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Thursday, January 3, 2019
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Monday, December 31, 2018

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7 coffee grinder, coffee extracting machines, power - operated coffee grinders, coffee grinders, other than hand operated, electric coffee grinders, coffee blenders, brewing equipment, coffee drips, and coffee storage containers
11 electric coffee brewers, electric coffee urns, electric apparatus for making coffee, electric coffee makers, coffee roasters, coffee filters not of paper being part of electric coffee makers, electric coffee pots, electric coffee percolators powered coffee, seed and cocoa bean roasters electric coffee roasters, electric coffee makers, coffee roasting ovens, coffee percolators, electric, coffee machines, electric, reusable capsules, not of paper and sold empty containing a filter for use in coffee brewing machines, electric coffee machines, electric espresso machines, electric French presses, and coffee accessories
21 coffee stirrers, decanters, hand operated coffee grinders, coffee services, non- electric coffee servers of precious metal, coffee services of precious metal, coffee pots of precious metal, nonelectric coffee pots of precious metal, nonelectric coffee makers, coffee mugs, non- electric coffee percolators, coffee pots not of precious metal, nonelectric coffee grinders, nonelectric coffee pots, coffee servers, coffee pots, non- electric, nonelectric coffee drip or for brewing coffee, coffee pot holders, coffee scoops, coffee cups, coffee services of ceramic, coffee services of China, hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills, and pour-over coffee stands, cream and sugar set, sugar bowls, sugar tongs, carafes, glass carafes, insulated mugs, non- electric French presses, tea canisters, coffee canisters, coffee storage containers, drinking vessels, heat- insulated vessels, and coffee accessories
29 coffee creamers, coffee whiteners consisting principally of dairy products, and coffee additives
30 coffee, coffee drinks, espresso drinks, espresso, ready to drink coffee beverages, cold coffee, tea, coffee shots, coffee pods, instant coffee, ground coffee beans, whole coffee beans, coffee based iced beverages, roasted coffee beans, coffee substitute, beverages made of coffee, or roasted coffee, coffee beans, coffee - based beverages, coffee extracts, artificial coffee, prepared coffee, coffee - based beverages, powdered coffee in drip bags, tea- based iced beverages, iced tea, raw sugar, powdered sugar, sugar and sugar substitutes, white sugar, sugar coated coffee beans, brown sugar, cubed sugar, granulated sugar, sugar, natural brown sugar, sugar wafers, sugar substitutes, sugars, liquid coffee, cappuccino, and cappuccino mixes
35 On-line retail store services featuring subscription boxes containing coffee and tea and related products and accessories; subscription-based order fulfillment services in the field of coffee and tea and related products and accessories; subscription to coffee and tea and related products and accessories delivered to homes and businesses; subscription -based service for ordering and delivery of coffee and tea and related products and accessories; subscription to a coffee and tea and related products and accessories delivery service; online ordering service and system for coffee and tea and related products and accessories; and online retail store services featuring ordering, an online subscription service and system, and in-store order pickup

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Jan 3, 2019
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