Trademark: 88314328
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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Monday, February 25, 2019
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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Akemel Negash Hassen - Owner At Publication

22 Awnings of textile; Bags for washing hosiery; Body bags; Brattice cloth; Cables, not of metal; Camouflage nets; Canvas canopies; Car towing ropes; Carbon fibers for textile use; Coconut fiber; Coconut fibers; Cocoons; Cord; Cordage; Cordage made of hemp; Cords for hanging pictures; Cotton waste; Down feathers; Down feathers for stuffing material; Down feathers for use as stuffing; Eiderdown; Feathers and downs; Feathers for bedding; Fishing nets; Flock for stuffing; Glass fibres for textile use; Hammocks; Hemp fibres; Hemp for textile use; Hemp nettings; Jute; Jute bags for industrial use; Kapok; Ladder tapes for venetian blinds; Liber; Mail bags; Outdoor blinds of textile; Packaging bags of textile material; Packing rope; Packing materials, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Padding and stuffing materials not of rubber, paper or plastic; Padding materials not of rubber, paper or plastic; Padding materials, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Plastic fibers for textile use; Plastic fibres for textile use; Portable toy storage bag; Purse seines; Raw cotton; Raw fibrous textile; Raw fibrous textile materials; Raw silk; Rope ladders; Ropes, not of metal; Sacks or bags for the transportation or storage of materials in bulk; Sails; Sawdust; Seaweed for stuffing; Sisal; Sisal fiber; Slings, not of metal, for handling loads; Snare nets; Straw wrappers for bottles; String; Tarpaulins; Tents; Tents; Textile fibers; Textile fibres; Tow; Twine for nets; Vehicle covers, not fitted; Vitreous silica fibers for textile use; Wood shavings; Wood shavings for stuffing; Wood wool; Wood wool; Wool tops; Wrapping or binding bands, not of metal; All-purpose tarpaulins of plastic; All-purpose nylon straps; Bed tents; Bivouac sacks being shelters; Bottle envelopes of straw; Bungee cords; Canvas tarpaulins; Carded wool; Cargo slings of rope or fabric; Cloth bags for stacking and storing diapers and blankets; Cloth bags specially adapted for the storage of diapers; Clothes pin storage bags; Combed wool; Cords made of textile fibres; Cotton tow; Elastic bands for binding; Esparto grass; Feathers for stuffing upholstery; Fleece wool; Floss silk; Garment bags for storage; Glass fibers for textile use; High-density polyethylene plastic bags for the storage of household items; Horticultural bags and sacks, namely, bags and sacks made of woven synthetic or natural fibers or plastics materials, all for use in growing any type of plant, shrub or tree; Mail sack, namely, functional sack for receiving and holding incoming mail put through a door mail slot; Mesh bags for storage; Metallic fibers for textile use; Mooring cables, not of metal; Nets for camouflage; Non-metal slings for loading; Nylon straps for handling loads; Nylon tie down straps; Nylon towing straps; Packing string; Protective liners of vinyl for hot tubs, swimming pools, ponds, spas and industrial tanks; Raw textile fibers; Shoe bags for storage; Shorn wool; Stuffing, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Synthetic fibers; Synthetic fibers and filaments for use in the manufacture of fabrics, textiles, yarns, and carpets; Tarpaulins; Unfitted liners of flexible vinyl for hot tubs, swimming pools, ponds, spas and industrial tanks; Waterproof bags, namely, wet bags for temporary storage of wet and/or soiled cloth diapers
The color(s) blue and red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the wording "DAMERU" in stylized font with a blue circle surrounding the "D", which appears as a transparent space in the center of the blue circle. The "A" appears in blue and "MERU" appears in red. The use of white in the drawing is to show transparent areas and is not claimed as a specific feature of the mark.
The English translation of "DaMeru" in the mark is "Be quiet!".

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Jul 2, 2019
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