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Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

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8 Air pumps, hand-operated; Branding irons; Ear-piercing apparatus; Engraving needles; Fire irons; Fireplace bellows; Flat irons; Glazing irons; Hand-operated post hole diggers; Hand-operated press machines for paper making, book binding, embossing and relief and intaglio printing; Hand-operated sprayers for insecticide; Hand-operated percussion hammer drills; Hand tools, namely, fruit pickers; Hand tools, namely, grafting tools; Hand tools, namely, hand tools for skimming wall repairs in small or tight areas with joint compound, putty, or smoothing vinyl lettering; Hand tools, namely, ratchet wrenches; Hand tools, namely, dies; Hand tools, namely, expanders; Hand tools, namely, files; Hand tools, namely, mitre boxes; Hand tools, namely, pincers; Hand tools, namely, punches; Hand tools, namely, screwdrivers; Hand tools, namely, stamps; Hand tools, namely, graving tools; Harpoons for commercial fishing; Manual drills; Manually-operated basket presses; Nail buffers; Nail punches; Non-electric caulking guns; Oyster openers; Pedicure sets; Pin punches; Pliers; Pruning knives; Razors, electric or non-electric; Secateurs; Silverware, namely, forks, knives and spoons that are made of silver or silver-plated; Spanners; Table forks; Tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Trowels; Tweezers; Vices; Wire strippers; Bits for hand drills; Manicure sets, electric; Mortars for pounding being hand tools
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Mar 6, 2019
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