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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

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35 Business services, namely, independent medical management services for medical health plans; Vendor management services for healthcare facilities; Business administration services in the field of healthcare; Consulting services in the cost management of health care; Health care cost review; Managed care services, namely, electronic processing of health care information; Consulting in the fields of healthcare operations management and hospital operations management; Health care utilization and review services; Real estate sales management; Real estate marketing analysis; Real estate auctions; Real estate advertising services; Real estate marketing services; Real estate transaction auditing services; Business and organization consultancy services; Business appraisal and advisory services; Conducting business surveys; Business research; Financial marketing services; Business management of real estate (for others); Business enquiries and investigations; Commercial information agency services; Marketing and promotion services; Business acquisitions consultation; Business management and administration of real estate, residential, industrial and commercial properties, offices, business centers, departmental stores, shopping centers, retail and wholesale outlets, temporary accommodations, hotels, motels, resorts, service apartments, buildings, houses, condominiums, apartments, flats, warehouses and factories; Arranging and conducting of fairs and exhibitions for business and advertising purposes; Arranging and conducting trade shows in the field of healthcare and medical real estate; Organization of exhibition for commercial or advertising purposes; Sales promotion for others; Hospital administration services
36 Financial services, namely, investment fund transfer and transaction services in the field of healthcare and medical real estate; Financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds in the field of healthcare and medical real estate; Financing of fractionally-owned real property; Funds verification services; Real estate acquisition services; Real estate escrow services; Real estate investment services; Real estate brokerage; Real estate management services; Real estate trustee services; Real estate management consultation; Real estate financing services; Rental of real estate; Leasing of real estate; Real estate multiple listing services; Real estate investment trust services; Real estate funds investment services; Real estate appraisal and valuation; Real estate procurement for others; Real estate services, namely, condominium management services; Real estate service, namely, rental property management; Providing information in the field of real estate; Financial consultancy services in the area of healthcare and medical real estate; Real estate agency services; Organizing pre-paid health care plans; Administration of pre-paid health care plans; Evaluation of real property; Apartment house management; Housing agencies; Financial management; Securities lending; Financial evaluation of real estate; Capital investment in the field of real estate; Fund investment consultation; Venture capital fund management; Management of a capital investment fund; Financial trust administration; Corporate trust services; Financial trust administration; Financial trust planning; Financial trust operations; Investment trust management; Investment trust services; Trust management accounts; Trust services, namely, investment and trust company services; Unit trust investment; Unit trust management; Unit trust services; Capital investment; Financial asset management; Property management services; Real estate financing services; Property unit trusts; Arranging equity sharing deals; Financial services in relation to developing and organizing securitization; Lease-purchase financing; Insurance agencies of real estate; Insurance information and consultancy of real estate; Management of real estate relating to land, roads, bridges, power stations, office buildings and residential buildings; Financial risk management; Financial risk assessment services; Real estate investment information services; Monitoring financial markets for investment purposes; Management of a capital investment fund
37 Real estate site selection; Real estate development services in the field of healthcare and medical real estate properties; Real estate property cleaning, repair and maintenance services; Real estate development and construction of commercial, residential and hotel property; Refurbishing of healthcare and medical real estate properties; Housing services, namely, development of real property, namely, repair, improvement, and new construction; Housing services, namely, repair, improvement, and construction of residential real property; Advisory services relating to the renovation of property; Construction, maintenance and renovation of property; Building of medical facilities, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes
44 Healthcare; Providing healthcare information; Mobile healthcare services; Healthcare services, namely, integrated healthcare services with a network of international healthcare providers; Healthcare and medical tourism services, namely, establishing and maintaining a healthcare provider network in other countries for the provision of healthcare services; Provision of health care information via internet, telecommunication networks and electronic means; Health care services, namely, wellness programs; Health care services, namely, disease management programs; Managed health care services; Integrated outpatient health care services; Leasing of equipped medical facilities; Leasing of medical equipment; Providing information to patients in the field of administering medications; Rental of sanitation facilities; Providing sauna facilities; Providing long-term care facilities; Providing hot spring facilities for hygienic purposes; Providing physical rehabilitation facilities; Rental of fixed toilet facilities; Medical clinic services; Hospital services; Medical radiology services; Medical and pharmaceutical consultations; Medical services; Physiotherapy (physical therapy); Medical advisory services; Medical clinic providing Chinese medicine, Health care relating to Chinese medicine; Clinical medical practice consultation services by provision of Chinese medicine for health care; Advisory services relating to Chinese medicine; Healthcare monitoring services

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