Trademark: 88329143
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Thursday, May 9, 2019
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

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20 3D decorative ornaments made from plastic; 3D decorative plastic ornaments for attachment to cars, walls, windows, mirrors and other solid surfaces; 3D ornaments made from plastic; 3D plastic appliqués for attachment to cars, windows, mirrors, and other solid surfaces; 3D plastic ornaments for attachment to cars, walls, windows, mirrors and other solid surfaces; Accent furniture; Accent pillows; Acrylic and polycarbonate reels for use in the manufacture of signs; Adapter sleeve for vertical blinds to attach drapery to the carrier; Adhesive patches for repairing interior window blinds; Adjustable beds; Advertising balloons; Air beds, not for medical purposes; Air cushions, not for medical purposes; Air mattresses for use when camping; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Air pillows, not for medical purposes; Amber statues; Amberoid statues; Ambroid bars; Ambroid plates; Angle valves of plastics, other than parts of machines; Animal claws; Animal hooves; Animal teeth; Anti-roll cushions for babies; Antique reproduction furniture; Antlers; Armchairs; Armoires; Artificial horns; Automotive nonmetal oil change pans; Baby bolsters; Baby bouncers; Baby changing mats; Baby changing platforms; Baby changing tables; Baby head support cushions; Baby walkers; Back support cushions not for medical purposes; Back-up boards, back-up sheets, back-up panels, entry boards, entry sheets, and entry panels made out of epoxy for use in the operation of drilling holes in printed circuit boards.; Back-up boards, back-up sheets, back-up panels, entry boards, entry sheets, and entry panels made out of epoxy resins for use in the operation of drilling holes in printed circuit boards; Back-up boards, back-up sheets, back-up panels, entry boards, entry sheets, and entry panels made out of fiber board for use in the operation of drilling holes in printed circuit boards; Back-up boards, back-up sheets, back-up panels, entry boards, entry sheets, and entry panels made out of wood for use in the operation of drilling holes in printed circuit boards; Bag closures in the nature of an elastic band; Bag closures not of metal; Bagasse boards; Baker's bread baskets; Baker's racks; Bakers' bread baskets; Bamboo baskets for industrial purposes; Bamboo blinds; Bamboo curtains; Bamboo furniture; Bamboo pillows; Bamboo poles; Banqueting chairs; Bar carts; Barbers' chairs; Barrel hoops not of metal; Barrel hoops, not of metal; Barrels, not of metal; Barstools; Baskets for transporting goods for commercial purposes; Bassinets; Bath kneeling pads; Bath pillows; Bath seats for babies; Bathroom and shaving mirrors; Bathroom furniture; Bathroom vanities; Bathtub grab bars not made of metal; Bathtub grab bars, not of metal; Bathtub rails not made of metal; Beach chairs; Beach tables; Bead curtains for decoration; Bean bag beds; Bean bag chairs; Bean bag pillows; Beauty salon furniture; Beauty salon furniture, namely, shampoo bowls; Beauty salon furniture, namely, shampoo stations; Beauty salon furniture, namely, styling stations; Bed bases; Bed casters, not of metal; Bed fittings, not of metal; Bed frames; Bed headboards; Bed pillows; Bed rails; Bed rests; Bedroom furniture; Beds; Beds for household pets; Beds, mattresses, pillows and bolsters; Bedside tables; Bedsprings; Bedsteads of wood; Beehives; Beehives; Benches; Benches for sports fields; Bentwood furniture; Bicycle racing number plates not made of metal; Binding screws, not of metal, for cables; Bins of wood or plastic; Bins, not of metal; Biodegradable plastic based containers for commercial packaging in the nature of bottles, squeeze tubes, jars, spray pumps, lip balm or lipstick tubes, compacts, eyeliner containers, lip gloss containers, mascara containers; Bird houses; Bird repellent spikes not of metal; Birdhouses; Blank plastic adhesive labels; Blank, printed, or partially printed plastic labels attached to elastic bands; Blinds of reed, rattan or bamboo (sudare); Bolsters; Bolts, not of metal; Book holders; Book rests; Book stands; Bookcases; Bookshelves; Booster seats; Bottle closures not of metal; Bottle closures, not of metal; Bottle fasteners, not of metal; Bottle racks; Boundary markers, namely, non-metal stakes, mooring bollards and anchorage plates for use in topography; Bouquets made from seashells; Boutonnieres made from seashells; Box springs; Boxes of wood or plastic; Brackets, not of metal, for furniture; Breakfronts; Buddhist family altars (butsudan); Buffets being furniture; Bulletin boards; Bumper guards for cots, other than bed linen; Bumper guards for cribs, other than bed linen; Bumper guards for furniture; Bunk beds; Busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Busts of wood; Cabinet doors for furniture cabinets; Cabinet drawers for furniture cabinets; Cabinets; Cabinets for display purposes; Cabinetwork; Camping furniture; Camping mattresses; Capsule-shaped furniture featuring built-in multimedia equipment; Capsules of plastic or wood for containing cremation remains or memorabilia; Capsules sold empty for beauty care and cosmetic products; Cardboard floor display units for merchandising products; Carpet coasters for protecting furniture legs; Cask hoops not of metal; Cask hoops, not of metal; Cask stands, not of metal; Caskets; Casks not made of metal; Casks, not of metal; Cast stone household and garden furniture; Cat beds; Cat scratching pads; Cat scratching posts; Cedar panels for use as drawer liners; Ceramic knobs and glass knobs; Ceramic pulls; Ceramic pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Chair beds; Chair cushions; Chair mats in the nature of a pillow or seat liner; Chair pads; Chairs; Chairs adapted for use by those with mobility difficulty; Chaise longues; Chaise lounges; Chests for toys; Chests of drawers; Chests of drawers, namely, commodes; Chests, not of metal; Cheval floor mirrors; Cheval glasses; Children's mats used for sleeping; Clevis fasteners not of metal; Clips of plastic for sealing bags; Clips, not of metal, for cables and pipes; Clips, not of metal, for sealing bags; Closet accessories, namely, belt racks; Closet accessories, namely, clothes bars; Closet accessories, namely, shoe racks; Closet accessories, namely, sliding clothes rails; Clothes hangers; Clothes hangers having sliding arms for use with shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks by placement through the neck hole; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Clothes rods; Clothesline fastener having a plastic frame and plastic gripping paws; Clothesline spreader having a plastic frame; Coat hangers; Coat racks; Coat stands; Coathooks, not of metal; Coatstands; Coffin fittings, not of metal; Coffins; Cold cast resin figurines; Collapsible platform seats and stools; Collars, not of metal, for fastening pipes; Comb foundations for beehives; Combination benches and deck boxes; Combination kneeler and seat for gardening; Commercial dispensers for pills or capsules sold empty; Commercial packaging materials, namely, corrugated plastic bins; Commercial packaging materials, namely, corrugated plastic boxes; Commercial packaging materials, namely, corrugated plastic trays; Commercial packaging materials, namely, thermoformed plastic trays; Compactable rolling shelving for filing and storage; Component parts of warehouse storage racks in the nature of pallet stops; Computer furniture; Computer keyboard trays; Computer workstations comprising wood; Console tables; Container closures of plastic; Containers for industrial and commercial liquids not made of metal; Containers for medications sold empty for commercial use; Containers for transport, not of metal; Containers, not of metal for commercial use; Containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; Coral; Corkboards; Corks; Corks for bottles; Costume display stands; Costume stands; Cot tidies, namely, fabric organizers to hang on side of cribs; Cots; Cots for babies; Couches; Coverings for massage tables; Cowrie shells; Cowry shells; Cradles; Crate covers for pets; Crates; Crayfish traps not of metal; Credenzas; Cribs; Cribs for babies; Crucifixes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic, other than jewellery; Crucifixes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic, other than jewelry; Crushed seashells for decorative use on driveways; Cupboards; Cupboards for tea-things cabinets (chadansu); Curtain holders, not of textile material; Curtain hooks; Curtain rails; Curtain rings; Curtain rods; Curtain rods, rollers and hooks; Curtain rollers; Curtain tie-backs in the nature of non-textile curtain holders; Cushions; Cushions; Cushions filled with hair; Custom furniture; Deck chairs; Decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; Decorative 3D pillows and cushions; Decorative bead curtains; Decorative boxes made of plastic; Decorative boxes made of wood; Decorative centerpieces of wood; Decorative crosses made of wood, other than jewelry; Decorative crucifixes made of wood, other than jewelry; Decorative decoys made of plastic; Decorative glitter; Decorative mirrors; Decorative mobiles; Decorative non-metal bolt covers for bolts used to secure toilets to floors; Decorative nonmetal mailbox covers; Decorative polymer spheres for use in flower arrangements; Decorative window finials; Decorative wooden wall letters for spelling names and words; Desks; Desktop statuary made of wood; Device for scratching pets and humans, namely, a glove for scratching pets and humans; Diaper changing mats; Diaper changing stations; Dining chairs; Dining room tables; Dining tables; Dinner wagons; Director's chairs; Dish cabinets; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal; Display boards; Display cases; Display cases for merchandise; Display cases for pictures, cosmetics; Display head panels for caskets for displaying pictures and information about deceased; Display racks; Display stands; Display tables; Displays in the form of a frame or holder for displaying clothing accessories such as hair bows and the like; Disposable, non-electric, industrial cartridges, namely, plastic containers used for mixing and dispensing adhesives, sealants and the like; Disposable, non-electric, industrial mixers, namely, plastic containers used for mixing and dispensing adhesives, sealants and the like; Divans; Dividers for drawers; Dog beds; Dog kennels; Dog transport boxes; Door bells not of metal, non-electric; Door bells, not of metal, non-electric; Door bolts, not of metal; Door closers, not of metal, non-electric; Door fasteners, not of metal; Door fittings, not of metal; Door handles, not of metal; Door knockers not of metal; Door knockers, not of metal; Door nameplates, not of metal; Door scrapers not of metal; Door snakes, namely, stuffed textile tube draft stoppers for doors; Door springs, not of metal, non-electric; Door stops of plastic; Door stops of wood; Door stops, not of metal or rubber; Doors for furniture; Dowels not of metal; Dowels, not of metal; Drafting tables; Drapery hardware, namely, traverse rods, poles, curtain hooks, curtain rods and finials; Drawer dividers; Drawer organizers; Drawer organizers for silverware; Drawer pulls of glass, porcelain or earthenware; Drawer pulls of plastic or wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials; Drawers and dividers therefor; Drawers as furniture parts; Dreamcatchers; Dressers; Dressing tables; Dressmaker's dummies; Dressmakers' dummies; Drop-leaf tables; Drum thrones; Drummer's stool; Dual-purpose cushions for supporting a feeding bottle and the head and neck of an infant; Earthenware pulls; Easy chairs; Easy-chairs; Edgings of plastic for furniture; Electric piano keyboard bench; Embroidery frames; End tables; Entertainment centers; Ergonomic chairs for use in seated massages; Etagere; Extendible sofas; Extruded plastic slats for use in roll-up storm shutters; Fabric cake decorations; Fabric cake toppers; Fabric figurines; Fabric sold as an integral component of finished furniture; Fabric tissue box covers; Fabric window blinds; Fans for personal use, non-electric; Faucets, not of metal, for casks; Feather beds; Felt pads for furniture legs; Fiber beds; Figures made of rattan; Figures of closed cell resin polymer material; Figures of wood; Figurines of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Figurines of wood; Filing cabinets; Fire fenders; Fireplace screens; Fish cages not of metal for commercial use; Fishing stools; Fitted covers for high chairs; Fitted crib rail covers; Fitted cupboards; Fitted fabric furniture covers; Fitted fabric slipcovers for furniture; Fitted furniture covers; Fitted furniture covers not of fabric; Fitted furniture leg covers for floor protection purposes; Fitted kitchen furniture; Fitted plastic inserts for use as container liners; Fitted table covers; Fixed dispensers not of metal for cellulose wipes; Fixed dispensers not of metal for pet waste bags; Fixed napkin dispensers not of metal; Fixed non-metal dispensers for dog waste bags; Fixed nonmetallic towel dispensers; Fixed towel dispensers not of metal; Flexible plastic shields for containing splatter while rinsing off dirty diapers; Floor pillows; Flower-pot pedestals; Flower-stands; Folding beds; Folding floor screens; Folding shelves; Foot rests; Foot stools; Footstools; Frames for oil paintings; Frames for paintings; Free standing office partitions; Free-standing drawer unit for organizing items used in braiding shops, barber shops, and styling shops; Free-standing panel units for exhibitions, displays and partitioning; Free-standing portable gun racks; Free-standing tool racks; Freestanding partitions; French memory boards; Funerary caskets; Funerary urns; Furniture; Furniture casters, not of metal; Furniture chests; Furniture drawer slides sold as integral parts of drawers; Furniture fittings, not of metal; Furniture fittings, not of metal, namely, drawer slides; Furniture for camping; Furniture for children; Furniture for displaying goods; Furniture for house, office and garden; Furniture for motor homes; Furniture for use in the haunted attraction industry; Furniture frames; Furniture in the nature of sectionals; Furniture leg levelers, not of metal; Furniture made from steel tubing; Furniture made from wood or substitutes for wood; Furniture made of wood; Furniture moldings; Furniture of metal; Furniture partitions; Furniture partitions of wood; Furniture parts; Furniture primarily of metal, namely, mirrors, bed frames, dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, desks, display cases, shelving, dog gates, and baby gates; Furniture shelves; Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; Furniture, namely, display units; Furniture, namely, dressers; Furniture, namely, sales and display counters; Furniture, namely, showcases; Furniture, namely, sports bar and hospitality unit; Furniture, namely, wall units; Furniture, namely, wardrobes; Futon mattresses; Futons; Garden ornaments in the nature of wooden whirligigs; Gate hardware, namely, non-metal gate latches; Gazing globes; Gift package decorations made of plastic; Glass for use in framing art; Glass pulls; Golf course benches; Grooming tables for companion animals; Gun cabinets; Hairdresser's chairs; Hairdressers' chairs; Hammock stands; Hampers in the nature of baskets for transporting goods for commercial purposes; Hand fans; Hand mirrors; Hand-held flagpoles, not of metal; Hand-held flat fans; Hand-held folding fans; Hand-operated non-metal garden hose reels; Hand-operated, non-metal retractable reels for hanging signs, pictures and mobiles; Hand-painted plastic foam display heads used to display merchandise such as hats, wigs, glasses and similar items for the human head; Handling pallets, not of metal; Hangers for clothes; Hangers in the nature of non-metal hooks used to hang a purse or bag from a table; Hanging locker shelving made of fabric; Hardware, namely, non-metal brackets for general use; Hat boxes for storage made of plastic; Hat hooks, not of metal; Hat racks; Hat stands; Head positioning pillows for babies; Head support cushions for babies; Head supporting pillows; Head supporting pillows for attachment to child car seats; Head-rests; Height adjustable tables; High chairs; High chairs for babies; High density mobile filing and storage shelving; Hinges, not of metal; Holiday ornaments of plastic; Holiday ornaments, namely, molded plastic Easter eggs; Honeycombs; Hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails; Hose hangers not of metal; Hospital beds; Household decor and garden ornaments made primarily of textiles and also including beads; Household Shinto altars; Hutches; Hydrostatic beds not for medical purposes; Hydrostatic beds, not for medical purposes; Identification bracelets, not of metal, for admission to events; Identity plates, not of metal; Imitation foods comprised of plastic; Imitation foods for display made of plastic materials, namely, imitation desserts, imitation candy, imitation cakes; Imitation tortoiseshell; Indoor blinds; Indoor window blinds; Indoor window blinds being shades; Indoor window blinds of paper; Indoor window blinds of textile; Indoor window blinds of woven wood; Indoor window shades; Indoor window shades of paper; Indoor window shades of textile; Indoor window shades of woven wood; Industrial packaging containers of bamboo; Industrial packaging containers of wood; Industrial work tables; Infant beds; Infant body support mats not for medical purposes; Infant bouncers; Infant cradles; Infant sleep positioner cushions not for medical or therapeutic purposes; Infant walkers; Inflatable chairs; Inflatable cushions, not for medical use; Inflatable figures for use as outdoor holiday decorations; Inflatable furniture; Inflatable mattresses for use when camping; Inflatable neck support cushions; Inflatable pet beds; Inflatable pillows; Inflatable pillows used under swimming pool covers to prevent winter ice damage; Inflatable plastic signs; Inflatable publicity objects; Interior textile window blinds; Interior window blinds; Interior window coverings, namely, vertical and horizontal louvers; Interior window shades; Internal venetian blinds; Japanese floor cushions (zabuton); Japanese food wrapping sheets of wood (Kyogi); Japanese style arm rests (kyosoku); Japanese style floor seats (zaisu); Japanese style low desks (wazukue); Jerrycans, not of metal; Jewellery organizer displays; Jewelry organizer displays; Jewelry organizer displays in the nature of display boxes for displaying and organizing jewelry; Jewelry wax molds; Kennels for household pets; Kennels with carriers; Key cabinets; Key caps, namely, plastic or rubber caps used to cover the tops of keys; Keyboards for hanging keys; Kimono racks; Kiosks for vending purposes comprised of display stands; Kiosks for vending purposes comprised of furniture; Kitchen cabinets; Kitchen dressers; Kitchen furniture, namely, ready to assemble mobile kitchen islands; Kitchen-type cabinets for outdoor use; Kits for marking electrical cables, electrical apparatus and instruments and electrical installations, namely, plastic transparent sleeves, plastic transfer strips, plastic identification tags and marking tools; Kneeling chairs; Kneeling pads for household and garden use; Knobs, not of metal; Ladders of wood or plastics; Laminated vinyl to be affixed to the surface of furniture; Lap desks; Latches, not of metal; Latex mattresses; Latex pillows; Laundry sorters for commercial use; Lawn furniture; Leather picture frames; Lecterns; Legs for furniture; Letter boards for displaying custom messages; Letter boxes not of metal or masonry; Letter boxes of plastic; Letter boxes of wood; Letter boxes, not of metal or masonry; Library furniture; Library shelves; Life-size forms of the human body to display clothes; Living room furniture; Loading pallets, not of metal; Lobster traps not of metal; Lock barrels, not of metal; Locker mirrors; Lockers; Locking plastic cap that covers bung openings in plastic and metal containers for tamper evidence; Locks, not of metal, for vehicles; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Looking glasses; Lounge chairs; Lounge chairs for cosmetic treatments; Lounge furniture; Love seats; Luggage racks being furniture; Luggage stands being furniture; Magazine racks; Magnetic non-metal hooks; Magnetic printed vinyl signs; Magnetized photo frames; Mannequins; Manually operated ceramic valves other than parts of machines; Maple syrup taps, not of metal; Marble tables; Massage tables; Maternity pillows; Mats for infant playpens; Mats, removable, for sinks; Mattress component, namely, elastic gel material located in the top upholstery layer of mattresses sold as an integral component of the mattresses; Mattress cushions; Mattress foundations; Mattress toppers; Mattresses; Mattresses and pillows; Mattresses made of flexible wood; Meat safes; Medicine cabinets; Meerschaum, raw or partly worked; Memorabilia display frames to hold baseballs; Metal cabinets; Metal chairs; Metal curtain rails; Metal curtain rods; Metal display stands; Metal furniture; Metal furniture and furniture for camping; Metal indoor window blinds; Metal interior roller blinds for guiding light; Metal shelving; Metal storage cabinets; Metal tool cabinets; Metric O-ring kit consisting of plastic O-rings of various sizes; Mirror frames; Mirror tiles; Mirrored cabinets; Mirrors; Mirrors enhanced by electric lights; Mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers; Moldings for picture frames; Molds of plaster for casting ceramic materials; Mooring buoys, not of metal; Mosaic tables; Moses baskets; Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; Mouldings for picture frames; Movable office partitions; Movable wall partitions; Moving-aisle filing and storage shelving; Nagamochi chests; Nameplates, not of metal; Nap mats; Neck pillows; Neck support cushions; Neck-supporting pillows; Nesting boxes for animals; Nesting boxes for household pets; Newspaper display stands; Night tables; Nightstands; Non-adhesive plastic party tape for decorating; Non-electric fans for personal use; Non-electric non-metal door bells; Non-electric, plastic devices for attachment to dishwashers to visually remind users that dishes are clean; Non-electric, plastic scoreboards for sports; Non-electric, plastic sports scoring device using manual dials that allow spectators to keep track of scores and other data at sports events; Non-metal casters; Non-metal and non-paper closures for containers; Non-metal and non-paper insulated shipping containers for transporting frozen materials; Non-metal barrels; Non-metal bed fittings; Non-metal bins; Non-metal bolts; Non-metal bottle caps; Non-metal buoys; Non-metal cabinet door catches; Non-metal cabinet stops; Non-metal cable clamps; Non-metal cable clips; Non-metal caps for bottles; Non-metal castors; Non-metal chains; Non-metal chests; Non-metal child safety products, namely, string and cord winders for use on blinds, curtains, drapes, window coverings, and door coverings; Non-metal clamps; Non-metal clips for fastening pairs of socks for laundering; Non-metal clips for general use; Non-metal clips for use with gas pump fuel nozzles; Non-metal cloches for protecting plants; Non-metal clothes hooks; Non-metal containers for liquid fuel; Non-metal cotter pins; Non-metal cup hooks; Non-metal curtain rails; Non-metal curtain rods; Non-metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids, sold empty; Non-metal dock cleats; Non-metal dog tags; Non-metal domestic shrines; Non-metal door bolts; Non-metal door fittings; Non-metal door handles; Non-metal door handles comprised of wood; Non-metal door knockers; Non-metal door pulls comprised of wood; Non-metal door trims; Non-metal door viewers; Non-metal doorknobs; Non-metal doorknobs comprised of wood; Non-metal doorknockers; Non-metal drawer trims; Non-metal engine stands; Non-metal expanding sleeves for affixing screws; Non-metal fabric hanging organizer; Non-metal fabric storage bin organizer; Non-metal fastening anchors; Non-metal fixtures comprising hooks, support arms, and shelving for hanging general household goods; Non-metal furniture casters; Non-metal furniture sliders; Non-metal garden stakes; Non-metal garment hooks; Non-metal gate stops; Non-metal glazier points; Non-metal hand-operated electrical holiday light storage reels; Non-metal handles comprised of wood for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Non-metal hangers for electrical cords; Non-metal hardware for use in descending ropes, namely, belay devices; Non-metal hardware for use in descending ropes, namely, descenders; Non-metal hardware, namely, carabiners of plastic; Non-metal hardware, namely, general use wall and ceiling mounts for audio, video or computer equipment; Non-metal hardware, namely, nuts; Non-metal hardware, namely, spacers used in the installation of flooring; Non-metal hardware, namely, springs; Non-metal hardware, namely, tile spacers; Non-metal hinges; Non-metal hooks; Non-metal house numbers; Non-metal identification bands for blood collection systems; Non-metal identification bracelets; Non-metal identification bracelets for hospital use; Non-metal identification bracelets for use in the healthcare industry; Non-metal identification tags, tag sticks, tag flags, and tag cards for the purpose of the analysis and studying of fish migration, growth rates, and other data, often applied to fish by amateur anglers; Non-metal key holders; Non-metal knobs; Non-metal knobs comprised of wood for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Non-metal ladders; Non-metal latch bars; Non-metal latches; Non-metal locks; Non-metal mailboxes; Non-metal mats for use as load support surfaces in the construction industry; Non-metal mounting brackets for general use; Non-metal name plates; Non-metal novelty license plates; Non-metal nuts; Non-metal pallets; Non-metal pegs; Non-metal pet kennel with pet-actuated entry; Non-metal pet tags; Non-metal picture hangers; Non-metal pipe and cable clips; Non-metal pipe clips; Non-metal pipe collars; Non-metal plant hangers; Non-metal plant markers; Non-metal poles; Non-metal poles comprised of wood; Non-metal portable staircases; Non-metal portable stairs; Non-metal portable stairs for pets; Non-metal portable stairs for use by pets for pools and water spas; Non-metal profiles for arranging devices on and in walls, ceilings and other surfaces; Non-metal pulleys; Non-metal pulls; Non-metal pulls comprised of wood for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Non-metal recycling bins for commercial use; Non-metal recycling bins for commercial use with built-in electronic display screens used to display advertisements; Non-metal refuse bins for commercial use with built-in electronic display screens used to display advertisements; Non-metal rivets; Non-metal runners for sliding doors; Non-metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Non-metal sash fasteners for windows; Non-metal saw horses brackets; Non-metal screws; Non-metal self-aligning demountable snap fasteners consisting of press fasteners and press studs for use in attaching panels, hatches, floors and furniture in boats, motor vehicles, trains and aircraft; Non-metal shelf brackets; Non-metal shims; Non-metal solar panel mounts; Non-metal sputtering targets; Non-metal stabilizers for ladders; Non-metal step ladders; Non-metal stilt leg extension attached to shoes for extending the vertical reach of workmen; Non-metal storage boxes for general use; Non-metal storage boxes of wood for general use; Non-metal storage boxes of wood for use on building decks; Non-metal storage reels for electrical lights; Non-metal taps for beer kegs; Non-metal taps for casks; Non-metal tent pegs; Non-metal tent stakes; Non-metal threaded fasteners; Non-metal throw weights for commercial or industrial use; Non-metal time capsules; Non-metal tool boxes; Non-metal train and bus ticket holders; Non-metal trestles for supporting tables; Non-metal trophies; Non-metal trophy columns; Non-metal troughs for mixing mortar; Non-metal upholstery tacks; Non-metal utility ladders and step ladders, namely, ladders having lights attached thereto; Non-metal valves for containers; Non-metal weather vanes; Non-metal window trims; Non-metal, non-mechanical hoppers; Non-metallic and non-paper closures and caps for cartons, containers, and bottles; Non-metallic bottle caps; Non-metallic chests; Non-metallic closures for containers; Non-metallic containers for chemical fluids and fluid dispensers connectable to such containers for use therewith to dispense chemical fluids from such containers all for industrial use; Non-metallic sealing caps; Non-modular containers, not of metal, for use in transportation and storage for commercial or industrial use; Non-paper and primarily non-metal portable insulated shipping containers; Nonmetal and non-paper containers for storage or transport; Nonmetal containers for the transport and storage of organs, tissues and cells for medical and scientific purposes; Nonmetal cups fitted with D-rings for placement on motorcycle grips to facilitate attachment of tie-downs during transport of the motorcycle; Nonmetal door and window hardware, namely, keys, guards and clasps; Nonmetal holders for signs; Nonmetal mirror hangers; Nonmetal taps for kegs; Nonmetal tent poles; Nonmetal upward migrating composting worm bin; Novelty pillows; Nursing pillows; Nuts, not of metal; Nylon rollers for furniture parts, namely, sliding mirror door roller, drawer rollers and door rollers; Occasional tables; Office armchairs; Office chairs; Office desks; Office furniture; Office seats; Office tables; Oil and gas well equipment, namely, bridge plugs and fracturing plugs composed of plastic and synthetic rubber for controlling pressure or fluids downhole; Oil drainage containers, not of metal; Onigaya hay; Oriental folding partition screens (byoubu); Oriental single panel standing partition (tsuitate); Ornaments made of dried starfish, not being Christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments made of seashells, not being Christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments made of textiles; Ornaments of acrylic resins; Ornaments of wood; Ottoman seats; Ottomans; Outdoor furniture; Outdoor holiday decorations made of clear or translucent PVC or polypropylene die cut forms having holiday themed shapes and icons; Packaging containers of plastic; Packaging materials, namely, plastic shipping and storage boxes; Packaging materials, namely, rigid plastic trays; Packing containers of plastic material; Pant hangers with articulated, spring-urged clamped members for holding pants; Paper blinds; Paper photo frames; Paper picture frames; Party ornaments of plastic; Patient care shower chairs; Patio furniture; Pedestals; Peg boards made of plastic; Personal compact mirrors; Personal prayer altars; Pet caskets; Pet collar accessories, namely, fitted silencers for non-metal pet tags; Pet crates; Pet cushions; Pet furniture; Pet ramps; Piano benches; Picture and photograph frames; Picture frame brackets; Picture frame moldings; Picture frame mouldings; Picture frames; Picture frames; Picture frames of precious metal; Picture frames with plush decorative outer surface; Pillboxes of precious metal for commercial purposes; Pillow-like device comprising plastic core, fabric, and cushion material to be worn on arm or leg while sleeping or at rest; Pillowforms; Pillows; Pillows for household pets; Pillows used for cradling, supporting, propping and feeding babies not for medical or therapeutic purposes; Placards of wood or plastic; Placards of wood or plastics; Plant racks; Plant stands; Plaques of wood; Plaques of wood for use as awards; Plastic anti-slip gripper mats for holding crockery and cutlery in place; Plastic bar code labels; Plastic baseball card collectors cases; Plastic bins; Plastic bottle caps for storing powdered nutritional supplements and for dispensing those supplements into the bottle; Plastic boxes; Plastic boxes for packaging consumer and retail items; Plastic cake decorations; Plastic cake toppers; Plastic caps; Plastic caps for pill bottles featuring a device that assists the patient with reminders, feedback, accountability and timely refills of the prescription, with or without wireless or cellular connection; Plastic card keys, not encoded and not magnetic; Plastic cases; Plastic casters; Plastic cisterns for household, industrial, and agricultural purposes; Plastic clips for sealing bags; Plastic containers and covers for the food industry; Plastic containers and covers sold as a unit to the fast food industry for made to order food products; Plastic containers for commercial use, namely, for storing and dispensing bulk foods; Plastic containers, namely, tubs for consumer products packaging; Plastic cover for metal hose clamps; Plastic crates; Plastic cubes used as spacers between stackable glasses; Plastic decorative mounting hardware used in the assembling and securing of Christmas decorations, namely, hooks, stakes, supports and tree clips; Plastic door hangers for indicating the room occupant's activity; Plastic doorknobs; Plastic drawer lining material; Plastic ducts and couplings for organizing and holding fiber optic and similar cable and wiring; Plastic ear tags for livestock; Plastic egg cartons for commercial use; Plastic face shields for use when applying hair treatments; Plastic fasteners for holding bed sheets and linens in place; Plastic foam, wood and polymer materials in pre-shaped forms, with silhouette layouts for tools and badges, used for the transportation and storage of these goods; Plastic frame to support and accommodate use of leaf bags; Plastic frame to support and accommodate use of plastic garbage bags; Plastic frames for holding open plastic bags being filled with bulk foods for commercial use; Plastic furniture for gardens; Plastic garage door rollers; Plastic grave markers; Plastic handcuff strips; Plastic handcuffs in the nature of plastic strips to immobilize the hands of individuals; Plastic hang tags; Plastic holder for holding frozen confections while eating them and to avoid drips falling on clothing or skin; Plastic holders for signboards; Plastic indicia tabs; Plastic insert for bottles and cans intended to keep bottled or canned material below the surface of a solution; Plastic inserts for papermill cores used to facilitate roll winding; Plastic inserts for use as container liners; Plastic key cards, not encoded and not magnetic; Plastic key chain tags; Plastic key tags; Plastic knobs; Plastic labels; Plastic lids; Plastic lids for cans; Plastic luggage lining material; Plastic mailing tubes; Plastic medication cases sold empty containing a vibrating alarm as a reminder to take medication; Plastic medication containers for commercial use; Plastic mesh cushioning sheets for lining shelves; Plastic molded support base for the transportation or setting outdoors of metal propane gas cylinder tanks; Plastic molds for making artificial nails; Plastic molds for making soap; Plastic molds for making soap for commercial production purposes; Plastic molds for use in manufacturing furniture, bed liners, trailer flooring and decks; Plastic novelty license plates; Plastic nozzles used with high velocity air blowers to dry vehicles; Plastic ornaments for attachment inside of vehicles to visually remind occupants of low vehicle clearance; Plastic packaging components for containers and cartons, namely, dispensing and closable pour spouts and container and carton closures; Plastic pans for commercial use for the capture and containment of liquids and other wastes; Plastic peg boards; Plastic perforated container that allows water to enter and exit used for cleaning jewelry in a dishwashing machine; Plastic pill boxes for commercial use; Plastic pillboxes for commercial purposes; Plastic pillow-like device to be worn on an arm while sleeping or at rest; Plastic point of sale containers for holding information cards related to vehicles for sale or businesses; Plastic pulls; Plastic rainwater collection containers for domestic purposes; Plastic ramps for use with vehicles; Plastic rods for sealing bags; Plastic sculptures; Plastic shield for use when shampooing to protect face, eyes and ears from water and shampoo; Plastic shipping and storage boxes; Plastic shock absorbing protection containers for commercial use; Plastic signboards; Plastic squeeze tubes sold empty; Plastic statuettes; Plastic stoppers for bottles; Plastic stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Plastic storage containers for commercial or industrial use; Plastic storage drums; Plastic storage tanks; Plastic suction cups; Plastic template for guiding fabric cutting; Plastic tire skates, namely, plastic wedges inserted under vehicle tires in order to move the vehicle smoothly; Plastic tissue box covers; Plastic trays for foodstuff packaging; Plastic trays for use when manually counting pills; Plastic tubs; Plastic vinyl sheets for attachment to furniture to prevent damage caused by cat scratching; Plastic welding rods; Plastic wheel chocks; Plastic zipper tapes for use as closures for packaging containers and packaging bags of plastic; Plate racks; Play yards; Play yards for pets; Playhouses for pets; Playpens; Playpens for babies; Plush figures for use as outdoor holiday decorations; Point of purchase displays; Poles, not of metal; Police badges; Polyester resin anchor for use in rock stabilization; Polymer clay figurines; Polyresin tablets which look like stone, and have quotations, sayings, and bible verses engraved on them, packaged with display stand; Porcelain doorknobs; Porcelain knobs; Porcelain or earthenware doorknobs; Porcelain pulls; Porch swings; Portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; Portable back support for use with chairs; Portable bath seat; Portable beds for pets; Portable desks; Portable folding stadium seats; Portable kennels; Portable lightweight non-metal frames for holding and securing trash bags during clean-up; Portable non-metal risers for performance groups; Portable outdoor privacy screen for sunbathing; Pot racks; Pouf ottomans; Prefabricated closet organization systems made of metal; Prefabricated closet organization systems made of wood; Presentation boards; Pressurized durable film containers comprised of a combination of plastic and aluminum, that are reusable, refillable and recyclable, to hold liquids for commercial or industrial use; Printed plastic labels for use in identifying and marking the contents of pipes; Printed vinyl signs; Product display equipment, namely, turntables and display units used to turn a product for use in the field of sales and promotion; Promotional figurines, namely, plastic caricatures of persons with their head in the shape of an electric plug and feet in the shape of a vehicle tire; Pulleys of plastic; Racks for holding placemats which may be affixed to a refrigerator; Rattan; Raw coral; Raw mother of pearl; Recliners; Reclining armchairs; Reclining chairs; Reclining chairs that incorporate transducers to deliver enhanced sound vibrations and integrated speakers to deliver music and sound for purposes of meditation and relaxation; Recyclable plastic containers for commercial use manufactured with a barrier resin for chemical and acid resistance; Recycled garment hangers; Recycled plastic used for landscaping; Reeds; Reeds for use in reed diffusers sold separately; Reels, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Registration plates, not of metal; Residential and commercial furniture; Residential and commercial wrought iron furniture; Residential shelving units and component parts thereof, namely, shelves and brackets sold as a unit; Retail display units; Reusable plastic inflatable container for transportation of merchandise or materials; Reusable plastic labels with hook and loop backing for temporary attachment; Reusable wood labels with hook and loop backing for temporary attachment; Ring bearer pillows; Rivets, not of metal; Rocking chairs; Rods for beds; Rods, not of metal, for use in railway wagon loading gauges; Room dividers; Runners, not of metal, for sliding doors; Sash fasteners, not of metal, for windows; Saw benches being furniture; Saw horses; School furniture; Scratching posts; Scratching posts for cats; Screen-printed plastic letters; Screens; Screens for fireplaces; Screens of reed or substitutes for reed; Screw tops, not of metal, for bottles; Screwnails not of metal; Screws, not of metal; Sculptures comprised primarily of tensile fabric membranes; Sculptures of wood; Sea shells; Sealing caps, not of metal; Seat cushions; Seating furniture; Seats; Sections of wood for beehives; Security cabinets; Self-adhesive polyurethane pads for placement on the underside of electronics products to prevent sliding and/or scratching; Serving trolleys; Settees; Shadow boxes; Shells, unworked or semi-worked; Shelves; Shelves for books; Shelves for file cabinets; Shelves for storage; Shelves for typewriters; Shelving; Shelving and component parts thereof, namely, shelves and brackets sold as a unit; Shelving for lockers; Shoe cabinets; Shoe dowels, not of metal; Shoe pegs, not of metal; Shoe racks; Shoe valets; Shoulder poles; Shower chairs; Shower curtain hooks; Shower curtain rings; Shower curtain rods; Shower grab bars not of metal; Shower rods; Shower seats; Showshelves; Side tables; Sideboards; Signboards of wood or plastics; Sink liners; Sink mats; Slanted shelves; Slatted indoor blinds; Slatted indoor blinds for windows; Sleep products, namely, mattresses, spring mattresses, box springs and mattress foundations; Sleeper sofas; Sleeping bag pads; Sleeping mats; Sleeping pads; Slumber bags; Sneeze guards for protecting salad bars and food counters; Sofa beds; Sofas; Soft sculpture wall decorations; Spikes comprised primarily of plastic for anchoring and supporting posts; Spirit-filled energy pillows; Spirit-filled massage table covers; Split rings, not of metal, for keys; Spring locks, other than electric, not of metal; Spring mattresses; Stadium cushions; Stag antlers; Stakes, not of metal, for plants or trees; Standing desks; Stands for calculating machines; Stands for flower pots; Statues of plaster; Statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Statues of wood; Statuettes made of plaster; Statuettes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Statuettes of wood; Staves of wood; Step stools, not of metal; Stone furniture; Stone pulls; Stone pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Stools; Stoppers for bottles, not of glass, metal or rubber; Stoppers of cork or cork imitations; Storage and organization systems comprising shelves, drawers, cupboards, baskets and clothes rods, sold as a unit; Storage racks; Storage racks for firewood; Storage racks for storing hanging works of art; Storage racks to hold vehicle mats; Straw mattress; Straw mattresses; Straw plaits; Stream deflectors in the nature of a non-metal concave surface for use in distributing an irrigation stream of water onto a soil surface; Stuffed animals in the nature of taxidermy; Suction cup hangers and hooks made of silicone polymer; Support bracket not made of metal for attachment to furniture to support items to be kept in hands' reach, such as a pistol, remote control, flashlight, cell phone, or eyeglasses; Surfboard display racks; Surveying equipment, namely, non-metal boundary markers for topographical use; Table tops; Tablecloth weights not of metal; Tables; Tables of metal; Tack boxes; Tack horses; Tackboards; Tailors' dummies; Tamper-evident plastic bands used on food packaging with seaming and a pull-tab or flap; Taps, not of metal, for casks; Tea carts; Tea tables; Tea trolleys; Television stands; Tent pegs, not of metal; Three dimensional decorative mobiles made from felt; Three dimensional decorative ornaments made from plastic; Three dimensional ornaments made from plastic; Three dimensional plastic appliqués for attachment to cars, windows, mirrors, and other solid surfaces; Three dimensional plastic ornaments; Three dimensional plastic ornaments for attachment to cars, windows, mirrors, and other solid surfaces; Three-dimensional holiday ornaments made from fabric; Three-dimensional shadowbox wall art composed primarily of seashells; Three-mirror dressing tables; Throw pillows; Tie racks; Tie racks; Tissue box covers of textile; Tissue box covers of wood; Toilet footstool to place one's feet on while sitting on a toilet; Toilet mirrors being hand-held mirrors; Tool and tool accessory boxes not made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Tool and tool accessory trays not made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Tool boxes not of metal ; Tool boxes, not of metal, empty; Tool chests not of metal; Tool chests, not of metal, empty; Towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal; Towel dispensers, not of metal, fixed; Towel hooks not of metal; Towel racks; Towel stands; Towel stands; Toy boxes; Toy boxes and chests; Toy chests; Toy organizers comprised of shelves and removable storage bins sold as a unit; Transport pallets, not of metal; Trestle tables; Troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; Typing desks; U-shaped pillows; Umbrella stands; Umpire chairs; Unfitted neoprene beer keg tap covers; Unworked or semi-worked tortoiseshells; Upholstered furniture; Upright signboards of wood or plastics; Valet stands; Valves of plastic being other than machine parts; Vats not of metal; Vats, not of metal; Venetian blinds; Vice benches being furniture; Vinyl appliques for attachment to windows, mirrors, and other solid surfaces; Vinyl hanger used by the real estate industry to hang promotional material on doors; Vise benches being furniture; Vitrines; Wall fixtures, namely, plastic three-dimensional designs to be attached to the walls of bathrooms; Wall frame for the display of media storage containers; Wall plaques made of plastic or wood; Wall plaques made of wood; Wall-mounted baby changing platforms; Wall-mounted diaper changing platforms; Wall-mounted gun racks; Wall-mounted panel units for exhibitions, displays and partitioning; Wall-mounted tool racks; Wardrobes; Washstands; Water beds not for medical purposes; Water beds, not for medical purposes; Water tanks of plastic for household, industrial, and agricultural purposes; Waterbeds; Waterbeds, not for medical purposes; Wax figurines; Wearable travel pillow with a storage compartment; Wig trees, namely, nonmetal stands for wig display and storage; Wind chimes; Wind-driven bird-repelling devices not of metal; Winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Window fasteners, not of metal; Window fittings, not of metal; Window stops, not of metal or rubber; Wine racks; Wood barrels; Wood bedsteads; Wood bins; Wood boxes; Wood carvings; Wood cases; Wood chopping block tables; Wood crates; Wood doorknobs; Wood kegs; Wood knobs; Wood poles; Wood products, namely, composite panels, particleboard and fiberboard for use in further manufacturing; Wood pulls; Wood storage tanks; Wood substrates for use in making signs; Wood substrates, namely, composite panels, particleboard and fiberboard for use in manufacturing of signs; Wooden axe spacers; Wooden bars and grids in the nature of safety gates for temporary mounting on door frames to prevent access; Wooden beds; Wooden boxes with a locked storage area for personal items; Wooden craft sticks; Wooden display stands; Wooden holders for signboards; Wooden lids for industrial packaging containers; Wooden sculptures; Wooden signboards; Wooden stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Wooden tubs; Work benches; Work surfaces; Workbenches; Works of art in mixed media composed primarily of polymers; Works of art made of amber; Works of art made of amberoid; Works of art made of plaster; Works of art made of wax; Works of art made of wood; Works of art of nutshell; Works of art of plastic; Works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Workstations having multi-use work surfaces for use in a wide variety of fields; Worktops; Writing desks; Yellow amber, raw or partly worked

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