Trademark: 88250429
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Friday, January 4, 2019

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16 Bathroom tissue; paper towels
21 Plastic cups; household reusable plastic containers for food with snap on lids; plastic foam cups; plastic foam bowls; and plastic foam plates; paper plates and paper cups
29 Canned vegetables; instant mashed potatoes; non-dairy creamer; coffee creamer; refried beans; processed cheese; cheese; Assorted fruit flavored snacks, namely, fruit-based snacks; gummy fruit snacks; candied fruit snacks; processed fruit snacks; processed fruit snacks with real fruit juice; fruit jellies
30 Brownie mixes; cake frosting; pancake mixes; breakfast cereals; instant coffee; coffee; macaroni and cheese; honey; salad dressings; pasta sauce; seasoning mixes for soups, soups and preparations for making soups; soups; sugar and sugar substitutes; pancake syrup; tea bags; vinegar
32 Fruit drinks and fruit juices; mixed fruit juice; soft drinks, namely, soda; fruit juice concentrates
The mark consists of pattern design with shapes that consist of picnic basket, heart, shooting star, balloons, megaphone, dog walking on a leash, golf bag and clubs, digital music player with musical sound transmitting outward, baseball, open book, soccer ball, a pair of tickets, upside-down swirl line and 2 curved lines, drinking bottle, full glass of wine with a droplet appearing to fall out of the side, a small star, a pencil, a kite, a bicycle with lines coming out of the back showing motion, a box of tissues, a cellphone, cutlery, an award medal with the number 1 on a medallion, a pair of slippers attached with a bowtie, a school bus, a roll of paper towels, a speech bubble with an ellipses, a backpack appearing to shine, a cellular phone device, a hot beverage cup with lid and heat waves emanating from the lid, a clock, a broom, a computer, an automobile, a dinner plate flanked by a fork and knife, a heart, a bag tied at the top, a clear bag containing a sandwich, a dustpan, a trumpet with music emanating, a lunchbox and beverage container, two arrows going in opposite directions with road lines drawn down the middle of each arrow, a small heart, a video game console controller, and a grill.

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Jan 8, 2019
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