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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Friday, January 4, 2019

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1 Chemical preparations for use in industry; Chemicals used in science; Chemical preparations for use in photography; Chemicals for use in agriculture; Chemicals used in horticulture; Chemicals used in forestry; Synthetic resins, unprocessed; Unprocessed artificial resin; Synthetic resin compositions (unprocessed); Thermoplastic resins (unprocessed); Acrylic resins, unprocessed; Polypropylene resins; Polystyrene resins; Epoxy resins; Polyurethane resins; Unprocessed plastics; Polyester filler paste; Fillers for rubber; Synthetic resin fillers; Reinforcing fillers; Mixtures of resin and filler for use as an adhesive (other than for stationery or household use); Fire extinguishing compositions; Fire prevention compositions; Tanning compositions for animal skins; Adhesives for use in industry; Compost; Fertilizing preparations; Fertilizers; Biological preparations for use in industry and science; Soldering chemicals; Metal tempering preparations
2 Epoxy coatings; Resinous coatings; Epoxy resin coatings; Epoxy resins for use in covering floors (coatings); Epoxy resins for use in covering walls (coatings); Epoxy resins for use in covering surfaces of buildings (coatings); Preparations for coating surface to protect against corrosion; Preparations for coating surfaces to protect against abrasion; Powder coatings; Resins for coating purposes; Additives for use in coatings; Coatings for use as primers; Pigmented coatings used as paints; Clear coatings used as paints; Coating compositions in the nature of paints; Coating compositions in the nature of oils; Coating compositions in the nature of lacquers; Coatings in the nature of sprays (paints); Epoxy resins filled with light metal (coatings); Polyurethane coatings (paints); Waterproof coatings (chemical, paints); Weatherproofing coatings (paints); Acrylic coatings (paints); Textured coatings (paints); Textured wall coatings (paints); Wall coatings (paint); Spray coatings (paints); Surface coating compositions (paints); Protective coatings for buildings (paints); Interior decorative finish coatings (paints); Interior protective finish coatings (paints); Coating compositions for preserving concrete; Coatings to protect stone from water (paints or oils); Coatings to protect concrete from water (paints or oils); Coating of plastics to protect metal against damp (paints); Coating of plastics to protect wood against damp (paints); Liquid plastics surface coatings (paints) for protection against moisture; Liquified plastics in the nature of paints for use as surface coatings; Paints for use as elastic facade coatings; Resurfacing materials in the nature of paints; Non-metallic, color surface coating used in the fabrication of fiberglass swimming pools and spas
11 Baths; Bathtubs; Bathtub enclosures; Shower tubs; Hot tubs; Hydromassage tubs; Whirlpool tubs; Fitted liners for hot tubs; Bath installations; Bath panels; Bathroom sinks; Bathroom wash basins; Bathroom installations; Massage bath installations; Bath linings; Bath linings, fitted; Shower bath cubicles; Shower bath fittings; Shower bath installations; Sauna bath installations; Spa baths (vessels); Waste fittings for baths; Fittings for massage baths; Outdoor showers for bathing; Sanitary drain armatures for baths; Bathroom installations for sanitary purposes; Bathroom installations for water supply purposes; Installations and apparatus for water supply; Sinks; Sink units (other than furniture); Bath taps; Shower taps; Basin taps; Shower mixers; Basin mixers (taps); Tap water faucets; Bidets; Fittings for bidets; Water closets; Kitchen sinks; Apparatus or installations for cooking; Kitchen stoves; Cooking grills; Gas cooking apparatus incorporating cooking grills; Cooking tops; Cooking ovens; Cooking installations; Induction cookers; Electric cooktops; Microwave ovens (cooking apparatus); Heated display cabinets; Extractor hoods for kitchens; Lamps; Accent lights for indoor use; Apparatus for lighting; Refrigerators; Air conditioning installations; Heating installations; Fireplaces, domestic; Fireplace inserts
17 Plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; Artificial resins in extruded form for use in manufacture; Resins in extruded form for general industrial use; Extruded plastics in the form of pellets for use in manufacture; Thermoplastic compounds in pellet form for use in manufacture; Rubber, raw or semi-worked; Unprocessed and semi-processed gutta-percha; Gum, raw or semi-worked; Mica, raw or partly processed; Substitutes for unprocessed and semi-processed gum; Substitutes for unprocessed and semi-processed gutta-percha; Substitutes for unprocessed and semi-processed mica; Packing materials; Stopping materials; Insulating materials; Flexible hoses, not of metal; Flexible pipes, not of metal; Synthetic resins, semi-processed; Carbon fibre reinforced synthetic resins for use in manufacture; Thermoplastic resins reinforced with natural fibers (semi-finished products); Glass-reinforced resins (semi-worked or semi-finished); Semi-processed thermoplastic polymer resins for use in manufacture; Semi-worked PLA filaments for use in 3D printing; Semi-worked ABS filaments for use in 3D printing; Semi-worked thermoplastic filaments used for 3D printing; Flexible pipes, tubes, hoses and fittings therefor (including valves), and fittings for rigid pipes, all non-metallic; Injection moulding plastics; Mouldable synthetic resins (semi-finished); Polyethylene synthetic resin (semi-processed) for foam mouldings; Semi-finished rubber in the form of mouldings
19 Wood and artificial wood; Stone, rock, clay and minerals; Artificial stone; Synthetic stone; Construction materials of artificial stone; Bricks; Coatings (building materials); Building materials of plastics material; Building boards of plastics materials; Partitions being non-metallic building materials; Translucent building panels made from plastics materials; Sheet glazing materials for use in building; Panelling materials (non-metallic) for use in building; Planks of non-metallic materials for use in building; Laminates of non-metallic materials for use in building; Building materials of concrete reinforced with plastics and glass fibres; Construction materials, not of metal; Fiber reinforced plastic construction materials; Construction elements of plastic; Plastic panels for use in construction; Foam plastic for use in construction; Refractory construction materials, not of metal; Particle board for use in construction; Facade construction components of non-metallic materials; Door frames, not of metal; Door casings, not of metal; Door panels, not of metal; Doors made of plastic for buildings; Lighting slabs; Luminous paving; Non-metal windows; Non-metal window shutters; Non-metal tiles; Paving tiles; Ceiling tiles (non-metallic -); Precast pavers; Finish plasters made of coloured artificial resin; Fibre boards of wood fibre bonded with resin and particle boards; Non-woven textiles made of synthetic fibers for use in the building industry; Building components of imitation wood; Binding agents for making stones
20 Indoor furniture; Outdoor furniture; Fitted furniture; Furniture shelves; Furniture units; Furniture made from substitutes for wood; Bathroom furniture; Furniture for washrooms; Bedroom furniture; Kitchen furniture; Patio furniture; Shop furniture; Modular shelving (furniture); Wall units (furniture); Panelling for furniture; High stools (furniture); Chairs; Convertible chairs; Folding chairs; Tables; Table legs; Table leaves; Table tops; Counter tops; Counter tops for use with sinks; Desk tops; Work tops (furniture); Sideboard tables; Counters (tables); End tables; Coffee tables; Fireplace screens; Acrylic counter displays; Boards (Display - ); Display racking; Display shelves; Display cabinets; Counter stands; Beds for animals; Beds for pets; Frames for signboards; Wardrobes; Clothes lockers; Dressers (furniture); Closet organisers (parts of furniture); Fitted cupboards; Fronts of cupboards; Garment rails; Coat stands; Beds; Bed bases; Bed heads; Bed fittings, not of metal; Bedside cabinets; Paper racks; Bathroom cabinets; Bathroom mirrors; Bathroom vanity units incorporating basins; Bathroom fittings in the nature of furniture; Modular bathroom furniture; Towel stands (furniture); Towel closets (furniture); Shower seats; shower chairs; Shower rods; Bath seats; Door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic; Stair fittings of plastics; Trays, not of metal; Blinds (Slatted indoor -); Curtain fittings; Indoor blinds; Plastic hardware for blinds; Sun screens (slatted indoor); Sun screens (slatted outdoor); Boxes made of plastic; Boxes made of laminated plastics; Carrying containers (Non-metallic - ); Packaging containers of plastic; Plastic tubs; Mirror frames; Picture frames; Artificial horns; Imitation tortoiseshell
42 Technological services relating to manufacture; Product design and development; Product research and development; Product development for others; Product testing; Materials testing; Development of industrial processes; Development of industrial products; Research and development of new products for third parties in the field of plastic materials; Design and development of consumer products; Design and testing of new products; Design of furniture; Design of buildings; Design of building interiors; Design of building exteriors; Design of printed material; Interior and exterior design services; Architectural design for interior decoration; Architectural design for exterior decoration; Furnishing design services for the interiors of buildings

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