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Saturday, March 9, 2019
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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5 Dietary supplements for humans
29 Fresh, chilled or frozen edible aquatic animals (not live); frozen vegetables; frozen fruits; processed vegetables and fruits; processed meat products; canned seafood products; steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (Kamaboko); tube-shaped toasted cakes of fish paste (Chikuwa); steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (Hampen); fish paste products; tempura seafood; processed seafood products; edible oils and fats; milk products; meat for human consumption (fresh, chilled or frozen); eggs; fried tofu pieces (Abura-age); freeze-dried tofu pieces (Kohri -dofu); jelly made from devils' tongue root (Konnyaku); soya milk; Tofu; fermented soybeans (Natto); processed eggs; pre-cooked curry stew, stew and soup mixes; dried flakes of laver for sprinkling on rice in hot water (Ochazuke-nori); Furi-kake (dried f lakes of fish, meat, vegetables or seaweed); side-dish made of fermented soybean (Name-mono); preserved pulses; protein foodstuffs for human consumption; Uncooked oden set, namely, prepackaged fish cakes, vegetables, boiled eggs, fried tofu, wheat f lour paste, rice cake, seaweed and soy sauce-based soup, all for making Japanese stew; oden, namely, a pre-cooked Japanese stew
30 Japanese seasonings(dashi); sauce for oden (a type of Japanese stew); dressings for salad; seasonings (other than spices); aromatic preparations for food ; prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; ice; confectionery; bread and buns; sandwiches; steamed buns stuffed with minced meat (Chuka-manjuh); hamburgers (sandwiches); pizzas; hot dogs (sandwiches); meat pies; spices; unroasted coffee beans; cereal preparations; chocolate spread; Chinese stuffed dumplings (Gyoza, cooked); Chinese steamed dumplings (Shumai, cooked); Sushi; fried balls of batter mix with small pieces of octopus (Takoyaki); boxed lunches consisting of rice, with added meat, fish or vegetables; ravioli; yeast powder; Koj i (fermented malted rice); yeast; baking powder; instant confectionery mixes; pasta sauce; by -product of rice for food (Sake lees); husked rice; husked oats; husked barley; gluten for food; flour
31 Vegetables, fresh; fruits, fresh; edible aquatic animals, live; edible seaweeds; wreaths of natural flowers for ceremonies or funerals; fishing baits; hops; sugar crops; malt, not for food; foxtail millet, unprocessed; proso millet, unprocessed; sesame, unprocessed; buckwheat, unprocessed; corn (unprocessed grain); Japanese barnyard millet, unprocessed; wheat, barley and oats, unprocessed; unprocessed rice; sorghum, unprocessed; protein foodstuffs for animal consumption; animal foodstuffs; seeds and bulbs; trees; grasses (plants); turf (natural); dried flowers; seedlings; saplings; flowers (natural); pasture grass; potted dwarfed trees (Bonsai); live mammals, fish (not for food), birds and insects; silkworm eggs; cocoons for silkworm breeding; eggs for hatching; Urushi tree seeds; rough cork; palm tree leaves, unworked
32 Refreshing beverages, namely, sports drinks, soft drinks for energy supply, mineral water, soda water; non-alcoholic fruits juice beverages; vegetable juice beverages
33 Awamori (distilled rice spirits); Sake substitute; Japanese white liquor (Shochu); Japanese sweet rice-based mixed liquor (Shiro-zake); Sake; Naoshi (Japanese liquor); Japanese Shochu-based mixed liquor (Mirin); western liquors in general; alcoholic fruit beverages; Japanese Shochu-based beverages (Chuhai); Chinese liquors in general; flavored liquors

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