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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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3 After shave lotions;After sun creams;After sun moisturisers;After-sun creams;After-sun lotions;After-sun lotions (for cosmetic use);After-sun milk;After-sun milk for cosmetic use;After-sun milks;After-sun milks (cosmetics);After-sun oils (cosmetics);After-sun preparations for cosmetic use;Age retardant gel;Age retardant lotion;Age spot reducing creams;Air fragrancing preparations;Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes;Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes;Amber (perfume);Ambergris;Amla oil for cosmetic purposes;Anti-ageing creams;Anti-ageing creams (for cosmetic use);Anti-ageing moisturiser;Anti-ageing serum;Anti-aging cream;Anti-aging moisturizers;Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance;Fragrance for household purposes;Fragrance preparations;Fragrance refills for non-electric room fragrance dispensers;Fragrance sachets;Fragrances;Fragrances for personal use;Air fragrance preparations;Air fragrance reed diffusers;Aromatics for fragrances;Essential oils as fragrances for laundry use;Household fragrances;Perfumery and fragrances;Potpourris (fragrances);Refills for electric room fragrance dispensers;Room fragrances;Scented bathing salts;Scented body creams;Scented body lotions and creams;Scented body spray;Scented ceramic stones;Scented fabric refresher spray;Scented fabric refresher sprays;Scented linen sprays;Scented linen water;Scented oils;Scented oils used to produce aromas when heated;Scented pine cones;Scented room sprays;Scented sachets;Scented soaps;Scented toilet waters;Scented water;Scented wax melts;Scented wood;Scents;Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products;Oils for perfumes and scents;Room scenting sprays;Perfume;Perfume oils;Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations;Perfume water;Perfumed body lotions (toilet preparations);Perfumed creams;Perfumed lotions (toilet preparations);Perfumed oils for skin care;Perfumed potpourris;Perfumed powder;Perfumed powder (for cosmetic use);Perfumed powders;Perfumed powders (for cosmetic use);Perfumed sachets;Perfumed soap;Perfumed soaps;Perfumed tissues;Perfumed toilet waters;Perfumed water;Perfumeries;Perfumery;Perfumery and fragrances;Perfumery products;Perfumery, essential oils;Perfumes;Perfumes for cardboard;Perfumes for ceramics;Perfumes for industrial purposes;Perfumes in solid form;Aromatics for perfumes;Bases for flower perfumes;Cedarwood perfumery;Cushions filled with perfumed substances;Cushions impregnated with perfumed substances;Deodorants for personal use (perfumery);Essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes;Extracts of flowers (perfumes);Extracts of flowers being perfumes;Extracts of perfumes;Flower perfumes (Bases for -);Flowers (Extracts of -) (perfumes);Fumigation preparations (perfumes);Ionone (perfumery);Liquid perfumes;Mint for perfumery;Musk (perfumery);Natural oils for perfumes;Natural perfumery;Oils for perfumes and scents;Peppermint oil (perfumery);Room perfume sprays;Room perfumes in spray form;Solid perfumes;Synthetic perfumery;Synthetic vanillin (perfumery);Vanilla perfumery;After-sun milk (cosmetics);Anti-aging moisturizers used as cosmetics;Bath powder (cosmetics);Beauty care cosmetics;Body and facial gels (cosmetics);Body care cosmetics;Body creams (cosmetics);Cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Colour cosmetics for the skin;Emollient preparations (cosmetics);Eye cosmetics;Eyebrow cosmetics;Facial gels (cosmetics);Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics;Fluid creams (cosmetics);Functional cosmetics;Glitter in spray form for use as a cosmetics;Humectant preparations (cosmetics);Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Liners (cosmetics) for the eyes;Lip cosmetics;Lip stains (cosmetics);Milks (cosmetics);Moisturisers (cosmetics);Mousses (cosmetics);Multifunctional cosmetics;Nail base coat (cosmetics);Nail cosmetics;Nail hardeners (cosmetics);Nail paint (cosmetics);Nail polish removers (cosmetics);Nail primer (cosmetics);Nail tips (cosmetics);Nail varnish remover (cosmetics);Natural cosmetics;Night creams (cosmetics);Non-medicated cosmetics;Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations;Organic cosmetics;Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics;Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics;Powder compact refills (cosmetics);Powder compacts (cosmetics);Cosmetics;Cosmetics all for sale in kit form;Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations;Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid;Cosmetics containing keratin;Cosmetics containing panthenol;Cosmetics for eye-brows;Cosmetics for eye-lashes;Cosmetics for personal use;Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn;Cosmetics for suntanning;Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin;Cosmetics for the use on the hair;Cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin;Cosmetics for use on the skin;Cosmetics in the form of creams;Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow;Cosmetics in the form of gels;Cosmetics in the form of lotions;Cosmetics in the form of milks;Cosmetics in the form of oils;Cosmetics in the form of powders;Cosmetics in the form of rouge;Cosmetics preparations;Refill packs for cosmetics dispensers;Self-tanning preparations (cosmetics);Skin care cosmetics;Skin fresheners (cosmetics);Skin masks (cosmetics);Skin moisturizers used as cosmetics;Skincare cosmetics;Smoothing emulsions (cosmetics);Solid powder for compacts (cosmetics);Sun barriers (cosmetics);Sun block (cosmetics);Sun blocking lipsticks (cosmetics);Sun blocking oils (cosmetics);Sun blocking preparations (cosmetics);Sun protecting creams (cosmetics);Sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics);Suntan lotion (cosmetics);Suntan oils (cosmetics);Suntanning oil (cosmetics);Tanning gels (cosmetics);Tanning milks (cosmetics);Tanning oils (cosmetics);Tanning preparations (cosmetics);Temporary tattoo transfers for use as cosmetics;Tissues impregnated with cosmetics;Aromatherapy oil;Aromatherapy oils;Aromatherapy pillows comprising potpourri in fabric containers;Aromatherapy preparations;Essential oils for aromatherapy;Essential oils for aromatherapy use;Potpourri sachets for incorporating in aromatherapy pillows;Balms (Non-medicated -);Balms other than for medical purposes;Balms, other than for medical purposes;After-shave balms;Aftershave balm;Aftershave balms;Beauty balm creams;Blemish balm creams;Cleansing balm;Foot balms (Non-medicated -);Hair balm;Hair balms;Lip balm (non-medicated);Lip balms;Lip balms (non-medicated);Non-medicated skin balms;Shave balm;Shaving balm;Shaving balms;Skin balms (Non-medicated -);Skin balms (cosmetic);Aromatic oils for the bath;Bubble bath;Bubble bath (for cosmetic use);Bubble bath preparations;Bubble bath preparations (for cosmetic use);Bubble baths;Cosmetic bath salts;Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower;Cosmetic preparations for baths;Foam bath;Foam bath preparations;Foaming bath gels;Foaming bath liquids;Foams for the bath;Liquid bath soap;Liquid bath soaps;Liquid soap used in foot baths;Non-medicated bath oils;Non-medicated bath preparations;Non-medicated bath salts;Non-medicated bubble bath preparations;Oil baths for hair care;Preparations for the bath;Preparations for the bath and shower;Preparations for use in the bath or shower;Scented bathing salts;Shower and bath foam;Shower and bath gel;Shower and bath preparations;Bath and shower foam;Bath and shower gels;Bath and shower oils (non-medicated);Bath and shower preparations;Bath beads;Bath bombs;Bath concentrates (Non-medicated -);Bath cream;Bath creams;Bath creams (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals;Bath crystals (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals, not for medical use;Bath flakes;Bath foam;Bath foams;Bath foams (Non-medicated -);Bath gels;Bath gels (Non-medicated -);Bath herbs;Bath lotion;Bath lotions (Non-medicated -);Bath milk;Bath oil;Bath oil, not for medical use;Bath oils;Bath oils (Non-medicated -);Bath oils for cosmetic purposes;Bath pearls;Bath pearls (Non-medicated -);Bath powder;Bath powders (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations;Bath preparations (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations, not for medical purposes;Bath preparations, not medicated;Bath salts;Bath salts, not for medical purposes;Bath soak for cosmetic use;Bath soap;Bath soaps;Bathing lotions;Body and facial butters;Body and facial creams (cosmetics);Body and facial oils;Body art stickers;Body butter;Body butters;Body care cosmetics;Body cleaning and beauty care preparations;Body cleansing foams;Body cream;Body cream for cosmetic use;Body cream soap;Body creams;Body creams (cosmetics);Body deodorants;Body deodorants (perfumery);Body emulsions;Body emulsions for cosmetic use;Body gels;Body gels (cosmetics);Body glitters;Body lotion;Body mask cream;Body mask powder;Body masks;Body massage oils;Body milk;Body milks;Body mist;Body moisturisers;Body oil;Body oil (for cosmetic use);Body oil spray;Body oils;Body oils (for cosmetic use);Body paint (cosmetic);Body polish;Body powder;Body powder (Non-medicated -);Body scrub;Body scrubs;Body scrubs (cosmetic);Body shampoos;Body soap;Body soufflé;Body splash;Abrasive preparations for use on the body;Beauty creams for body care;Beauty tonics for application to the body;Cakes of soap for body washing;Cosmetic preparations for body care;Deodorants for body care;Exfoliating body scrub;Exfoliating scrubs for the body;Face and body creams;Face and body glitter;Face and body masks;Hair and body wash;Hand and body butter;Lotions for face and body care;Make-up for the face and body;Make-up preparations for the face and body;Moisture body lotion;Moisturising body lotion (cosmetic);Non-medicated body care preparations;Non-medicated body soaks;Perfumed body lotions (toilet preparations);Body spray;Body sprays;Body sprays (non-medicated);Body talcum powder;Body wash;Body washes;Preparations for the care of the body;Preparations for the conditioning of the body;Pumice stones for use on the body;Refill packs for body cleansing product dispensers;Scented body creams;Scented body lotions;Scented body lotions and creams;Scented body spray;Soap free washing emulsions for the body;Soaps for body care;Sparkling fluid for the body;Wax strips for removing body hair;Hair and body wash;Hair balm;Hair balms;Hair balsam;Hair bleach;Hair bleaches;Hair bleaching preparations;Hair care agents;Hair care creams;Hair care lotions;Hair care masks;Hair care preparations;Hair care preparations, not for medical purposes;Hair care serum;Hair care serums;Hair cleaning preparations;Hair color;Hair color removers;Hair colorants;Hair coloring preparations;Hair colour removers;Hair colourants;Hair colouring;Hair colouring and dyes;Hair conditioner;Hair conditioner bars;Hair conditioners;Hair conditioners for babies;Hair cosmetics;Hair cream;Hair creams;Hair curling preparations;Hair decolorant preparations;Hair decolorants;Hair desiccating treatments for cosmetic use;Hair dressings for men;Hair dye;Hair dyeing preparations;Hair dyes;Hair emollients;Hair fixers;Hair fixing oil;Hair frosts;Hair gel;Hair glaze;Hair glazes;Hair grooming preparations;Hair lacquer;Hair lacquers;Hair lighteners;Hair liquid;Hair liquids;Hair lotion;Hair lotions;Hair mascara;Hair masks;Hair moisturisers;Hair moisturising conditioners;Hair moisturizers;Hair mousse;Hair mousses;Hair nourishers;Hair oil;Hair oils;Hair pomades;Hair powder;Hair preparations and treatments;Hair preservation treatments for cosmetic use;Hair protection gels;Hair protection lotions;Hair protection mousse;Hair relaxers;Hair relaxing preparations;Hair removal and shaving preparations;Hair removal preparations;Hair rinses;Hair rinses (for cosmetic use);Hair rinses (shampoo-conditioners);Hair serums;Hair shampoo;Hair shampoos;Hair spray;Hair sprays;Hair straightening preparations;Hair styling gel;Hair styling gels;Hair styling lotions;Hair styling preparations;Hair styling spray;Hair styling waxes;Hair texturizers;Hair tinting preparations;Hair tonic;Hair tonic (for cosmetic use);Hair tonic (non-medicated);Hair tonics;Hair tonics (for cosmetic use);Hair treatment preparations;Hair waving preparations;Hair wax;Hair-washing powder;Hair-waving preparations;Hairdressing preparations;Hairspray;Hairstyling masks;Hairstyling serums;Bleaches for use on the hair;Bleaching preparations for the hair;Color-removing preparations for hair;Conditioners for treating the hair;Conditioners for use on the hair;Conditioning preparations for the hair;Cosmetic hair care preparations;Cosmetic hair dressing preparations;Cosmetic hair lotions;Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp;Cosmetics for the use on the hair;Creams for fixing hair;Dyes for the hair;Gels for use on the hair;Mousses (toiletries) for use in styling the hair;Mousses being hair styling aids;Non-medicated balm for hair;Non-medicated hair lotions;Non-medicated hair shampoos;Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes;Oil baths for hair care;Oils for hair conditioning;Preparations for protecting coloured hair;Preparations for protecting the hair from the sun;Preparations for setting hair;Shampoos for human hair;Styling gels for the hair;Styling paste for hair;Styling sprays for the hair;Tints for the hair;Waving preparations for the hair;Wax strips for removing body hair;Wax treatments for the hair;After-shave creams;Aftershave creams;Aftershave moisturising cream;Anti-aging creams;Anti-aging creams (for cosmetic use);Anti-freckle creams;Anti-wrinkle cream;Anti-wrinkle cream (for cosmetic use);Anti-wrinkle creams;Anti-wrinkle creams (for cosmetic use);Aromatherapy creams;Auto-tanning creams;Barrier creams;Base cream;Beauty balm creams;Beauty creams;Beauty creams for body care;Body and facial creams (cosmetics);Body cream;Body cream for cosmetic use;Body cream soap;Body creams;Body creams (cosmetics);Body mask cream;Camouflage cream;Cleansing cream;Cleansing creams;Cleansing creams (cosmetic);Cold cream;Cold cream, other than for medical use;Cold creams;Cold creams for cosmetic use;Conditioning creams;Cosmetic creams;Cosmetic creams and lotions;Cosmetic creams for dry skin;Cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes;Cosmetic creams for skin care;Cosmetic creams for the skin;Cosmetic hand creams;Cosmetic massage creams;Cosmetic nourishing creams;Cosmetics in the form of creams;Cuticle cream;Day cream;Day creams;Depilatory creams;Dermatological creams (other than medicated);Exfoliant creams;Exfoliating creams;Eye cream;Eye creams;Face and body creams;Face cream (Non-medicated -);Face creams;Face creams for cosmetic use;Facial cream;Facial cream (for cosmetic use);Facial creams;Facial creams (cosmetic);Facial creams (cosmetics);Facial creams (for cosmetic use);Fair complexion cream;Fair complexion creams;Fluid creams (cosmetics);Hair care creams;Hair care creams (for cosmetic use);Hair cream;Hair creams;Hair protection creams;Hair removing cream;Hand cream;Hand creams;Hydrating creams for cosmetic use;Lip cream;Make-up removing creams;Massage creams, not medicated;Moisturising creams;Moisturising creams, lotions and gels;Moisturising skin creams (cosmetic);Moisturizing creams;Night cream;Night creams;Night creams (cosmetics);Non-medicated cleansing creams;Non-medicated creams;Non-medicated foot cream;Non-medicated scalp treatment cream;Non-medicated skin creams;Nutritional creams (Non-medicated -);Perfumed creams;Polishing creams;Pre-shave creams;Recovery creams for cosmetic use;Refill packs for skin care cream dispensers;Retinol cream for cosmetic purposes;Scented body creams;Scented body lotions and creams;Self tanning creams (cosmetic);Shave creams;Shaving cream;Shaving creams;Shaving sets, comprised of shaving cream and aftershave;Shower cream;Shower creams;Skin care creams (cosmetic);Skin care creams, other than for medical use;Skin cleansing cream;Skin cleansing cream (non-medicated);Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes;Skin cream;Skin cream (for cosmetic use);Cream cleaners (Non-medicated -);Cream for whitening the skin;Cream foundation;Cream soaps;Creams (Cosmetic -);Creams (Non-medicated -) for the body;Creams (Non-medicated -) for the eyes;Creams (Skin whitening -);Creams (Soap -) for use in washing;Creams for cellulite reduction;Creams for firming the skin;Creams for fixing hair;Creams for tanning the skin;Creams for the skin;Creamy face powder;Creamy foundation;Creamy rouge;Creamy rouges;Skin creams;Skin creams (cosmetic);Skin creams (for cosmetic use);Skin creams (non-medicated);Skin lightening creams;Skin recovery creams (cosmetics);Skin whitening creams;Sun creams;Sun creams (for cosmetic use);Sun protecting creams (cosmetics);Sun-tanning creams;Sun-tanning creams and lotions;Sunscreen cream;Sunscreen creams;Sunscreen creams (for cosmetic use);Suntan creams;Suntan creams (self-tanning creams);Tanning creams;Toning creams (cosmetic);Washing creams;Whitening the skin (Cream for -);Wrinkle resistant cream;Wrinkle resistant creams;Wrinkle resistant creams (for cosmetic use);After-shave lotions;Aftershave lotions;Aromatherapy lotions;Bathing lotions;Beauty lotions;Body lotion;Body lotions;Body mask lotion;Cleansing lotions;Cosmetic creams and lotions;Cosmetic facial lotions;Cosmetic hair lotions;Cosmetic sun milk lotions;Cosmetic suntan lotions;Cosmetics in the form of lotions;Day lotion;Depilatory lotions;Eye lotions;Eye wrinkle lotions;Face and body lotions;Facial lotion;Facial lotions;Facial lotions (cosmetic);Hair care lotions;Hair care lotions (for cosmetic use);Hair lotion;Hair lotions;Hair protection lotions;Hair strengthening treatment lotions;Hair styling lotions;Hand lotion (Non-medicated -);Hand lotions;Make-up removing lotions;Massage oils and lotions;Milky lotions for skin care;Moist paper hand towels impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moist wipes impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moisture body lotion;Moisturising body lotion (cosmetic);Moisturising creams, lotions and gels;Moisturising skin lotions (cosmetic);Moisturizing body lotions;Non-medicated foot lotions;Non-medicated hair lotions;Non-medicated lotions;Non-medicated skin clarifying lotions;Non-medicated skin lotions;Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin;Perfumed body lotions (toilet preparations);Perfumed lotions (toilet preparations);Permanent waving lotions;Pre-shaving lotions;Scented body lotions;Scented body lotions and creams;Self tanning lotions (cosmetic);Shaving lotion;Shaving lotions;Skin care lotions (cosmetic);Skin cleansing lotion;Skin lotion;Skin lotions;Styling lotions;Sun care lotions;Sun care lotions (for cosmetic use);Sun tan lotion;Sun-block lotions;Sun-tanning creams and lotions;Lotions (Tissues impregnated with cosmetic -);Lotions for beards;Lotions for cellulite reduction;Lotions for cosmetic purposes;Lotions for face and body care;Lotions for strengthening the nails;Lotions for the skin;Sun-tanning lotions;Suncare lotions;Suncare lotions (for cosmetic use);Sunscreen lotions;Suntan lotion (cosmetics);Suntan lotions;Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions;Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands;Lip balm;Lip balm (non-medicated);Lip balms;Lip balms (non-medicated);Lip care preparations;Lip coatings (Non-medicated -);Lip coatings (cosmetic);Lip conditioners;Lip cosmetics;Lip cream;Lip gloss;Lip gloss palettes;Lip glosses;Lip liner;Lip liners;Lip makeup;Lip neutralizers;Lip pencils;Lip polisher;Lip pomades;Lip protectors (Non-medicated -);Lip protectors (cosmetic);Lip rouge;Lip stains (cosmetics);Lip stains for cosmetic purposes;Lip tints;Lipstick;Lipstick cases;Lipsticks;Non-medicated lip balms;Non-medicated lip care preparations;Sun blocking lipsticks (cosmetics);Sun protectors for lips;Colour cosmetics;Colour cosmetics for the eyes;Colour cosmetics for the skin;Colour removers for the hair;Colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes (laundry);Colour-removing preparations;Colouring lotions for the hair;Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes;Hair colouring and dyes;Hair colouring preparations;Preparations for protecting coloured hair;After-shave gel;Aftershave gels;Bath and shower gel;Bath and shower gels, not for medical purposes;Bath gel;Beauty gels;Body and facial gels (cosmetics);Body gels;Body gels (cosmetics);Cleansing gels;Cosmetic eye gels;Cosmetics in the form of gels;Eye gel;Eye gels;Eyebrow gel;Face gels;Facial gels (cosmetics);Foaming bath gels;Hair gel;Hair gels;Hair protection gels;Hair styling gel;Hair styling gels;Hand gels;Make-up removing gels;Massage gels other than for medical purposes;Massage gels, other than for medical purposes;Moisturising creams, lotions and gels;Moisturising gels (cosmetic);Nail gel;Pre-shave gels;Preparations for removing gel nails;Refill packs for shower gel dispensers;Shave gel;Shaving gel;Shaving gels;Shower and bath gel;Shower gel;Shower gels;Soaps and gels;Soaps in gel form;Soapy gels;Styling gels;Styling gels for the hair;Sun tan gel;Sun-tanning gels;Tanning gels (cosmetics);Gel eye masks;Gel eye patches for cosmetic purposes;Gel sprays being styling aids;Gels for cosmetic purposes;Gels for cosmetic use;Gels for fixing hair;Gels for use on the hair;Makeup;Makeup setting sprays;Eye makeup;Eye makeup remover;Eyelid doubling makeup;Facial makeup;Lip makeup;Multifunctional makeup;Natural makeup;Organic makeup
14 Agate as jewellery;Amber pendants being jewellery;Amberoid pendants being jewellery;Amulets (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Amulets (jewellery);Amulets being jewellery;Articles of imitation jewellery;Articles of jewellery;Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals;Articles of jewellery made from rope chain;Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys;Articles of jewellery made of precious metals;Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones;Articles of jewellery with precious stones;Artificial jewellery;Beads for making jewellery;Body costume jewellery;Body jewellery;Bracelets (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Bracelets (jewellery);Bracelets made of embroidered textile (jewellery);Brooches (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Brooches (jewellery);Cabochons for making jewellery;Cases adapted to contain items of jewellery;Chain mesh of precious metals (jewellery);Chains (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Chains (jewellery);Chains made of precious metals (jewellery);Charms (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Charms (jewellery);Charms (jewellery) of common metals;Charms for jewellery;Clasps for jewellery;Clips of silver (jewellery);Cloisonne jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery (jewelry (Am.));Collets being parts of jewellery;Costume jewellery;Decorative articles (trinkets or jewellery) for personal use;Decorative brooches (jewellery);Decorative pins (jewellery);Dress ornaments in the nature of jewellery;Ear ornaments in the nature of jewellery;Enamelled jewellery;Facial jewellery;Fake jewellery;Fashion jewellery;Gold jewellery;Gold plated brooches (jewellery);Gold thread (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Gold thread (jewellery);Hat jewellery;Imitation jewellery;Imitation jewellery ornaments;Items of jewellery;Ivory (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Ivory jewellery;Jade (jewellery);Key chains as jewellery (trinkets or fobs);Key chains for use as jewellery;Lapel pins (jewellery);Lapel pins of precious metals (jewellery);Lockets (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Lockets (jewellery);Medallions (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Necklaces (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Necklaces (jewellery);Ornaments (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Ornaments (jewellery);Parts and fittings for jewellery;Paste jewellery;Paste jewellery (costume jewelry (Am.));Paste jewellery (costume jewelry (Am.));Pearls (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Pearls (jewellery);Pendants (jewellery);Personal jewellery;Pewter jewellery;Pins (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Pins (jewellery);Pins being jewellery;Plastic costume jewellery;Jewellery;Jewellery (Paste -);Jewellery articles;Jewellery being articles of precious metals;Jewellery being articles of precious stones;Jewellery boxes;Jewellery boxes (fitted);Jewellery boxes and watch boxes;Jewellery boxes of precious metal;Jewellery boxes of precious metals;Jewellery brooches;Jewellery cases;Jewellery cases (caskets or boxes);Jewellery cases (caskets);Jewellery cases (caskets) of precious metal;Jewellery cases (fitted);Jewellery cases of precious metal;Jewellery caskets;Jewellery caskets of precious metal;Jewellery chain;Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets;Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets;Jewellery chain of precious metal for necklaces;Jewellery chains;Jewellery charms;Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys;Jewellery coated with precious metals;Jewellery containing gold;Jewellery fashioned from bronze;Jewellery fashioned from non-precious metals;Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls;Jewellery fashioned of precious metals;Jewellery fashioned of semi-precious stones;Jewellery findings;Jewellery foot chains;Jewellery for personal adornment;Jewellery for personal wear;Jewellery in non-precious metals;Jewellery in precious metals;Jewellery in semi-precious metals;Jewellery in the form of beads;Jewellery incorporating diamonds;Jewellery incorporating pearls;Jewellery incorporating precious stones;Jewellery items;Jewellery made from gold;Jewellery made from silver;Jewellery made of bronze;Jewellery made of crystal;Jewellery made of crystal coated with precious metals;Precious jewellery;Presentation boxes for jewellery;Ring bands (jewellery);Rings (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Rings (jewellery);Rings (jewellery) made of non-precious metal;Rings (jewellery) made of precious metal;Rings being jewellery;Rope chain (jewellery) made of common metal;Semi-finished articles of precious metals for use in the manufacture of jewellery;Semi-finished articles of precious stones for use in the manufacture of jewellery;Shoe jewellery;Silver thread (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Silver thread (jewellery);Small jewellery boxes of precious metals;Sterling silver jewellery;Synthetic stones (jewellery);Threads of precious metal (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Threads of precious metal (jewellery);Trinkets (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Trinkets (jewellery);Wire of precious metal (jewellery, jewelry (Am.));Wire of precious metal (jewellery);Wooden jewellery boxes;Wristlets (jewellery);Body costume jewellery;Body jewellery;Body-piercing rings;Body-piercing studs
35 Marketing research in the fields of cosmetics, perfumery and beauty products;Mail order retail services for cosmetics;Online retail services relating to cosmetics;Advertising services relating to cosmetics;Advertising services relating to jewelry;Advertising services relating to perfumery;Retail services connected with the sale of subscription boxes containing cosmetics;Retail services in relation to fragrancing preparations;Retail services in relation to hair products;Retail services in relation to toiletries;Retail services relating to fragrancing preparations;Retail services relating to jewelry

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