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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Friday, January 25, 2019

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6 Industrial safety cabins (buildings), made of metal; wire made of metal, namely, welding wire; welding solder (braze solder); metallic powder, namely, welding powder; soldering rods made of metal (braze soldering)
7 Industrial robots (machines), automated soldering and welding machines; machines incorporating lasers for welding, soldering and cutting (parts of machines); devices for orbital welding (welding machines (electrical)); automatic control devices (parts of machines) for industrial robots; automated welding machines, included in this class; cleaning machines and devices, as well as their accessories, included in this class; machines and electrical devices for cleaning metallic materials, in particular for cleaning weldment joints; machines and machine devices, as well as their accessories, for marking metallic materials, included in this class; machines and machine devices, as well as their accessories, for stripping and passivating metallic materials, in particular weldment joints; electrical cleaning machines and devices (parts of machines), as well as their accessories, for cleaning metallic materials, in particular for cleaning weldment joints, included in this class; grinding machines, namely, machines for grinding welding electrodes; plasma cutters; plasma welding machines; resistance welding machines (resistance spot welding, stud welding); suction machines for welding fumes; gas-cutting and gas-welding machines; machines incorporating gas warming devices; electric power tools (not manually operated) for metalworking, in particular right angle grinders, burr grinders; metal cutting and processing machines and machine tools for bevel edge forming; hand-guided machine tools, namely, electric power tools for metalworking; electrically operated suction tables for industrial use; cutting tables being parts of metalworking machines
8 Manually operated tools for metalworking; pipe working tools and tube saws, included in this class
9 Laser welding devices and laser soldering devices; soldering and welding torches (electrical), also with inert gas; solar modules for generation of current; computer programs (recorded) for the control of welding apparatus, industrial robots, welding machines and solar electricity machines; measuring and testing devices for soldering and welding torches, welding apparatus and solar electricity machines; electrical soldering and welding apparatus; devices for orbital welding, namely, electrical welding apparatus; opto-electronic protective masks for welding; testing and measuring instruments for welding technology, in particular instruments for measuring delta ferrite and instruments for measuring the remainder oxygen; parts of electrical welding apparatus, namely, grippers and brushes; conventional protective masks for welders; parts of apparatus for gas shielded welding, namely, forming gas devices and inert gas shielded electric arc welding torches (included in this class); protective clothing, namely, flame retarding jackets, trousers, coats, and work shoes, protective clothing made of leather; solar collectors for generation of current; electrical transformers; welding electrodes, namely, stick electrodes, stick welding electrodes, solid wire welding electrodes, cored wire electrodes
17 Protection and safety curtains made from non-inflammable and flame resistant materials for mobile and stationary use, included in this class
40 Rental of welding and soldering devices and machines together with accessories
41 Organization and execution of seminars and training courses for basic and advanced training in the area of welding and soldering technology, in particular in relation to industrial automation
42 Technical consulting in relation to the development of power sources, welding apparatus and solar power devices; development and rental of computer software, in particular for welding apparatus; technical development of industrial robots and solar power devices; technical research, namely, development of welding and soldering methods, as well as of materials for such methods; rental of measuring and testing apparatus for welding and metalworking technology
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the stylized letters "ewm" in lower case with a slash between the letter "w" and the letter "m".

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