Trademark: 88323361
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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Sunday, March 3, 2019

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6 Metal adapters for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal aerosol cans sold empty; Metal aerosol containers sold empty; Metal air conditioning ducts; Metal alloys for further manufacturing; Metal alloys for use in the manufacture of metal sputtering targets; Metal animal shelters; Metal axe spacers; Metal bale net wrapping; Metal ball lock pins; Metal bank vaults; Metal barrels; Metal barriers for pedestrian traffic control; Metal bars for further manufacture; Metal bathroom hardware, namely, pulls; Metal bathtub grab bars; Metal bathtub rails; Metal beam clamps; Metal beams; Metal bed fittings; Metal bells; Metal beverage cans; Metal bicycle locks; Metal bicycle storage racks; Metal billets; Metal binding strips used on packaging; Metal bins; Metal bird baths being structures; Metal bleachers; Metal bollards; Metal bolts; Metal bonding fasteners for mounting and demounting of ceiling and wall panels; Metal bottle caps; Metal bottle stoppers; Metal boxes; Metal braces for handling loads; Metal brackets for use in the construction and assembly of decking; Metal brads; Metal brazing rods; Metal building flashing; Metal building material, namely, fascia; Metal building materials, namely, ceiling boards and floor boards; Metal building materials, namely, soffits; Metal bump keys for locksmithing; Metal buoys; Metal butane fuel canisters sold empty; Metal cabinet door catches; Metal cabinet stops; Metal cable clips; Metal cable trays used in building construction; Metal cable wire; Metal cages for HVAC units; Metal cages for wild animals; Metal canopies; Metal cans, sold empty; Metal caps for bottles; Metal cash boxes; Metal cash deposit boxes; Metal casings used to stabilize the wellbore in oil and gas wells; Metal casks; Metal casters; Metal casting forms for concrete; Metal castings; Metal castings for turbines; Metal catch basins for attachment to sewer pipes to trap debris; Metal ceiling medallions; Metal ceiling panels; Metal ceiling tiles; Metal chain door guards; Metal chainlink fences; Metal chainlink fencing; Metal chains; Metal chests; Metal chimney caps; Metal chimney cowls; Metal chimneys; Metal clad pipes; Metal cladding for construction and building; Metal clamp-type fasteners for holding in place curtains, tarps, canvas, cloth and film covering material; Metal clamps; Metal clapboard; Metal clips for general use; Metal closures for containers; Metal clothes hooks; Metal clothesline wire; Metal components for metal protective and security window shutters, namely, slats, shutterboxes, side frames, end caps, crank handles, pull straps, side tracks, ball bearings and installation hardware, namely, rollers, rails, cables, carriers, pins, locks, clips, brackets and screws; Metal concrete construction hardware, namely, load transfer dowels; Metal conduit; Metal connectors for decking and decking joists; Metal containers for compressed gas or liquid air; Metal containers for liquid fuel; Metal containers for the storage and transportation of goods; Metal cornices; Metal cotter pins; Metal couplings for fire hoses; Metal couplings for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal cove bases; Metal coverings for ceilings; Metal cup hooks; Metal curtain walls; Metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids, sold empty; Metal dasher boards; Metal dead bolts; Metal deadbolts; Metal debris guards for gutters; Metal decking; Metal depository housing sold empty that may be used to contain photographic and computer components; Metal diverting elements for cables, namely, routing elements; Metal diving boards; Metal dock cleats; Metal dog tags; Metal domestic shrines; Metal door bolts; Metal door frames; Metal door frames for refrigerating rooms; Metal door hardware, namely, keys and key cylinders; Metal door hardware, namely, non-powered door actuators; Metal door kick plates; Metal door latches; Metal door panels; Metal door trim; Metal door units; Metal door viewers; Metal doorknockers; Metal doors; Metal dowels; Metal down spouts; Metal downspouts; Metal drain pipes; Metal drains for use in construction of basement waterproofing systems; Metal drawer trim; Metal drill pipes for use in well boring; Metal dust proof strikes; Metal ear tags for livestock; Metal elbows for pipes; Metal ember retainer for use on fireplace grates; Metal engine stands; Metal expanding sleeves for affixing screws; Metal expansion joints for floors and walls; Metal expansion joints for piping and ducting; Metal exterior blinds; Metal exterior roller blinds for guiding light; Metal eye bolts; Metal fasteners for scaffolds; Metal fastening anchors; Metal faucets for casks; Metal fence panels; Metal fence posts; Metal fence rail clamps; Metal fence stays; Metal fencing panels; Metal fencing stays; Metal filtering tubes used to prevent storm water runoff pollutants from entering sewer systems; Metal fins for guiding light; Metal fire resistant safes; Metal fireplace screens; Metal fireplace surrounds and metal decorative fireplace facings; Metal fish plates in the nature of hardware for fastening rails; Metal flanges; Metal floor panels; Metal floor tiles; Metal floor trusses; Metal flooring; Metal floors; Metal flow deflectors in the nature of faceted metal surfaces forming a closed volume for use in reducing local scour that occurs around bridge piers and abutments; Metal fluid storage tanks; Metal folding doors; Metal forgings; Metal forgings for turbines; Metal formwork tables; Metal frame to support and accommodate use of leaf bags; Metal frames for holding and securing trash bags during clean-up; Metal fuel oil hoses; Metal furnace grates; Metal furnace screens; Metal furniture casters; Metal furniture sliders; Metal garage door rollers; Metal garage doors; Metal garden stakes; Metal garment hooks; Metal gate hooks and eyes; Metal gate stops; Metal gates; Metal gates and fences; Metal gates and fencing; Metal gates and fencing panels; Metal gazebos; Metal glazier points; Metal gratings; Metal greenhouse frames; Metal greenhouses; Metal guard rails; Metal guardrails; Metal gutter pipes; Metal gutters; Metal guy wire; Metal hand-operated electrical holiday light storage reels; Metal hardware for use in descending ropes, namely, belay devices; Metal hardware for use in descending ropes, namely, descenders; Metal hardware, namely, carabiners of metal; Metal hardware, namely, double-end swivels; Metal hardware, namely, general use wall and ceiling mounts for audio, video or computer equipment; Metal hardware, namely, karabiners of metal; Metal hardware, namely, nuts; Metal hardware, namely, pulleys; Metal hardware, namely, spacers used in the installation of flooring; Metal hardware, namely, springs; Metal hardware, namely, washers; Metal harnesses for handling loads; Metal heating ducts; Metal hexagon head bolts; Metal hexes; Metal hinges; Metal holders for signboards; Metal holders for signs; Metal hooks; Metal hose clamps; Metal hose fittings; Metal hoses for agricultural use; Metal hoses for plumbing use; Metal hoses for swimming pools; Metal house numbers; Metal hydraulically-operated overhead doors; Metal identification bands for blood collection systems; Metal identification bracelets; Metal indicia tabs; Metal interior storm windows; Metal jalousies; Metal joinery fittings; Metal joists; Metal junction sleeves for non-electric cables; Metal junctions for pipes; Metal karabiners; Metal kegs; Metal key blanks; Metal key holders; Metal keys for locks; Metal knobs; Metal knockers; Metal ladders; Metal ladders for libraries; Metal laminated leaf-springs; Metal landscape edgings; Metal latch bars; Metal latches; Metal laths; Metal lattices; Metal lawn edging; Metal letter boxes; Metal license plates; Metal lids; Metal lids for cans; Metal lintels; Metal lock boxes; Metal locking mechanisms; Metal locks; Metal locks and keys therefor; Metal locksets; Metal louvers for guiding light; Metal mail boxes; Metal mail plates; Metal mail slots; Metal mailboxes; Metal mandrels, not being parts of machines; Metal manhole covers; Metal manifolds for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal marine hardware, namely, thimbles; Metal mats for use as load support surfaces in the construction industry; Metal mine drilling and working platforms; Metal mirror hangers; Metal modular homes; Metal mooring buoys; Metal motorcycle stand that may be raised and lowered by non-powered means; Metal mounting brackets for general use; Metal mullions; Metal multi-point locking system in a wood door; Metal name plates; Metal nameplates and door nameplates; Metal nipples; Metal novelty license plates; Metal nuts; Metal oil cans sold empty; Metal ores; Metal ornamental subceiling panel units; Metal packaging trays; Metal padlocks; Metal palings; Metal palisades; Metal pallets; Metal panels in the nature of suppressors for preventing vortex formations in liquids; Metal pantile; Metal parking curbs; Metal partitions for building; Metal patio doors; Metal pegs; Metal penstock pipes; Metal pet doors; Metal pet tags; Metal pickets; Metal picture hangers; Metal pillars for buildings; Metal pipe clips; Metal pipe collars; Metal pipe connectors; Metal pipe couplings and joints; Metal pipe fittings; Metal pipe fittings for compressed air pipes; Metal pipe fittings, namely, rosettes; Metal pipe muffs; Metal pipe supports; Metal pipes; Metal pipes and metal fittings therefor; Metal pipes and tubes; Metal pipes for liquid and gas transfer; Metal plant markers; Metal plugs; Metal poles; Metal pontoons and structural supports therefor, used to support decking; Metal portable pier which extends from a shore line out over water; Metal portable staircases; Metal portable stairs; Metal portable stairs for pets; Metal posts; Metal pre-rinse, wash down spray nozzles for commercial and industrial use; Metal pressurized foam dispensers for fire fighting sold empty; Metal profiles for arranging devices on and in walls, ceiling and other surfaces; Metal profiles made of steel, iron, nickel, titanium and other metals and their alloys; Metal pulleys, springs and valves; Metal railings; Metal railroad ties; Metal rails; Metal railway crossovers; Metal railway turntables; Metal ramps for use with vehicles; Metal recycling bins for commercial use; Metal refuse bins for commercial use; Metal reinforcement materials for building; Metal reinforcing materials for concrete; Metal rigging chain; Metal rivets; Metal rocket launching platforms; Metal rods for brazing and welding; Metal roll shutters; Metal rolling window shutters; Metal roof flashing; Metal roof trusses; Metal roofing; Metal roofing hips; Metal roofing panels; Metal roofing tiles; Metal ropes; Metal runners for sliding doors; Metal safes; Metal safety doors; Metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Metal sash fasteners for windows; Metal sash lifts; Metal sash locks; Metal scaffolding; Metal screen doors; Metal screws; Metal security lock cylinders; Metal self-aligning demountable snap fasteners consisting of press fasteners and press studs for use in attaching panels, hatches, floors and furniture in boats, motor vehicles, trains, aircraft and buildings; Metal sewer pipes; Metal shackles and hooks for lifting and rigging; Metal shelf brackets; Metal shelter structures; Metal shims; Metal shingles; Metal shower grab bars; Metal siding; Metal silos; Metal skid chains; Metal skylights; Metal sliding doors; Metal slings for loading; Metal spacer brackets; Metal speed bumps; Metal sputtering targets; Metal stabilizers for ladders; Metal staircases; Metal stanchions; Metal stands for storage and transport of inboard, outboard and stern drive boat motors; Metal staples for construction or industrial use; Metal step ladders; Metal step stools; Metal stepladders and ladders; Metal stilt leg extension attached to shoes for extending the vertical reach of workmen; Metal stoppers for bottles; Metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Metal storage boxes for general use; Metal storage drums; Metal storage reels for electrical lights; Metal storage sheds; Metal storage shelters; Metal storage tanks; Metal storage tanks and roofs therefor; Metal storm shelters; Metal storm water dry wells; Metal storm windows; Metal strapping or tie downs; Metal straw dispensers for restaurant use; Metal strong boxes; Metal structures for mounting solar panels; Metal suction cups; Metal support straps for holding planted trees in an upward position; Metal supports for use as outdoor post foundations; Metal suspended ceiling systems comprising panels; Metal swimming pools; Metal taps for beer kegs; Metal taps for casks; Metal telephone booths; Metal tent pegs; Metal tent poles; Metal tent stakes; Metal thermowells; Metal thread adapters for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal threaded fasteners; Metal thresholds; Metal throw weights for commercial or industrial use; Metal tile trim; Metal tiles; Metal tiles for walls, floors or ceilings; Metal time capsules; Metal tokens for use in vending or game machines; Metal tokens used for mass transit; Metal tombs and metal tomb plaques; Metal tool boxes; Metal tracks for rail vehicles; Metal train and bus ticket holders; Metal tree steps; Metal trellises; Metal trestles for use as table supports; Metal trim for buildings; Metal troughs for mixing mortar; Metal tubes; Metal tubes for industrial use; Metal tubing; Metal tubs; Metal tundishes; Metal turnbuckles; Metal upholstery tacks; Metal utility poles; Metal valances; Metal valves not being parts of machines; Metal vent cover for HVAC ducts; Metal vent covers for roof deck protrusions, drains and pitch pans; Metal wainscotting; Metal wall tiles; Metal wallboards; Metal water pipes; Metal weather vanes; Metal weatherboard; Metal welding rods; Metal wheel clamps; Metal window casements; Metal window cranks; Metal window fittings; Metal window frames; Metal window jambs; Metal window pulleys; Metal window sashes; Metal window screens; Metal window shutters; Metal window sills; Metal window trim; Metal windows; Metal wire cloches for protecting plants; Metal wire fences; Metal wire fencing; Metal, wash down spray nozzles for commercial and industrial use; Metallic armoured doors; Metallic doors for strongbox; Metallic doors, windows, shutters, slatted shutters; Metallic drain traps; Metallic fire doors; Metallic flanges; Metallic frames for sliding doors; Metallic materials for railway tracks; Metallic moulds for metal casting; Metallic pipes; Metallic pipes and tubes; Metallic substrate materials for catalyst; Metals and metal alloys; Metals in foil form for 3D printers; Metals in foil or powder form for 3D printers; Metals in powder form for 3D printers; Accordion doors of metal; Adhesive patches for repairing metal window shutters; Advertisement columns of metal; All-purpose metal straps; Alloys of common metal; Anchor bolts of metal for bridge connection; Angle irons of metal; Arbors of metal; Arbours of metal; Architectural elements, namely, metal friezes; Armor-plating of metal for building; Armored doors of metal; Armour plate and armour plating of metal for building; Armour-plating of metal for building; Armoured doors of metal; Artificial fish reefs of metal; Automated pet appliances, namely, metal pet doors; Automated security gates of metal; Automotive metal oil change pans; Aviaries of metal; Awnings of metal; Back-up boards, back-up sheets, back-up panels, entry boards, entry sheets, and entry panels made out of metal for use in the operation of drilling holes in printed circuit boards; Bag closures of metal; Bag hangers of metal; Balustrades of metal; Bands of metal for tying-up purposes; Bar hangers and parts and fittings therefor made of metal for electrical fixtures/housing; Bar hangers and parts and fittings therefor made of metal for lighting fixtures; Barrel hoops of metal; Barrels of metal; Barricades of metal; Bars for metal railings; Base metal alloys for use in the manufacture of cement equipment; Baskets of common metals; Bathtub grab bars of metal; Beams of metal; Bed casters of metal; Belts of metal for handling loads; Belts of metal for load handling; Beverage cans of metal; Bicycle locks of metal; Bicycle parking installations of metal; Bicycle racing number plates made of metal; Bicycle storage racks of metal; Binding screws of metal for cables; Bins of metal; Bird repellent spikes of metal; Bolt snaps of metal; Bolts of metal; Booths of metal for spraying paint; Bottle caps of metal; Bottle closures of metal; Bottle fasteners of metal; Boundary markers, namely, metal stakes, mooring bollards and anchorage plates for use in topography; Boxes of common metal; Braces of metal for handling loads; Brackets of metal for building; Brackets of metal for furniture; Branching pipes of metal; Branching pipes of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Branching tubes of metal for pipelines; Brick siding components, namely, metal track and metal clips; Buckles of common metal; Building boards of metal; Building curtain walls made primarily of metal; Building materials, namely, composite panels composed primarily of metal; Building materials, namely, metal countertops for further installation; Building materials, namely, in-wall trash and recyclable containment system sold as a unit, namely, in-wall metal trash chute device for mounting and spring-loaded chute doors; Building panels of metal; Building wall framing made primarily of metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Burial vaults of metal; Busts of common metal; Busts of non-precious metal; Cabanas of metal; Cable clamps of metal; Cable junction sleeves of metal; Cable stretchers and cincture stretchers of metal (clamp links); Cable thimbles of metal; Cake toppers of common metal; Cans of metal; Cantilevered brackets of metal; Capsules of metal for containing cremation remains or memorabilia; Cargo slings of metal; Casement windows of metal; Casements of metal; Cash boxes of metal; Cashboxes of metal; Casings of metal; Casings of metal for oilwells; Cask hoops of metal; Cask stands of metal; Casks of metal; Ceiling boards of metal; Ceiling supports of metal; Check rails of metal; Check rails of metal for railways; Chicken-houses of metal; Chimney cowls of metal; Chimney pots of metal; Chimney shafts of metal; Chimneys of metal; Cladding of metal for building; Cladding of metal for construction and building; Clevis fasteners of metal; Clips of metal for cables and pipes; Clips of metal for sealing bags; Clips of metal for tubes; Closures of metal for containers; Clothes hooks of metal; Coffin fittings of metal; Coin-operated metal gates for car parking facilities; Coin-operated metal gates for car parks or parking lots; Collapsible tubes of metal; Collars of metal for fastening pipes; Column packing for distillation columns, namely, mesh wire with a multi-filament component or expanded metal intertwined with a multi-filament component, the multi-filament selected from inert polymers, catalytic polymers, catalytic metals or mixtures thereof for producing alkylate in a sulfuric acid alkylation; Commemorative statuary cups made of non-precious metal; Commercial waste containers of metal; Common metal bands for the identification of birds; Common metal bands for the identification of pet animals; Common metal drawer pulls; Common metal powders used in manufacturing; Common metal pulls; Common metals and their alloys including stainless steel; Common metals and their alloys, unwrought or semi-wrought; Common metals in foil form; Common metals in powder form; Common metals, unwrought and semi-worked, for further manufacture; Common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; Construction elements made of metal, namely, braces; Construction elements made of metal, namely, fabricated metal components for building foundations; Construction elements made of metal, namely, shores; Construction elements made of metal, namely, supports; Construction materials, namely, metal piles; Construction materials, namely, metal toilet partitions; Containers of metal for chemicals, compressed gases and liquids; Containers of metal for compressed gas; Containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; Containers of metal for liquid fertilizers; Containers of metal for liquid fuel; Containers of metal for liquid gas; Containers of metal for stock feed; Containers of metal for storage and transport of goods; Containers of metal for storage of goods; Containers of metal for storing acids; Containers of metal for transport; Containers of metal for transport of goods; Containment systems for large scale liquid spills or releases, namely, berms made of metal; Cornices of metal; Corrosion-resistant metal overlays and alloys for fittings, steel plates, flanges, piping components; Cotter pins of metal; Cotters made of metal; Counterweight arbor assembly in the nature of a framework with weights in it made primarily of metal and also sometimes including non-metal parts for providing a counterweight for use assisting with the manually powered lifting by means of ropes, cables and/or chains of theatrical objects during the performance of theatrical productions; Couplings of metal for chains; Crash barriers of metal; Crash barriers of metal for roads; Crayfish traps of metal; Crucibles of common metal and their alloys; Crucifixes of common metal, other than jewellery; Crucifixes of common metal, other than jewelry; Custom engraved metal medical information identification cards, tags, bracelets and necklaces, not magnetically encoded and not to function as jewelry; Decorative metal mailbox covers; Decorative metal profiles for use in further manufacture; Decorative metal sheets consisting of an aluminum or steel substrate and a printed finish to add design; Decorative boxes made of non-precious metal; Decorative centerpieces of common metal; Decorative crosses of common metal, other than jewelry; Desktop statuary made of non-precious metal; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal; Diving boards of metal; Diving platforms of metal; Door bells of metal, non-electric; Door bolts of metal; Door casings of metal; Door closers of metal, non-electric; Door fasteners of metal; Door fittings of metal; Door frames of metal; Door handles of metal; Door jambs of metal; Door knobs of common metal; Door knockers of metal; Door panels of metal; Door scrapers of metal; Door springs of metal, non-electric; Door stops of metal; Doorless intermodal cargo containers of metal; Doorplates of metal; Doors and windows of metal; Doors of metal; Doors of metal for indoor use; Doorway barriers made of metal; Drain pipes made of metal; Drain pipes of metal; Drawn and polished metal bars; Drill pipe attachments, namely, metal drill collars; Drywall corner bead of metal; Duckboards of metal; Ducts and pipes of metal for central heating installations; Ducts of metal for air-conditioning installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating installations; Ducts of metal, for central heating installations; Dumpsters, namely, metal containers for receiving, transporting and dumping waste materials; Elbows of metal for pipes; Elbows of metal for pipes including those from alloy steel and titanium; Exterior metal shutters; Exterior metal shutters for building; Fasteners of metal for casement windows; Fasteners, namely, metal bars and chains; Faucets of metal for casks; Fences of metal; Ferrules of metal for canes and walking-sticks; Ferrules of metal for walking sticks; Figures of common metal; Figurines of common metal; Filings of metal; Films and sheets made from metal for use in the manufacture of circuit boards; Fire-resistant safes of metal; Fired refractory materials of metal; Fireplace grates of metal; Fireplace mantles of metal; Fish cages of metal for commercial use; Fitted liners for metal baskets; Fittings of metal for beds; Fittings of metal for coffins; Fittings of metal for compressed air hoses; Fittings of metal for flexible pipes; Fittings of metal for furniture; Fittings of metal for pipes; Fittings of metal for rigid pipes; Fittings of metal for windows; Fixed metal dispensers for dog waste bags; Fixed metal docks; Fixed dispensers of metal for cellulose wipes; Fixed dispensers of metal for pet waste bags; Fixed napkin dispensers of metal; Fixed towel dispensers of metal; Flagpoles being structures of metal; Flashing of metal for building; Flexible metal foils packaging materials for use in the manufacture of pouches, bags and lids; Floating metal docks; Floating metal islands for commercial and industrial storage, platform, or shelter purposes; Floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; Floor boards of metal; Floor hinges of metal; Floor panels of metal; Floor tiles of metal; Floors made of metal alloys; Floors of metal; Foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; Folding doors of metal; Frames of metal for building; Framework of metal for building; Frameworks of metal; Furnace fireguards of metal; Furniture casters of metal; Furniture fittings of metal; Furniture fittings of metal, namely, drawer slides; Furniture leg levelers of metal; Gate hardware, namely, metal gate latches; Gate stops of metal; Gates of metal; Gazebos primarily of metal; General purpose metal storage bins; General purpose metal storage containers; General purpose metal storage units; Girders of metal; Glass door lites sold as components of metal doors; Gratings of metal; Grave markers of non-precious metal; Grave slabs of metal; Greenhouse frames of metal; Greenhouses of metal, transportable; Grinding beads of common metal for use in wet milling; Guard rails of metal; Guard rails of metal for railways; Gutter brackets of metal; Gutter pipes of metal; Gutters of metal; Guy lines of metal; Hand operated metal garden hose reels; Hand-held flagpoles of metal; Handling pallets of metal; Handrails of metal; Hangers in the nature of metal hooks used to hang a purse or bag from a table; Hardware mounting system comprised of metal brackets for bath accessories and decorative hooks; Hardware, namely, metal brackets for general use; Hardware, namely, white metal pins; Harness of metal for handling loads; Harness of metal for load handling; Hat-hanging hooks of metal; Hinges of metal; Holder in the nature of a portable, flexible arm composed primarily of metal with a pressure lock system having the ability to attach to most flat surfaces and used to hold various household-related appliances during use; Holiday ornaments of common metal; Hooks of metal for clothes rails; Hooks of metal for roofing slates; Hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; Hose hangers of metal; House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Identification tags of metal; Identity plates of common metal; Industrial metal hoses; Industrial packaging containers of metal; Industrial packaging containers of metal; Industrial water storage tanks of metal; Industrial water tanks of metal; Ingots of common metal; Insect screens of metal; Interior metal shutters; Jalousies of metal; Jerrycans of metal; Joists of metal; Junctions of metal for flexible pipes; Junctions of metal for pipes; Junctions of metal for pipes including those from alloy steel and titanium; Junctions of metal for rigid pipes; Knobs of metal; Labels of metal; Ladders of metal; Latch bars of metal; Latches of metal; Laths of metal; Latticework of metal; Letter boxes of metal; Linings of metal for building; Linings of metal for building purposes; Lintels of metal; Liquefied gas storage tanks of metal; Loading and unloading pallets of metal; Loading pallets of metal; Lobster traps of metal; Lock cylinders of metal; Lock installation kit consisting of metal lock, screws, hinges, and a screwdriver; Locks of metal for bags; Locks of metal for vehicles; Locks of metal, other than electric; Luminous paving blocks of metal; Machine belt fasteners of metal; Magnetic metal hooks; Magnetized metal hooks for the sanitary hanging of a towel during fitness training and other athletic activities; Manhole covers of metal; Manifolds of metal for pipelines; Manually operated metal valves; Maple syrup taps of metal; Masts of metal; Materials of metal for railway construction; Materials of metal for scaffolds; Mechanical fastening elements of metal; Mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers; Mobile boarding stairs, of metal, for passengers; Modular metal pigsties; Modular metal structures with flexible covers for agricultural, commercial or industrial storage; Modular metallic buildings; Modular fabric covered buildings made substantially of metal; Moldings of metal for cornices; Molds of metal for casting ceramic materials; Molybdenum bonded with other metals in the form of sheets, plates and foils for further manufacture; Monuments of non-precious metal; Mooring bollards of metal; Mooring buoys of metal; Mooring cables of metal; Mouldings of metal for cornices; Nameplates of common metal; Non-metal lock boxes; Non-metal safes; Non-automatic metal turnstiles; Non-electric metal door bells; Non-electric cables and wires of common metals; Non-electric cables of metal; Non-electrical cables and wires of common metal; Non-ferrous metals and their alloys; Non-luminous metal beacons; Non-luminous and non-mechanical metal signs; Non-luminous and non-mechanical metal signs for decoration; Non-luminous and non-mechanical signs for roads of metal; Non-luminous and non-mechanical traffic signs of metal; Non-mechanical metal hoppers; Numbering tacks, namely, numbered metal tacks used to match removable windows to their window frames; Numberplates of metal; Nuts of metal; Offshore drilling platforms made primarily of metal; Oil drainage containers of metal; Ores of metal; Outdoor blinds of metal; Outer doors of metal; Paint spray booths of metal; Paint spraying booths of metal; Palings of metal; Pantiles of metal; Paving blocks of metal; Paving slabs of metal; Peeled metal bars; Pegs of metal; Penstock pipes of metal; Pergolas primarily of metal; Pet collar accessories, namely, metal bells; Pet collar accessories, namely, fitted silencers for metal pet tags; Pilings of metal; Pillars of metal for building; Pillars of metal for buildings; Pipe coupling of metal; Pipe muffs of metal; Pipe tubes of metal; Pipes and tubes of metal; Pipes of metal; Pipes of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Pipes of metal, for central heating installations; Pipework of metal; Pipework of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Pitons of metal; Placards of metal; Plant hangers of metal; Plaques of common metal; Plaques of common metal for use as awards; Platforms, prefabricated, of metal; Plating compositions composed of metal; Plugs of metal; Poles of metal; Poles of metal for electric lines; Poles of metal for electric power lines; Poles of metal for power lines; Portable metal buildings; Portable metal free-standing barriers; Portable metal gates and fencing panels used to control livestock; Portable metal levees; Portable metal risers for performance groups; Portable metal structures with flexible covers for agricultural, commercial or industrial storage; Portable buildings made primarily of metal; Portable fabric covered buildings made substantially of metal; Portable mobile metal office buildings; Portable skating rink structures, of metal; Portable trade show display booth made primarily of metal; Posts of metal; Posts of metal for power lines; Pot hooks of metal; Poultry cages of metal; Pre-fabricated metal architectural columns; Pre-fabricated metal building assembly kits; Pre-fabricated metal pigsties; Pre-fabricated houses of metal; Pre-packaged kits containing metal hardware in the nature of suspension clamps, yoke plates and connecting links and electrical protection devices in the nature of insulators, corona rings, armor-rods and surge arresters, all of which attach or connect transmission conductors to high voltage electric transmission towers; Prefabricated metal bridges; Prefabricated metal buildings; Prefabricated metal platforms; Prefabricated buildings made substantially of metal; Prefabricated fabric covered buildings made substantially of metal; Prefabricated garages of metal; Pulleys of metal, other than for machines; Pyrophoric metals; Railroad ties of metal; Rails of metal; Railway derail in the nature of a metal object that is manually positioned on a railway rail for controlling movement on the rail; Railway sleepers of metal; Recreational vehicle stabilization system comprised of a pair of adjustable metal tubing braces that are placed against each side of the vehicle frame and are connected with a chain and are tensioned with a chain tensioner; Refractory blocks of metal; Refractory bricks of metal; Refractory castable mixes of metal; Refractory construction materials of metal; Refractory furnace linings of metal; Refractory shapes of metal; Registration plates of metal; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Reinforcing materials of metal for building purposes; Reinforcing materials of metal for buildings; Reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; Reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; Reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; Reinforcing pins of metal for formwork; Removable metal safety swimming pool fencing and fencing gates; Reservoirs of metal; Revolving doors of metal; Ring-shaped fittings of metal; Rivets of metal; Rivets, cramps and nails of metal; Road signs of metal; Road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Rocket launching platforms of metal; Rods of metal for brazing; Rods of metal for brazing and welding; Rods of metal for brazing and welding including those from alloy steel and titanium; Rods of metal for use in railway wagon loading gauges; Rods of metal for welding; Rolling window shutters of metal; Roof coverings of metal; Roof flashing of metal; Roof gutters of metal; Roofing of metal; Roofing of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells; Roofing of metal, incorporating solar cells; Roofing tiles of metal; Rope thimbles of metal; Ropes of metal; Rotating junctions of metal for pipes; Runners of metal for sliding doors; Sash fasteners of metal for windows; Scaffolding of metal; Scaffolding towers of metal; Screw rings of metal; Screw tops of metal for bottles; Screws of metal; Sculptures made of non-precious metal; Sculptures of metal; Sealing caps of metal; Sealing caps of metal for bottles; Secure metal storage sheds for tools, namely, a shed featuring an electronic configuration to monitor the movement of tools in and out of storage; Self-tapping bushings of metal; Semi-refractory bricks of metal; Shaped metal manhole security barrier; Sheet metal; Sheet metal linings; Sheets of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Shoe dowels of metal; Shoe pegs of metal; Shutters of metal; Signboards of metal; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Silos of metal; Single crystal source materials, namely, refractory metals; Slabs of metal for building; Slabs of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Slings of metal for handling loads; Small items of metal hardware, namely, high security locks and sheet metal plates primarily for the casino and gaming industry; Snowboard locks of metal; Solar panel mounts made of metal; Soldering wire of metal; Souvenir license plates of metal; Spacer brackets of metal; Specially designed metal alloy discs, pendants and stickers for reduction of electromagnetic radiation from wired and wireless devices; Split rings of common metal for keys; Spring locks of metal, other than electric; Spring-retracted metal hose reels; Stages for disc jockeys composed of primarily metal materials; Stages for musical performance composed of primarily metal materials; Stained glass door lites sold as components of metal doors; Stair nosing of metal; Stair treads of metal; Staircases of metal; Stairs of metal; Stakes of metal for plants or trees; Statues of common metal; Statues of non-precious metal; Statues of non-precious metal of Buddha; Statues of non-precious metal of Jesus; Statues of non-precious metal of the Virgin Mary; Statuettes of common metal; Statuettes of non-precious metal; Step ladders made of metal; Step stools of metal; Storage pallets of metal; Straps of metal for handling loads; Straps of metal for load handling; Stream deflectors in the nature of a metal concave surface for use in distributing an irrigation stream of water onto a soil surface; Street gutters of metal; Strike plates of metal; Structural joint connectors of metal; Structure joint connectors of metal; Substrates primarily of metal for supporting solar cells, photovoltaic cells and solar collectors; Support bracket made of metal for attachment to furniture to support items to be kept in hands' reach, such as a pistol, remote control, flashlight, cell phone, or eyeglasses; Surveying equipment, namely, metal boundary markers for topographical use; Swing doors of metal; Tablecloth weights of metal; Tamper-evident metal foil labels used on shipping boxes; Taps of metal for casks; Telegraph posts of metal; Telephone booths of metal; Telephone boxes of metal; Tension links of metal; Tent pegs of metal; Tent poles of metal; Thin bands of metal; Threaded metal rods; Tile flooring of metal; Tile floorings of metal; Tiles of metal for building; Tins of metal; Tissue box covers of metal; Tomb slabs of metal; Tombac; Tombs of metal; Tombstones of non-precious metal; Tool and tool accessory boxes made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Tool and tool accessory trays made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Tool boxes of metal; Tool boxes of metal, empty; Tool chests of metal, empty; Tools chests of metal sold empty; Tools, components and supplies for use in making signs, namely, metal substrates, panels, sign blanks and wire; Towel dispensers of metal; Towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; Towel hooks of metal; Transport pallets of metal; Transportable metal constructions; Transportable buildings of metal; Transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; Tree protectors of metal; Trellis of metal; Trophies of common metal; Trophies of common metal for use as awards; Trophy columns of common metal; Troughs of metal for mixing mortar; Tubes of metal; Turnstiles of metal; Ultrafying inorganic metallic compound in liquid form for environmental remediation purposes; Underdrainage pipes of metal; Underground tornado shelters made of metal; Upright signboards of common metal; Valves of metal other than parts of machines including those from alloy steel and titanium; Valves of metal, other than parts of machines; Vanadium; Vats of metal; Vehicle rescue apparatus, namely, metal cables used to affix between vehicles to pull a jammed or stuck door of one of the vehicles; Vendor booths made primarily of metal; Ventilating ducts of metal; Wainscotting of metal; Wall claddings of metal for building; Wall hooks of metal for pipes; Wall linings of metal for building; Wall panels of metal; Wall plaques made of common metal; Wall tiles of metal; Wall tiles of metal for building; Water tanks of metal for household purposes; Water treatment equipment, namely, metal water storage basins for collecting and storing water; Water-pipe valves of metal; Water-pipes of metal; Weather vanes of metal; Weather- or wind-vanes of metal; Weatherboards of metal; Wheel chocks made primarily of metal; Wind vanes of metal; Window casements of metal; Window casings of metal; Window fasteners of metal; Window frames of metal; Window rails of metal; Window sashes of metal; Window stops of metal; Windows of metal; Wire of common metal; Works of art of common metal; Works of art of non-precious metal; Wrapping or binding bands of metal
20 Metal cabinets; Metal chairs; Metal display stands; Metal furniture; Metal shelving; Metal storage cabinets; Metal tool cabinets; Clips, not of metal, for cables and pipes; Furniture of metal; Picture frames of precious metal; Prefabricated closet organization systems made of metal; Shelving; Tool and tool accessory boxes not made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor

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