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Saturday, February 9, 2019
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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1 Butanol; Chemicals for use in aquaculture; Chemicals for use in aquariums; Chemicals for use in biotechnological manufacturing processes; Fermentation extract; Chemical fuel tank additives for encapsulating water molecules to a burnable state in petroleum fuels and bio-fuels; Cultures of microorganisms other than for medical or veterinary use; Cultures of microorganisms, other than for medical and veterinary use; Inoculants, namely, biological microorganisms used in fermentation of silage
4 Biofuel; Biofuels; Ethanol fuels; Fossil fuel substitutes, namely, biofuels; Fuels and biofuels blended with chemicals and/or biological products
5 Animal feed additives for use as nutritional supplements; Culture fluids for cultivating Clostridium; Culture media for cultivating Clostridium; Dietary food supplements; Dietary supplements; Dietary supplements for animals; Animal feed supplements; Non-medicated additives for animal feed for use as nutritional supplements; Nutritive substances for microorganism cultures; Protein dietary supplements
31 Animal feed; Aquaculture feed
40 Production, treatment and refinement of fuel, diesel fuel, biofuel and biodiesel fuel for others
42 Scientific and research consultation in the field of fuels, diesel fuel, biofuel and biodiesel fuel
The mark consists of a design on the left and the words "Jupeng Bio" on the right. The design is formed of the shapes of four microorganism cells; the shape of each microorganism cell being positioned on a side of a parallelogram with the ends of each of the four microorganism cells overlap at the four corners of the parallelogram.

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