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Monday, January 7, 2019
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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29 frozen beans; pollen prepared as foodstuff; ginsengs, frozen; processed ginseng; food products made primarily from fruits; ginseng processed food products; Health supplements based on ginseng; processed vegetable products; processed red ginseng; red ginseng processed products; Health supplements based on red ginseng; Health food functional foods based on Garcinia cambogia extract; Health functional foods based on lactic acid bacteria extracted from kimchi; Health food with main ingredient of Sopametto fruit extract; Health functional foods made mainly from aloe; Health food products based on Houttuynia cordata extract; A health functional food with the main ingredient of the loam; vegetable juices for cooking; tofu; meat; processed egg foodstuffs; processed dairy products; Health functional foods based on omega-3 extracted from edible soybean oil; processed seaweed products; Processed / Frozen /Dried / Cooked Fruits and Vegetables; soups
The mark consists of the letters "CKJ" in block print font.
The wording CKJ has no meaning in a foreign language.

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