Trademark: 88248774
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Monday, January 7, 2019
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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9 downloadable electronic publications, namely, cookbooks; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application featuring games and recipes
21 bakeware; beverage glassware; bowls; cake pans; cake stands; canister sets; cheese graters; citrus squeezers; coffee measures, namely, coffee scoops; colanders; colanders for household use; cookie cutters; cookie molds; cookie sheets; cooking graters; cooking pots and pans; hand-operated cooking sieves and sifters; cookware, namely, pots and pans; cookware, namely, roasting pans; cookware, namely, skillets, pans, pots, steamers, non-electric griddles, roasting pans, frying pans and woks; cooling racks for baked goods; crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays; cutting boards; dinnerware; household utensils used for baking and cooking, namely, forks, spoons, knife boards, spatulas, spreaders, tongs, whisks, strainers, graters, non-electric food blenders, scoops, hand-operated sifters, colanders, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and rolling pins; kitchen utensils, namely, pouring and straining spouts; mixing bowls; non-electric griddles; paper towel dispensers for household use; pie pans; pitchers; plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; rolling pins; salad bowls; serving dishes; serving forks; serving ladles; serving platters; serving spoons; serving tongs; serving trays; serving trays not of precious metal; serving trays of precious metal; serving ware for serving food; serving ware for serving food and drinks; sieves for household purposes; spice racks; trays for domestic purposes, not of metal; utensils for barbecues, namely, forks, tongs, turners; oven mitts
25 apparel, namely, aprons, chef's hats, toques, chef's coats, t-shirts
30 baking mixes, namely, mixes for bakery goods; baking kits for making cookies and entrees consisting primarily of cookie mixes, flour, sugar, seasonings, bread crumbs, edible decorations for cakes and cookies, fruit based fillings for cakes and cookies, ice cream scoops, measuring spoons, measuring cups, rulers and recipe cards, all sold as a unit
41 entertainment services in the fields of cooking and food, namely, providing non-downloadable video and audio content via a video-on-demand service and via the internet
43 providing information in the fields of cooking and food preparation via a global computer network
44 providing information in the field of nutrition via a global computer network
The mark consists of FOODSTIRS JUNK-FREE BAKING, and a spoon shape on top of the word "FOOD".

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Jan 7, 2019
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