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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Friday, January 4, 2019

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1 Cement additives and associated chemicals, namely, accelerators and salts, extenders and density reducing additives, fluid loss and free water control agents, dispersants, bond improving and expansion enhancers, retarders, anti-gas migration agents, defoamers, light and heavy weight additives, loss circulation additives, spacers and chemical washes; cement for oil and gas wells
39 Transportation services, namely, product distribution by truck
40 Cementing services for oil and gas wells; technical consulting in the field of cement batch mixing, storage, agitation, pumping and injection; technical consulting services in the field of selecting primary, remedial and squeeze cementing materials for use in the the cementing program in oil and gas drilling; technical consulting services in the field of abandonment, stimulation and water shut off oil and gas wells; oil and gas well construction and treatment services, namely, pressure pumping services; leasing of cementing equipment and tools; research and development of cement blending technologies for oil and gas wells
The mark consists of the stylized letters MS, with the S superimposed on the upper right of the M, both encircled by a partial ring design. The word MAGNUM appears in larger font below the design and above the words CEMENTING SERVICES in smaller font.

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