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Thursday, February 7, 2019
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Monday, February 4, 2019

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44 Healthcare; Healthcare and medical tourism services, namely, establishing and maintaining a healthcare provider network in other countries for the provision of healthcare services; Healthcare services, namely, integrated healthcare services with a network of international healthcare providers; Healthcare services, namely, treatment of patients with snoring and sleep apnea disorders; Medical services; Surgery; Cosmetic surgery services; Cosmetic and plastic surgery; Cosmetic and plastic surgery, namely, a minimally invasive face/neck lift done under local anesthesia; Laser vision surgery services; Maxillofacial surgery services; Medical services in the field of primary care; Mobile healthcare services; Mobile healthcare services in the field of humanitarian aid; Oral surgery and dental implant services; Oral surgery services; Orthopaedic surgery services; Orthopedic surgery services; Plastic surgery; Plastic surgery services that integrate traditional western medical practices with holistic therapies; Provide a website featuring information about holistic cosmetic and plastic surgery practice; Providing healthcare information; Providing educational information about healthcare; Providing personalized healthcare and medical information in the nature of humanitarian aid
The mark consists of a logo in the general format of the Caduceus, however the central rod is instead a spear pointed upward. Wrapped around the staff of the spear are two snakes beginning from the base of the spear to approximately 3/4 the way up the spear. Above the heads of the snakes there are three parallelograms on the left and right side of the top of the spear in the area where on a Caduceus there are normally wings. The lowest parallelogram leans away from the spear. As does the parallelogram above that but it does so to a distance further than the lowest one. The parallelogram above that leans in toward the spear. Above the spear are the letters GSMSG with the M centered above the spear. The colors are black on a white background.

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Feb 7, 2019
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