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Monday, April 29, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019

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1 CHEMICALS; chemical agents for chelating and sequestering; chemicals for manufacturing; chemicals for agriculture; oleo chemicals for use in the manufacture and processing of industrial products; acids; alkalines; intermediates; solvents; fatty acids; salts; antifreezes; refrigerants; adhesives; deicing fluids; deicing chemicals; deicing preparations; plasticizers; preservatives; flocculants; water treatment chemicals; fertilizers; fuel additives; surfactants; etchants; oils for use in manufacturing and food processing; corrosives; ethyl alcohol; Chemical additives, namely, anti-foam compounds, defoamers, anti-static agents, odorants, flocculants, corrosion inhibitors, lubricant additives, antioxidants, organophosphite antioxidants, flame retardants, hydroquinone, water repellents, nonyl phenol, plastic additives, chelating agents, release agents, silicate flatting agents, and extenders; Amines, namely, alkyl, alkyl alkanolamines, ethanolmines, isopropanolamines, ethyleneamines, and morpholine amines; Antimicrobials; Mildewcides; Acetates, alcohols, esters, glycols, polyglycols, glycol ethers, glycol ether esters and ketones; Antifreezes; Chemicals, namely, isocyanates; Resins and resin dispersions; Synthetic hydrocarbon resins, namely, aliphatic, aromatic mix, terpene, hydrogenated water white resins, pure monomer aromatic, silicone, and epoxy; Monomers for use in the manufacture of polymers, resins, and plastics; Plasticizers used for manufacture of plastic goods; Silicones, silicone emulsions, silicone fluid, and silane silicones; Soap emulsifiers; Solvents, namely, aliphatic, aromatic, halogenated, terpene, propylene carbonate, cycloparaffin, dimethyl formamide, ink oil, formamide, furfural, continuous microemulsion, iso-paraffin, methyl tert butyl ether, methyl pyrrolidone, normal paraffin, glycol diether and tetrahydrofuran solvents all for use in the manufacture of products; Surfactants for use manufacturing and water-treatment; Synthetic glycerines; Chemicals for manufacturing of a wide variety of polyurethane products, namely, urethane polyols for use as a thickener in urethane polyols used in the urethane industry to produce flooring, coatings, adhesives; Wax emulsions used as a waterproofing agent in the manufacture of waxes used to manufacture products; copper sulfate; zinc oxide; zinc sulfate; iron oxide; iron sulfate; calcium; calcium oxide; calcium sulfate; silica dioxide; borates; boric acid; manganese, namely, manganese acetate, manganese alum, manganese carbonate, manganese chloride, manganese dioxides, manganese metaphosphate, manganese nitrate, and manganese phosphate; manganese fertilizer; ammonium phosphate; zinc phosphate; monoammonium phosphate; potash; inorganic salts for industrial purposes; salt for neutralizing chemical for grass or crops; potassium; granulated limestone for agricultural purposes; pulverized limestone for agricultural purposes
2 paints, paint additives, color pigments, rosins, rosin resins, varnishes, lacquers; rust preservatives in the nature of a coating; wood preservatives; dyes and colorants for general industrial use; mordant dyes; mordants for general industrial use; raw natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists
3 bleaches, cleaning preparations and compounds; soaps; detergents; degreasers; and essential oils, for general industrial, agricultural and commercial use
4 animal oils, edible oils, and mineral oils for general industrial, agricultural and commercial use
5 sanitary preparations for medical purposes; all purpose disinfectants; pesticides, insecticides, termiticides, fumigants, parasiticides; fungicides, herbicides
35 distributorship services in the field of chemicals, pesticides, chemical and pesticide applicators and protective clothing and protective masks for use during use or application of chemicals; inventory management in the field of chemicals; inventory management services; Providing a web-based on-line portal that provides customers access to their sales account information, transportation logistics information in the nature of the current location of products on order, inventory management information, and product promotion information, all in the field of chemicals and chemical products
39 transportation of chemicals; transportation of goods; storage of goods; storage and management of industrial chemical waste, and for arranging for the disposal of industrial chemical waste and transportation of industrial chemical waste from generators thereof to authorized disposal sites
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of two symmetrical quadrilaterals having triangles at opposite ends all with rounded corners.

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