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Friday, March 15, 2019
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Monday, February 25, 2019

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22 Awnings of textile; Bags for washing hosiery; Body bags; Brattice cloth; Cables, not of metal; Camouflage nets; Canvas canopies; Car towing ropes; Carbon fibers for textile use; Coconut fiber; Coconut fibers; Cocoons; Cord; Cordage; Cordage made of hemp; Cords for hanging pictures; Cotton waste; Down feathers; Down feathers for stuffing material; Down feathers for use as stuffing; Eiderdown; Feathers and downs; Feathers for bedding; Fishing nets; Flock for stuffing; Glass fibres for textile use; Hammocks; Hemp fibres; Hemp for textile use; Hemp nettings; Jute; Jute bags for industrial use; Kapok; Ladder tapes for venetian blinds; Liber; Mail bags; Outdoor blinds of textile; Packaging bags of textile material; Packing rope; Packing materials, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Padding and stuffing materials not of rubber, paper or plastic; Padding materials not of rubber, paper or plastic; Padding materials, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Plastic fibers for textile use; Plastic fibres for textile use; Portable toy storage bag; Purse seines; Raw cotton; Raw fibrous textile; Raw fibrous textile materials; Raw silk; Rope ladders; Ropes, not of metal; Sacks or bags for the transportation or storage of materials in bulk; Sails; Sawdust; Seaweed for stuffing; Sisal; Sisal fiber; Slings, not of metal, for handling loads; Snare nets; Straw wrappers for bottles; String; Tarpaulins; Tents; Tents; Textile fibers; Textile fibres; Tow; Twine for nets; Vehicle covers, not fitted; Vitreous silica fibers for textile use; Wood shavings; Wood shavings for stuffing; Wood wool; Wood wool; Wool tops; Wrapping or binding bands, not of metal; All-purpose tarpaulins of plastic; All-purpose nylon straps; Bed tents; Bivouac sacks being shelters; Bottle envelopes of straw; Bungee cords; Canvas tarpaulins; Carded wool; Cargo slings of rope or fabric; Cloth bags for stacking and storing diapers and blankets; Cloth bags specially adapted for the storage of diapers; Clothes pin storage bags; Combed wool; Cords made of textile fibres; Cotton tow; Elastic bands for binding; Esparto grass; Feathers for stuffing upholstery; Fleece wool; Floss silk; Garment bags for storage; Glass fibers for textile use; High-density polyethylene plastic bags for the storage of household items; Horticultural bags and sacks, namely, bags and sacks made of woven synthetic or natural fibers or plastics materials, all for use in growing any type of plant, shrub or tree; Mail sack, namely, functional sack for receiving and holding incoming mail put through a door mail slot; Mesh bags for storage; Metallic fibers for textile use; Mooring cables, not of metal; Nets for camouflage; Non-metal slings for loading; Nylon straps for handling loads; Nylon tie down straps; Nylon towing straps; Packing string; Protective liners of vinyl for hot tubs, swimming pools, ponds, spas and industrial tanks; Raw textile fibers; Shoe bags for storage; Shorn wool; Stuffing, not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard; Synthetic fibers; Synthetic fibers and filaments for use in the manufacture of fabrics, textiles, yarns, and carpets; Tarpaulins; Unfitted liners of flexible vinyl for hot tubs, swimming pools, ponds, spas and industrial tanks; Waterproof bags, namely, wet bags for temporary storage of wet and/or soiled cloth diapers
The color(s) blue and red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of DaMeru written in a stylized way.
The English translation of DaMeru in the mark is Be quiet!.

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