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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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9 Set top box; Digital satellite receiver; Cable TV receiver; Digital ground wave TV receiver; VoIP; Video call; Integrated children's computer; Home network hub;Digital TV; Digital TV card; Streamlined terminal; Streamlined network terminal; Windows network terminal; Car computer; Integrated LCD screen computer;Liquid crystal display; Wireless personal internet terminal; Electronic book; Smart handheld device; personal digital assistants; Handheld computer; Smart mobile phone; Portable information machine; Stock financial machine; Portable e-book; Computer camera; Digital camera; Dual mode digital camera; server; Computer workstation; Disk array fault tolerant device; Hard disk expander; Computer rack; Area storage; Computer hardware and software; Personal computer; Desktop computer; Notebook computers; Integrated LCD screen computer; Integrated cathode ray tube display screen computer; portable computer; laptop computer; Computer television; Portable computer; Multiprocessor computer; Network server; Rack server; On-demand video system server; Internet voice protocol server; Computer main board; Computer terminal; Computer set top box; Computer keyboards; computer mouse; Light pen; Bar code readers; Computer case; Computer host; Optical reader; Diskette drive; Tape Drives; wireless keyboard; Wireless mouse; Handwriting recognition machine; Scanners; printer; Computer network equipment; Modems; Hands-free telephone data machine; Digital Network User Circuit Series Standard Data Machine; Cable data machine; Universal serial bus data machine; Data card; Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Standard Data Card; Ethernet interface card; Universal serial bus network card; Wireless network card; PC Memory Card International Association Standard Wireless Network Card; Infinite transmission card; PC memory unlimited transmission card; Universal Serial Bus Unlimited Transmission Card; Network card; Home radio network standard network card; Wireless transmission device; Ethernet hub; Ethernet switching hub; Internet/enterprise network access router; Computer fax machine; High speed area network equipment; IEEE 802.11 standard wireless area network base station; Home radio network standard network base station; Wireless network connection machine; Telecommunications equipment; Telephone; Radiotelephony sets; VoIP; Portable telephones; Video conferencing equipment; Internet voice protocol phone; Wireless internet phone; Wireless internet voice protocol phone; Internet voice protocol software; Internet voice protocol switch; Home Internet gateway; Power supply; Power adapter; DC to DC transformer module; Exchange power supply; Battery backup power supply; Integrated circuits; Diskette drive; CD drive; Computer memory; Data storage; Printed circuit boards; Computer add-on card; Interface card; Video card; Video graphics array display card; Sound card; Optical multiplexer; Multiplex machine; Loop carrier; Display; Circuit gainer; Line multiplier; Remote controller; Line repeater; Optical disc; Fiber optic signal regenerator; Recorded tape (disc) and program cartridge for computer program; Optical fiber signal receiver; Coaxial cable carrier; Signal transceiver; Signal converter; Cable carrier; Answering machines; Facsimile machines; Chips; Color image fiber optical communication device; Loudspeaker; User switch; Network hub; Network bridge; Network router; Network switch; Asynchronous transfer mode switch; Disk with network management system and network operating system computer program; Internet TV receiver; Digital satellite receiver decoder; Home communication adapter; Handheld wireless internet device; Simple internet computer; Network hub; Data transmission cable; converter; Network adapter; Wave filter; Satellite antenna; Communication connection module; Personal access communicator; Satellite antenna module; Aerials; Carry bag for portable computer; Disc burner; Platform scanner; Film scanner; Digital projector; Printer; Full-surface display; Plasma display; Television; Integrated service digital network modem; Asymmetric digital user loop system data machine; Wireless area network data transmitter; Wireless data transmitter; Low-level mobile phones; Low noise satellite signal receiver; High-speed digital user loop equipment; Network hub; Voice packet gateway; Voice data integration access device; Synchronous optical network; Chinese language card; Mask; Transistors; Circuit board; Semi-conductors; Microcircuit encoder; Silicon crystal; Electronic circuit; Semiconductor chip; Microprocessor chip; PCB; Integrated circuit socket; VLSI; control card; Audio fax; Language learning machine; Screen filter for TV/computer; Radio network bridge; Network gateway; Infinite frequency terminal equipment; Broadband microwave area network equipment; Wireless personal network device
10 multi-function medical devices used for detecting Viruses, bacteria and cells; Sphygmomanometer with heart beat measurement function; Heart beat detector; electroencephalography; devices for treatment of sleep apnea and snoring; handheld flow cytometers; Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus for medical purpose; Medical devices and apparatus, namely, ultrasound imaging apparatus, scanners and needle guides, and parts and fittings therefore; Body-fat monitors; Phonocardiography recorder; apparatus for blood analysis; medical device, namely, pulse oximeters; Fetal heartbeat monitor; Bone densitometer for use in the diagnosis of osteoporosis; X-ray diagnostic apparatus; Nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging apparatus; Fertility tester; rapid diagnostic test strip analyzer for medical diagnostic uses; mitochondria detection apparatus; Skin examination apparatus; Veterinary apparatus and instruments; Devices for measuring intracranial pressure; Central venous pressure monitor; Blood analyzer; Blood urea nitrogen analyzer; Creatinine analyzer; Pulmonary function analyzer; Apparatus for use in medical analysis; Thermometers for medical purposes; Tonometer; Dialyzers; Blood testing apparatus; Blood glucose meter; Devices for measuring blood sugar; Spirometers; Blood oxygen meter; Surgical apparatus and instruments; Bilirubin tester for medical diagnosis; Immunoassay devices for medical use; Urine testing device for medical diagnostic purposes; Electrocardiographs; X-ray photographs for medical purposes; Blood circulation machine; Beds, specially made for medical purposes; Babies' bottles; Feeding bottles; Contraceptive device; Hearing protector headsets for medical use
38 Transfer service between computers; Communication transmission service by computer communication; Audiovisual equipment transmission data service controlled by data processing equipment or computer; Provide users with access to global computer network access by using identification, location, grouping, distribution and management data links to third-party computer servers, processors and computer users; Transfer data and file services via the Internet or other databases; Provide data transmission and news transmission via the Internet; On-line information transmission; Online news transmission; Global computer network entry time rental; Transfer digital music and video by telecommunication; Provision of radio transmission of sound and video services via an electronic communication network; Radio Digital Messaging Service; Provide Internet connection services and provide users with access to global computer network channels to transmit or receive audio and video multimedia content; Provide telecommunications connectivity to an electronic communication network to transmit or receive voice, video or multimedia content; Electronic news communication; Electronic communication information service; Services for the transmission of information and information by electronic means, computers, cables, radios, typographs, telephones, cell phones, e-mails, fax machines, televisions, microwaves, laser light, communications satellites; Computer data inventory time rental service; Communications by computer terminals; Electronic bulletin board services; Providing access to databases; Computer aided transmission of messages and images; Communications by fiber optic networks; Rental of telecommunication equipment; Telecommunication connection of global computer information networks; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Electronic mail; Rental of electronic mailbox; Provide information transmission on electronic bulletin board; Providing user access to global computer networks; Telecommunications routing and junction services; Providing access services to online network data; Streaming service; Rental of message sending apparatus; Rental of modems; Rental of communication appliances; News agency services; Television broadcasting; Communications by telephone; Cellular telephone communication; Voice box service; Telecommunication transmission of value-added network; Radio paging; Aging services; Telephone secretary; Telecommunication connection on Internet; Telecommunication line connection ;Chat room information transmission; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Providing internet chatrooms; Communications by telegrams; Transmission of telegrams; Facsimile transmission; Satellite transmission; Rental of satellite TV channel; Satellite transmission of videoconferencing; Rental of satellite channel changer; Telecommunication meeting service; Teleconferencing services; Satellite locating signal transmission service; Providing telecommunication information; Communication information service; Rental of facsimile apparatus; Rental of facsimile apparatus; Rental of telephones; Agency application for telecommunication subscription; Telecommunications transmission service; Computer transmission service; Radio and television program broadcasting or transmission services; Provide telecommunications transmission services to and from computer databases and the Internet; Webcast service (transmission); Provide telecommunications transmission services to connect to the Internet or database; Telecommunications transmission services for information (including web pages); Membership-based voice transmission and radio broadcasting services through a global computer network; TV broadcast via a global computer network; Radio broadcasting; Providing music transmission through a global computer network; Video content transmission via a global computer network; Provide sound transmission through a global computer network; A communication transmission service for pairing users of music and audio and video content through a communication network; Provide an online bulletin board to transmit information about entertainment, music, concerts, videos, radio, television, film, news, sports, competitions and cultural events to computer users; Transmission of sound and video through computers and other communication networks; Deliver messages by electronic transmission; Delivering sound content through a global computer network
42 Duplication of computer programs; Processing of computer data; Computer software design; Updating of computer software; Consultancy on computer software design; Computer system design; Maintenance of computer software; Computer programming; rental of computer software; computer system analysis; Installation of computer software; Provide a wide range of information services through a global computer network; Design of plane graphics; Industrial product design for computers and television and communication equipment; Packaging design for computer and television and communication equipment; Research and development related to the design of computers and television and communication equipment; Rental of computer hardware; Recovery of computer data; Data conversion of electronic programs and materials (non-physical conversion); Industrial product design; computer hardware consulting; Packaging design services; Design of integrated circuit; Semiconductor wafer design; Computer hardware and software design and development services; Computer hardware equipment design consultation; Computer software consultancy; Computer programming; Computer system design and development; Developing computer systems; Technical consulting services for database and computer application software and hardware; Computer software design; Updating of computer software; Maintenance of computer software; Rental of computer software; Consultancy on computer software design; Computer system analysis; Installation of computer software; Duplication of computer programs; Computer virus protection services; Rental of computer hardware; Computer rental; Processing of computer data; Recovery of computer data; Rental of network server space; Rental of web servers; Rental of Web servers; Network certification service; Network safety administration service; Telecommunication technology consultancy; Planning and design of burglar-proof equipment engineering; Planning and design of communication system and equipment engineering; Planning and design of central monitoring and control system; Planning and design of firefighting projects; Consultancy on refrigeration and air conditioning technology; Planning and design of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering; Provide online computer hardware design consultation or computer software consulting service via global computer network or internet; Creating and maintaining web sites for others; Web site hosting; Provide search engines to query information on the global communication network; Build and maintain social networking sites for others; Community website hosting; Create or maintain a dynamic server page for others; Host computer dynamic server page; Website production and maintenance services; Hosting a website for others (web hosting); Providing search engines for the internet; Computer data repair; Industrial product design; Advising others on computer hardware design, selection, configuration and use; Design of integrated circuits; Semiconductor wafer design; Appearance and structural design of communication equipment; Research and development of computers, computer peripherals, televisions and communication equipment; Design of plane graphics; Product design of computer, TV and communication hardware; Product packaging design for computer, TV and communication hardware; Computer program and system analysis; Consulting services for cloud computing networks and applications; Application software service provider's service, which provides temporary use services for online downloadable computer software; Provide information and consulting services related to the above services
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the term "WISTRON" in stylized letters.

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