Trademark: 88326710
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Friday, March 8, 2019
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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6 Pot hooks of metal; Baskets of common metal; Numberplates of metal; Hand-held flagpoles of metal; Memorial cups of non-precious metal; Wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; Stakes of metal for plants or trees; Metal cages for wild animals; Ladders of metal; Towel dispensers of metal; Barrels of metal; Bottle fasteners of metal; Fittings of metal for furniture; Door scrapers of metal; Outdoor blinds of metal; Tombstones of non-precious metal; Monuments of non-precious metal; Shoe pegs of metal; Ferrules of metal for canes and walking-sticks; Firedogs; Screws of metal; Locks of metal for bags; Bicycle locks of metal; Filings of metal; Alloys of common metal; Pipe tubes of metal; Welding wire; Staircases of metal; Bars for metal railings; Door fittings of metal; Floor boards of metal; Knobs of metal; Floor tiles of metal; Portable gazebos primarily of metal; Transport pallets of metal; Artificial fish reefs of metal; Paint spraying booths of metal; Cable thimbles of metal; Rocket launching platforms of metal; Diving boards of metal; Tent pegs of metal; Crampons; Spurs; Buckles of common metal; Non-electric wires of common metal; Insect screens of metal; Works of art of common metal; Metal hooks

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Mar 8, 2019
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