Trademark: 88329908
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Monday, March 11, 2019
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

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31 Olives, fresh; Seed balls for planting; Seed potatoes; Seeds for agricultural purposes; Seeds for flowers; Seeds for horticultural purposes; Seeds for planting; Seeds for sowing; Seeds of urushi; Agricultural seeds; Bird seed; Crop seeds; Flower seeds; Fresh olives; Fruit seeds; Grass seed; Grass seeds; Herb seeds for planting; Plant seeds; Rye seed; Sowing seeds; Unprocessed cereal seeds; Unprocessed edible seeds; Unprocessed flax seeds; Unprocessed oil seeds; Urushi tree seeds; Vegetable seeds for planting; Wheat seed; Wildlife seed mixtures
32 Juice base concentrates; Pomegranate juice; Aerated fruit juices; Aloe juice beverages; Aloe vera juices; Apple juice beverages; Beauty beverages, namely, fruit juices and energy drinks containing nutritional supplements; Blackcurrant juice; Coconut juice; Concentrated fruit juice; Concentrates for making fruit juices; Condensed smoked plum juice; Fruit juice; Fruit juice bases; Fruit juice beverages; Fruit juice concentrates; Fruit juices; Fruit juices and fruit drinks; Fruit drinks and juices; Fruit drinks and fruit juices; Ginger juice beverages; Grape juice; Grape juice beverages; Green vegetable juice beverages; Guava juice; Herbal juices; Lemon juice for use in the preparation of beverages; Lime juice for use in the preparation of beverages; Mango juice; Melon juice; Mixed fruit juice; Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice beverages; Oat-based beverages with fruit juice not for food purposes; Orange juice; Orange juice beverages; Organic fruit juice; Pineapple juice beverages; Tomato juice; Tomato juice beverages; Vegetable juice; Vegetable juices; Vegetable-fruit juices; Watermelon juice
The color(s) RED is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of literal element POMAZING with a pomegranate image around the POM literal element with white background.

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Mar 11, 2019
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