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Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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2 Nonstick coating for cookware and portable electric appliances
7 Electric powered soldering irons; Electric soldering irons; Electric coffee grinders; Electric food blenders; Electric food blenders; Electric food grinders; Electric meat grinders; Electrical coffee grinders; Electrically-powered kitchen appliance for dicing, mincing, slicing and chopping food; Kitchen grinders, electric; Machines, namely, crushers, impact mills, breakers, pulverizers, mixers and blenders and parts therefor, for industrial and commercial applications; Power-operated meat grinders; Soldering irons, electric
8 Electric irons; Electric irons for styling hair; Electric flat irons; Electric hair curling irons; Electric hair straightening irons; Electric hand-held hair styling irons; Flat irons, electric
9 Electronic equipment, namely, transformers, baluns, and cables, all used in connection with computers, computer peripheral devices, televisions, audio-video equipment, closed-circuit TV equipment and telecommunication equipment; Consumer electronic products, namely, audio amplifiers, audio speakers, audio receivers, electrical audio and speaker cables and connectors, audio decoders, video decoders, speakers, power conversion devices, power converters, and power inverters
11 Air fryers; Appliances for domestic use, namely, temperature controlled wine cellars; Coffee filters not of paper being part of electric coffee makers; Electric grills; Electric heater for infant food; Electric heaters for babies' bottles; Electric heaters for commercial use; Electric heaters for massage stones; Electric beverage heaters; Electric coffee pots; Electric cooking pots; Electric cup heaters; Electric frying pans; Electric indoor grills; Electric outdoor grills; Electric panini grills; Electric patio heaters; Electric radiant heaters; Electric space heaters; Electric tea pots; Electric thermo pots; Electric waffle irons; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Fans for HVAC units; Grill accessories, namely, charcoal grill conversion units for converting charcoal grills to electric smokers; Hair driers; Hair dryer diffusers; Hair dryers; Hair dryers for beauty salon use; Hair dryers for household purposes; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Humidifiers; Humidifiers for central heating radiators; Humidifiers for household purposes; Humidifiers for household use; Humidifiers for musical instruments; Kettles, electric; Laundry driers, electric; Laundry dryers, electric; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens for cooking; Microwave ovens for household purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial use; Portable electric warm air dryer; Portable evaporative air coolers; Air humidifying apparatus; Anion generating humidifiers; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying hand-held electric hair dryers; Bathroom exhaust fans; Ceiling fans; Ceiling fans with integrated lights; Combination hair dryers and chairs for use in beauty salons; Combination microwave and convection oven; Commercial and industrial cookware, namely, gas and electric boilers, gas and electric broilers, gas and electric roasters, gas and electric braising pans; Cooling fan systems for wall ovens; Electric coffee makers; Electric coffee makers; Electric fans; Electric fans; Electric fans for personal use; Electric fans with evaporative cooling devices; Electric hair dryers; Electric kettles; Electric kettles for household purposes; Electric rice cooker; Electric sandwich makers; Electric slow cookers; Electric toasters; Electric toasters; Electric bladeless fans; Electric heating fans; Electric tea kettles; Electric window fans; Electrical rice cookers; Hand-held electric hair dryers; Industrial humidifiers; Industrial rice cookers; Industrial electric oscillating fans for automatic cleaning of ceilings, light fixtures, ducts and other overhead structures exposed to fibrous airborne contaminants; Interior environment control system for commercial buildings, namely, heaters, ventilators and humidifiers all sold as a unit; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus for cooking, baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, searing, browning, barbecuing and grilling food; Portable electric heaters; Portable electric fans; Roof fans; Rooftop grease containment system comprising an exhaust fan, grease deflector, and filter for trapping grease vented from rooftop exhaust fans for cooking areas within the building; Thermo-pots, electric; USB-powered humidifiers for household use; USB-powered desktop fans; Ventilating fans for commercial and industrial use; Ventilating fans for industrial purposes; Ventilating exhaust fans; Ventilating, high-velocity fixed exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilating, high-velocity portable exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilation fan accessories, namely, grilles; Waffle irons, electric; Whistling kettles, electric

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May 8, 2019
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May 8, 2019
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May 8, 2019
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