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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Friday, January 4, 2019

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42 Design and maintenance of web sites for others; Design of home pages; Design of home pages and web sites; Design of homepages and websites; Design of interior decor; Design services for packaging; Designing and creating web sites for others; Designing and developing webpages on the internet; Designing of packaging and wrapping materials; Designing websites for advertising purposes; Animation design for others; Computer graphics design services; Computer website design; Consultancy with regard to webpage design; Creating and designing web pages for others; Creating, designing and maintaining web sites; Graphic design; Graphic design services; Graphic arts designing; Homepage and webpage design; Industrial design; Industrial design services; Interior design; Packaging design; Web site design; Web site design consultancy; Website design consultancy
The mark consists of The mark consists of: our mascot of a penguin, facing rightwards, with both arms outreached. The penguin mascot also has a tail. This penguin mascot is centered over the literal element text of "FRAND". The "FRAND" text is, in turn, centered over the text "STUDIOS". There is a black line between the texts "FRAND" and "STUDIOS" that stretches from the beginning of the "F" to the end of the "D" in "FRAND". The entire mark is not color-specific. Maybe used in its original form of black and white, or uniformly changed to any other color (e.g. all blue).

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Jan 8, 2019
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