draperies; Lace curtains; Drapes in the nature of curtains made of textile materials; Textile curtain pelmets; Curtains made of textile fabrics; Drapes in the nature of curtains; Indoor and outdoor curtains; Curtains of plastic; Valances; Vinyl curtains; Textile materials for use as window coverings; Textiles in the form of window furnishings; Bath linen; Bed linen; Kitchen and table linens; Glass cloths; Towels of textile; Bath towels; Duvet covers; Bath linen, except clothing; Hooded towels; Furniture coverings of plastic; Furniture coverings (unfitted); Furniture coverings of textile; Unfitted fabric furniture covers; Loose covers for garden furniture; Bean bag covers; Protective loose covers for mattresses and furniture; Sofa covers; Chair covers; Toilet seat covers; Chair backs; Fitted toilet lid covers; Woven fabrics for furniture; Canopy covers; Covers of textile for water closets; Replacement seat covers for furniture; Loose covers made of textile materials for furniture; Coverings of textile and of plastic for furniture (unfitted); Wall plaques of textile; Padded coverings for existing walls; Wall decorations of textile; Wall hangings of textile; Wall hangings of silk; Handcrafted textile wall hangings; Borders (textile wall hangings); Friezes

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