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Monday, January 7, 2019
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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30 ginseng tea; red ginseng tea; ice; Processed coffee (containing red ginseng ingredients); Processed grain (containing red ginseng); Grain preparations (containing red ginseng); Soy sauce (containing red ginseng); Fructose (containing red ginseng); Honey (containing red ginseng); Dry (dried) cookies (containing red ginseng ingredients); Biscuits (containing red ginseng ingredients); Fruit jelly sweets (containing red ginseng ingredients); Fruit tea (containing red ginseng); Gugija tea (containing red ginseng); Substitute honey (containing red ginseng ingredient); Substitute coffee (containing red ginseng ingredient); Plant preparations for coffee substitute (containing red ginseng ingredient); Artificial coffee (containing red ginseng ingredient); Edible candy (containing red ginseng); Yokan (containing red ginseng); Sugar (containing red ginseng ingredients); Chocolate (containing red ginseng); Chocolate bars (containing red ginseng); Candy (containing red ginseng); Sweets (containing red ginseng ingredients); Ogaki tea (containing red ginseng ingredients); Beverage spices not essential oils (containing red ginseng ingredients); Jelly sweets (containing red ginseng ingredients); Green tea (containing red ginseng); Ohryongcha (containing red ginseng); Tea (with red ginseng); Tea (containing red ginseng); Tea leaves (containing red ginseng ingredients); stamina enhancing tea (containing red ginseng ingredient); Tea-based beverages (containing red ginseng ingredients); Vehicle spices (containing red ginseng); Tea drink (containing red ginseng ingredient); Coffee drink (containing red ginseng ingredient); Spices not essential oils (containing red ginseng); Red ginseng jelly sweets (containing red ginseng ingredients); Grain-processed foods (containing red ginseng ingredients); Rice grain (containing red ginseng); Edible flour (containing red ginseng ingredient); Edible starch (containing red ginseng); Almond paste (with red ginseng ingredient); Meju (containing red ginseng); Edible malt (containing red ginseng ingredient); Edible sugars (containing red ginseng); Natural sweeteners (containing red ginseng); Rice cake (containing red ginseng ingredient); Ginseng (containing red ginseng); Chemical seasoning (containing red ginseng ingredient); Sauce (containing red ginseng ingredients); Food flavorings (containing red ginseng ingredients); Spices (containing red ginseng ingredients); Edible salt (containing red ginseng); Household food softening agent (containing red ginseng ingredient); Stabilizer for cream (containing red ginseng ingredient); Cereal preparations (containing red ginseng); Seasonings (with red ginseng ingredients); Chocolate products (containing red ginseng ingredients)
The color(s) white, black, gold, red, blue and dark red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of two cables in gold connecting at the top to a circle in white with a red swirl and a blue swirl within the circle, and connecting at the bottom to two white cloud formations with a gold outline next to the number "6" in white and Sino-Korean characters that transliterate to "NYEON-GEUN" in white. The mark features four rows of three gold stars, surrounding a gold outlined shield shape in white. Inside the shield shape appears the wording "SINCE 1899" in black and Korean characters that transliterate to "CHEONG KWAN JANG" in black and Sino-Korean characters "KORYOSAM" in red. The two cables, the stars, the clouds and the all appear on a dark red background. Below the number "6" is a red banner with a gold outline featuring the wording "KOREAN RED GINSENG" in white. The entire mark appears on a red rectangle background.
The non-Latin characters in the mark transliterate to "chong kwan Jang", "koryo sam" and "6 nyeon-geun" and this means "high ranking government official", "Korean ginseng" and "6 year old roots" in English.
The English translation of non-Latin characters in the mark is "high ranking government official", "Korean ginseng" and "6 year old roots".

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