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Thursday, June 6, 2019
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Thursday, March 7, 2019
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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9 Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; pre-recorded CDs and DVDs featuring music, stories, dramatic performances, non-dramatic performances, learning activities for children, and games; downloadable motion pictures and television shows featuring stories, dramatic performances, non-dramatic performances and programming for children; audio books featuring fiction and non-fiction, namely, history; audio recordings featuring music, stories, dramatic performances, non-dramatic performances, learning activities for children, and games; downloadable ringtones and sound recordings featuring music and other sound effects, all for wireless communication devices; audio and visual recordings featuring live-action entertainment, animated entertainment, music, stories, and games; musical recordings; downloadable and recorded video game software; downloadable and recorded computer game software; downloadable and recorded computer software featuring children's learning activities; encoded electronic chip cards containing programming used to save and play musical recordings; computer hardware and peripheral devices; mouse pads; wrist and arm rests for use with computers; calculators; camcorders; cameras; digital cameras; radios; television sets; audio speakers; headphones; earphones; walkie-talkies; telephones; headsets for cellular telephones; power adapters for cellular telephones; batteries for cellular telephones; protective sleeves, covers, cases, and straps for cell phones, laptops, tablet computers, digital cameras, portable digital music players and electronic book readers; protective display screen covers adapted for use with mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, digital music players, electronic book readers, computers, and personal digital assistants; eyeglasses; sunglasses; eyeglass and sunglass cases; straps for eyeglasses and sunglasses; binoculars; decorative magnets; graduated rulers; microphones; downloadable computer game software; downloadable and recorded interactive video game programs; computer game cartridges and discs; downloadable computer game software for use with mobile devices, tablet computers and personal computers; downloadable and recorded electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game software for cellular telephones, tablet computers and personal computers; downloadable electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; stands for handheld digital electronic devices, namely, mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, digital music players, electronic book readers, computers, and personal digital assistants; skateboard and bicycle helmets; wireless chargers; battery chargers; downloadable and recorded virtual reality and augmented reality game software and computer hardware
16 Calendars; greeting cards; posters; stationery; blank journal books; folders; paper; postcards; stickers; bumper stickers; decals; advent calendars; art prints; crayons; markers; pencils; pencil erasers; pencil sharpeners; pen and pencil cases and boxes; chalk; colored pencils; pens, ballpoint pens; gift wrapping paper; gift bags; paper party decorations; printed invitations; collectible trading cards; paper napkins; party goodie bags of paper or plastic; notebooks; notepads; composition books; craft paper; paperweights; paper lunch bags; children's activity books; coloring books; bookmarks; loose leaf binders; diaries; daily planners; scrapbook albums; sticker books; rubber stamps; arts and crafts paint kits; arts and crafts clay kits; arts and crafts paper kits; stencils; plastic shopping bags; flashcards; series of fiction books; novels; children's interactive educational books and magazines; coffee table books related to a dramatic entertainment series; graphic novels; comic books; decals and stickers for use as home d├ęcor; postage stamps; temporary tattoo transfers; glitter for stationery purposes
25 Clothing, namely, aprons, bathrobes, beachwear, belts, blouses, bottoms, cloth bibs, coats, dresses, gloves, gowns, hoodies, socks, hosiery, infant wear, jackets, jerseys, jogging suits, joggers in the nature of jogging bottoms and jogging tops, leggings, loungewear, mittens, pajamas, parkas, pants, ponchos, pullovers, rainwear, scarves, shirts, shorts, skirts, skorts, sleepwear, snow suits, suspenders, sweaters, sweatpants, sweatshirts, swimwear, coverups, rash guards, t-shirts, ties, tops, underwear, vests, zip-up hoodies; footwear; headgear; headwear, namely, beanies, caps, earmuffs, hats, headbands, skullies, and visors; costumes for use in children's dress-up play; costume accessories, namely, novelty headwear with integrated wigs; Halloween and masquerade costumes; costumes for use in the amusement industry and in role-playing games, namely, cosplay costumes
28 Christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree ornaments; party games; board games; card games; action skill games; inflatable toys; jump ropes; balls, namely, balls for sports, play balls, rubber balls, and inflatable balls; target games; dart games; puzzles; action figures; toy figures; bobblehead dolls; spinning tops; amusement game machines; role-playing games; playing cards; plush toys; pinball machines and pinball-type games; costume masks; lottery tickets; toy vehicles; toy construction sets; children's dress-up accessories in the nature of toys; playsets for action figures; modeled plastic toy figurines; toy scale model kits; skateboards; in-line skates; elbow and knee pads for athletic use; non-motorized toy scooters; roller skates; toy building blocks; memory games; marbles for games; drawing toys; musical toys; sand toys; water toys; sit-in and ride-on toy vehicles; bubble-making wand and solution sets; party favors in the nature of small toys and toy noisemakers; paper party favors; paper party hats; doll houses; dolls and accessories therefor; doll clothing; pet toys; amusement park rides; hand-held units for playing electronic games; kites; yo-yos; toy drones; slot machines; trading card games; trading cards for games; toy candy dispensers; Christmas stockings; snow globes; balloons; exercise equipment, namely, exercise bands, balls, and weights
41 Entertainment services in the nature of a dramatic television series; entertainment information; provision of entertainment information via a website; providing online non-downloadable video clips and other non-downloadable multimedia digital content containing audio, video, artwork, and/or text from or related to a dramatic television series; providing online computer, electronic and video games; providing temporary use of non-downloadable interactive games; entertainment services in the nature of conducting exhibitions and conventions concerning television and television characters; amusement park services; fan club services; entertainment services in the nature of a live theatrical, musical or comedic performance; educational and entertainment services, namely, providing an interactive dramatic online television series

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