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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Friday, February 1, 2019

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18 Luggage and carrying bags, for example, suitcases, trunks, travelling bags, sling bags for carrying infants, school bags; luggage tags; business card cases and pocket wallets; boxes and cases of leather or leatherboard; clothing of imitations of leather, clothing of leather, leather coats, leather jackets, leather pants, imitation leather, leather caps, leather hats
24 Fabrics, adhesive fabric for application by heat, billiard cloth, bolting cloth, brocades, buckram, printed calico cloth, calico, canvas for tapestry or embroidery, cheese cloth, chenille fabric, cheviots (cloth), cloth, cotton fabrics, crepe (fabric), crepon, damask, diapered linen, drugget, elastic woven material, esparto fabric, fabric, fabric for footwear, fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons, fabric of imitation animal skins, fabrics for textile use, felt, fiberglass fabrics for textile use/fiberglass fabrics, for textile use, flannel (fabric), frieze (cloth), fustian/dimity, gauze (cloth), gummed cloth, other than for stationery, haircloth (sackcloth), hat linings, of textile, in the piece, hemp fabric, hemp cloth, jersey (fabric), jute fabric, knitted fabric, linen cloth, lingerie fabric, marabouts (cloth), textile material, moleskin (fabric), non-woven textile fabrics, plastic material (substitute for fabrics), ramie fabric, rayon fabric, silk fabrics for printing patterns, silk (cloth), taffeta (cloth), tick (linen), trellis (cloth), tulle, upholstery fabrics, velvet, woolen cloth/woolen fabric, zephyr (cloth), bed clothes and blankets, bed covers/bedspreads /coverlets (bedspreads)/quilts, bed blankets, linens, bed linen, bed clothes, bed covers of paper, covers for cushions, eiderdowns (down coverlets), mattress covers, pillow shams, pillowcases, sheets, sleeping bags (sheeting), travelling rugs (lap robes), bath linen, bath linen, except clothing, face towels of textile, sanitary flannel, tissues of textile for removing make-up/napkins for removing make-up (cloth)/napkins, of cloth, for removing make-up, washing mitts, coverings for furniture, covers (loose) for furniture/loose covers for furniture, fitted toilet lid covers of fabric, furniture coverings of plastic/coverings of plastic for furniture, furniture coverings of textile, curtains, curtain holders of textile material, curtains of textile or plastic, door curtains, net curtains, shower curtains of textile or plastic, textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods, banners, bunting, flags, not of paper, handkerchiefs of textile, lining fabric for shoes, linings (textile), mosquito nets, printers' blankets of textile, shrouds, ticks (mattress covers), traced cloths for embroidery/traced cloth for embroidery, bed linens, namely, sheets, duvet covers, bed covers, bed skirts, pillow shams, cushions, neckrolls; down products, namely, duvets, pillows, feather beds; drapery, table cloths and valences
25 Headgear: bathing caps, berets, cap peaks, caps, hat frames, hats, headgear for wear, mantillas, miters, shower caps, skull caps, top hats, turbans, visors, wimples. Clothing: aprons, ascots, babies' pants, bandanas, bath robes, bathing trunks, bathing suits, beach clothes, belts, bibs, not of paper, boas, bodices, brassieres, breeches for wear, camisoles, chasubles, clothing for gymnastics, clothing, clothing of imitations of leather, clothing of leather, coats, collar protectors, collars, combinations, corselets, corsets, cuffs, cyclists' clothing, detachable collars, dress shields, dresses, dressing gowns, ear muffs, fishing vests, footmuffs, fur stoles, furs, gabardines, garters, girdles, gloves, headbands, heelpieces for stockings, hoods, hosiery, jackets, jerseys, pinafore dresses, knitwear, layettes, leggings, leg warmers, liveries, maniples, masquerade costumes, mittens, money belts, motorists' clothing, muffs, neckties, outerclothing, overalls, overcoats, drawers, paper clothing, paper hats, parkas, pelerines, pelisses, petticoats, pocket squares, pockets for clothing, ponchos, pullovers, pajamas, ready-made linings, ready-made clothing, saris, sarongs, sashes for wear, scarves, shawls, shirt yokes, shirt fronts, shirts, short-sleeve shirts, sports jerseys, ski gloves, skirts, skorts, sleep masks, slips, sock suspenders, socks, gaiters, stocking suspenders, stockings, sweat-absorbent stockings, stuff jackets, suits, suspenders, anti-sweat underwear, sweaters, teddies, tee-shirts, tights, togas, gaiter straps, trousers, underpants, underwear, uniforms, veils, vests, waterproof clothing, wet suits for water-skiing. Footwear: bath sandals, bath slippers, beach shoes, boot uppers, boots, boots for sports, esparto shoes or sandals, fittings of metal for footwear, football shoes, footwear, footwear uppers, galoshes, gymnastic shoes, half-boots, heelpieces for footwear, heels, inner soles, lace boots, non-slipping devices for footwear, sandals, shoes, ski boots, slippers, soles for footwear, sports shoes, studs for football boots, tips for footwear, welts for footwear, wooden shoess

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