Trademark: 88284223
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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1 Diesel fuel system cleaning fluid
3 Buffing kits comprised of buffing compound for buffing paint on automobiles, trucks, boats, aircraft and military vehicles
6 Roll cabs; tool storage chests of metal sold empty; trays of metal
7 Automotive and industrial power tools, namely, power-operated impact wrenches; cordless power-operated ratchet wrenches; cordless power drills; cordless work lights; power-operated air drills; power-operated air hammer; die grinders; pencil die grinders; air power-operated punch tool; electric air-powered sanders, namely, orbital, disc, in-line and jitterbug sanders, belt sanders; power-operated tire buffer; power-operated pinstripe removal tool; power-operated needle scaler; finishing tools, namely, power-operated polisher; power drill bits; cutting and grinding accessories, namely, grinder/finisher kits comprised of grinders, grinder discs, shank adaptor, spanner wrenches all sold as a unit; pneumatic blow guns; air swivel connectors; laser engraving pens, being parts of machines; transmission boot and joint tools, namely, boot tool, joint clamps, boot installer, air regulator, and rack and pinion tools; motorcycle power jacks; automobile power jacks; truck power jacks; power jack stands; power transmission jacks; hydraulic jacks; engine hoists and slings; valve core and stem tools; camshaft pulley tool namely, electric pulley blocks, oil filter crusher, timing belt tension compressor for engines for land vehicles; timing belt tension compressor; power-operated lock tool for cam shaft sprockets; brake bleeder pumps other than for vehicles; body repair kits comprised of paint spray guns, abrasive blast cleaning machines, wet-dry vacuums, parts washers, namely, high pressure washer; soldering kits consisting of electric soldering iron, and also tips, stand and cleaning sponge in a storage case all sold as a unit; miniature butane soldering torches
8 Automotive and industrial hand tools, namely, revolving punches; miniature tools/pliers; automatic centering punches; utility knives; putty knives and scrapers; general purpose tubing cutters; tubing benders; spark plug tools; spark plug firing indicators; spark plug sockets; belt wrench; bit sockets; metrix hex bits; hex bits for hand drills; gasket punch set; universal joint extensions; general service sets of hand tools, namely, socket wrenches, hex bits for hand drills, ratchet wrenches, hex socket bit drivers, spark plug sockets, quick release ratchet wrenches all in a storage case; manually operated hand tools, namely, combination reversible ratcheting box/open end wrenches; flex head ratcheting box-open end wrenches; prybars; pliers; wire crimpers; wire cutters; diesel pulse adaptors; hand tools, namely, fan wrenches, cutting tools, hose pinching pliers, oil filter wrench, all-purpose snips and riveting tools; vises of metal
9 Diagnostic equipment for automotive, truck, aerospace, military vehicles, energy industry and industrial use, namely, scanners in the nature of automotive diagnostic scan tools (OBD-II scan tools), OBD-II break out box; heavy-duty scan tools for trucks; testing digital multimeters; retractable test leads; specialty circuit testers; diagnostic leak detectors for air conditioning, fuel tanks and coolants; carbon monoxide analyzers; electronic squeak and rattle finders; mechanics stethoscopes; marine mechanics stethoscopes; infrared thermometers not for medical purposes; ignition quick probes for testing ignition batteries; digital timers for lights; lead testers for vacuum pumps; diagnostic fuel injector probes for testing diesel engines; steel line stopper kits; electric oxygen sensor wrench for scientific use; battery chargers; bench chargers; battery testers; portable booster battery packs; booster battery cables; battery hydrometer; battery filler; digital manifold level gauges; vacuum pumps; thermometers not for medical purposes; digital tire pressure gauges; digital tire pressure inflators; calipers for measuring automobiles, trucks, tractors and earth moving equipment; bubble levels; tape rulers; tape measures; telescoping inspection mirrors for automotive use; combustion leak tester kits consisting of leak detectors for fuel and exhaust systems; vacuum pressure pump kit for brake testing service; micrometers; eye, ear and face safety protection equipment, namely, protective ear covering shields and safety glasses; protective work gloves; peak voltage testers for motorcycles; leak detection fluid for automotive use
11 Air conditioning filters, flashlights, LED work lights for construction settings, namely, shop lights, front lights and spot lights; flexible lights, namely, portable utility lights, cordless LED work lights for construction settings
12 Shop carts; roll carts; socket rails
18 Tote bags; travel bags for tools
21 Work gloves; magnetic dishes and trays
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the hyphenated words BLUE-POINT in a stylized format within a horizontal arc.

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Apr 23, 2019
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Apr 23, 2019
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